The following is my translation of a MBC News report entitled: “East-Sea-Dokdo Goes to Space

Anchor: A native Korean bacteria discovered at Dokdo has gone to space with Lee So-yeon. It is said that Lee So-yeon’s experiment on this Dokdo bateria is her most important, secret mission.

Yun Hyo-jong reports.

Reporter: Lee So-yeon is spending most of her time at the International Space Station conducting a variety of experiments. Among them is the cultivation of “Donghae-Dokdo,” which is a bacteria native to Korea. 

The experiment has symbolic meaning since Korea’s first astronaut is conducting the first experiment in space of a bacteria first discovered on Dokdo. However, Japan has claimed that the experiment was clearly politically motivated and demanded that it be ceased, which is why the experiment was conducted in secret.

Because of this problem, the government is not releasing information, as originally planned, on a kimchi lactic acid bateria experiment, which is another key mission.

Ms. Lee is scheduled to continue the “Donghae-Dokdo” experiment until she returns to earth in nine days.

This afternoon, Ms. Lee So-yeon will continue to conduct experiments using a “space scale,” developed with our technology, and experiments on fruit flies, and the measurement of pressure on the eyeball.

Also,  tomorrow at 4:30 a.m. (our time), Ms. Lee will greet “Astronaut Day” by feasting with the other astronauts on kimchi, soybean soup, and other Korean space foods.

MBC News, Yun Hyo-jeong

According to THIS Korean article, the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has come out and said that Korea and Japan have not had any disagreement on the experiments on the bacteria discovered on Dokdo, and that there is no truth whatsoever to media reports that Japan has demanded that Korea end the experiment because “it is clearly politically motivated.”

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Link to a picture of a guy who, if real, can do an amazing facial contortion


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The following is a link to a video of a guy walking along a dangerous mountain path.  I think I would be too scared to walk the path at this time in my life, even without having to concentrate on videoing my doing it, though I would have probably done it when I was younger and dumber.

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The pictures may take a little while to load.

Link to Pictures

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