The Japan Times reports that 11 year old Japanese model Saaya Irie has become a sensation in China, and may be causing anti Japanese tensions among the Chinese to ease at a time of extraordinary protests against Japan.

At this point, it might seem that a miracle is required to put bilateral relations fully back on track.

Saaya Irie, an 11-year-old Japanese girl, may not be that miracle, but she has clearly played a part in pacifying a certain segment of China’s population, according to Shukan Bunshun.

If anything about Saaya is miraculous, it’s her body — she wears an F-cup bra, though she has yet to reach her teens. So when a photo of her in a bikini was posted on a Chinese Internet forum called “100,” she immediately caused a sensation.

What kind of body could an 11 yr old possibly have? For the benefit of doubting readers, here are a couple of pictures.



The Japan Times piece goes on saying the pics posted on the forum were accompanied by an appeal for good relations between Japan and China.

The pic was accompanied by message — rendered in mock Marxist rhetoric — reading: “An 11-year-old Japanese girl with large breasts has a proclamation for all Chinese people! Dear elder brothers, a beautiful young Japanese girl is beseeching you.

“Please stop these anti-Japanese hijinks. If you don’t, I won’t like you anymore.”

At the end of the message, she states that her breasts would “rise up” if the people “unite for the sake of China’s democracy.”

Apparently the posting on the anti Japanese internet forum was the work of Japanese from the mega-forum Ni-Chan (2chan) to see what kind of reaction they could expect from hardcore anti Japanese.

According to an anonymous source described as an Internet expert, the message and photo were posted by someone involved in, a Japanese online forum.

“They copied photos onto an anti-Japanese site to see what kind of reaction they’d get,” the source says. “They put up the usual photos of porn and animals, but when someone posted a photo of Saaya, many Chinese went for it hook, line and sinker.”

Shortly after the photo and message were posted, the number of anti-Japanese postings rapidly declined, largely replaced by messages praising the girl’s loveliness.

“This is one Japanese import I won’t be boycotting,” gushed one admirer. Another said, “She doesn’t look 11. She’s gotta be 18.”

After debuting in Japan in February, Saaya immediately grabbed attention for being so young yet having so ample a bust. Her striking facial features also helped.

Actually, this is nothing new to me. Even anti Japanese Korean and Chinese men seem to like Japanese women. You can find plenty more pictures of Saaya on this Chinese website.

UPDATE: Below is an article from a Japanese magazine about Saaya reducing anti Japanism in China.


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  1. vanessa Says:

    如果这是真的,我就真不明白中国男人怎么想的了,不是太蠢就是有问题, 好像中国已经没有女人了一样. 再说了,哈日还是反日都不能因为一个女孩而决定. 只能说,看到这些,对他们很失望~~~

  2. Matt Says:



  3. vanessa Says:


  4. craigo Says:

    맛있겠다야 … 잉? 11살이라고요 ? 설마….

  5. XYZ Says:

    Nice surgery for an 11 year old.

    I hear all that there’s alot of heavy breathing from being turned on. Not bad for a legalized child porn.

  6. edge Says:

    ^^^^ wah, wah
    leave the sarcasm, and comedy in general, to the professionals

  7. yankabroad Says:


  8. Ken Says:

    “中国色男人喜欢日本女人,是因为他们色.中国说反日,也并不是所有中国人.问题是中国男人不应该把反日和日本女人联系在一起,他们所喜欢的只是漂亮的女人,而并不是针对国籍.” – quote vannesa

    hahaha thats like so true, i dont care what country a girls from, as long as she is hot lol. but damn, shes only 11, thats like not cool.

  9. he li Says:

    Woooo, I like it.
    Too bad , you never seen girls like that in real life,
    Most girl look like dinosaur, i doubt these r real, never asian body like that in my life of 1 years.
    God forgive us, we just human.