SBS has been running a series of inconsequential sidekicks for Yoo Jae-seok. The more inconsequential the better, lest a temporary replacement replaces Kang Ho-dong in the hearts and minds of gagmen addicts.

강호동과 유재석

강호동과 유재석

Lee Chul-ho (sic)* of the Joongang Ilbo puts in an online plea for the return of his idol.

Lee Chul-ho (sic) then has a gratuitous (and apparently irresistible for Joongang crew members) shot at Ahn Cheol-soo, by claiming that building a company from nothing is less experience than being a salesman for an already established construction company, in the middle of a building boom.

* Chul vs Cheol. One is 21st C spelling and t’other is old-style.

Ahn is well on the way to forming 안민당.

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Fraudster/conman/scam artist Shim Hyung-rae banned from leaving the ROK after being busted for embezzling USD 3.7 million.

And so it came to pass, justice was served in Korea … south of the 38th Parallel at least.

The Korea Herald, 2011-10-31

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On Wednesday, Shim was reported to have been probed (where is Rip Torn when you need him?) by a local employment and labor agency for his company’s alleged failure to pay about 800 million won (US$753,437) in monthly wages and retirement benefits for its employees.

Hyundai Swiss Savings Bank earlier sued Shim on suspicion that his company failed to repay about 2.6 billion won borrowed to produce the 2007 movie “D-War.”

Shim won the first case but lost in an appeals court in May this year. The case now awaits ruling by the Supreme Court.

Comedian-turned-director falls into trap of debts after film’s flop

The Korea Herald 2011-09-01

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”But I do kind of want to have sex with her.”

Just For Laughs, September 2, 9.30pm, Opera House Concert Hall, Circular Quay

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29  Aug
Don’t even reply

If you don’t want the drones at work to hear you laughing at your desk, then don’t access Tears were streaming down my face reading the one called ‘horse farm’. I hope they keep it up.

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26  Aug
Nice technique

I should try this technique out to make a youtube video. I wonder how they did it.

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This is pretty funny. Enjoy.

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Ah, this Korean Rum Diary guy is hilarious. I also find it pretty funny that Koreans will insist a native speaker is wrong about this or that, especially when the critic is unable to speak the language in question.

To the Korean Rum Diary guy – fight back by giving these kids authentic American names. Tyrone Jackson. D’Shawn Washington. Lakisha Brown. See if the Korean parents object, and on what basis.

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Link to a picture of a guy who, if real, can do an amazing facial contortion


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