Today is February 22nd, Takeshima Day in Shimane Prefecture, Japan.

2 years ago Takeshima Day was established by the government of Shimane Prefecture in response to angry fishermen protesting against being excluded from Fishing around Takeshima/Dokdo islands, and to encourage the central government to take stronger steps to ensure Japanese sovereignty of the island.

The Japanese central government did not want Shimane Prefecture to declare Takeshima Day as the central government wanted to take a low key approach (which had been unsuccessful).

Japan’s central government tried to get the Shimane Prefecture to give up plans to pass the legislation. Both sides say they are keen to avoid the dispute hurting wider relations between the countries.

The articles of the Takeshima Day ordinance are –

Article 1. Takeshima Day shall be instituted in order to promote a movement by the citizens of the prefecture, its cities, towns and villages united as one aimed at establishment of territorial rights on Takeshima at an early date and at enlightening the opinions of the nation with respect to the issue of Takeshima.

Article 2. Takeshima Day shall be Feb. 22.

Article 3. The prefecture shall strive to implement measures and policies necessary to promote undertakings befitting the purposes and objectives of Takeshima Day.

Shimane Prefecture is one of the poorest Prefectures in Japan, so the fishing issue is literally one about the financial survival of families dependent on the fishing industry.

Happy Takeshima Day to all the readers of Occidentalism!

Happy Takeshima Day

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  1. smackout Says:

    Didnt Coreans invent Takeshima day??

  2. GarlicBreath Says:

    Wow great post Matt!!

    To all the VANKers, Kyopos, Koreans, and their misguided followers (you know who you are), I hope you cherish this special day, like I do.

    Happy Takeshima day to one and all. May everyday for you be as wonderful and blessed as Takeshima day. And lets use this day to never forget about all the cruel and illegal occupied territories around the world.

  3. Matt Says:

    Didnt Coreans invent Takeshima day??

    Refer to the flow chart. Since Takeshima Day is a “bad thing”, the problem solving takes a different route.

  4. smackout Says:

    According to the flow chart its Americas faulty..! wow do we have a new claim of sovereignty??

  5. Avery Says:

    I assume Koreans do blame America for not unambiguously giving them Takeshima in the first place.

  6. bishamon Says:

    My Grandparents live in the Oki Islands. Yes, Shimane is old and the poor prefecture… the main industry there is the pentions. Go Shimane!

  7. camphortree Says:

    What a fresh sea breeze!
    Dream has come true. Japanese can now celebrate Takeshima Day without worrying about being called right wingers. My deep appreciation to hard works by Mr. Gerry Beavers and Matt!

  8. Kaneganese Says:

    Happy Takeshima Day everyone !!

  9. pacifist Says:

    dear bishamon,

    Could you please ask your grandparents to send you a copy of today’s version of the San-in Chuo Shinpo? Please let us all see the article of Gerry!

  10. AG Says:

    I salute to the Takeshima Day.
    It’s not just about the island, but the ocean around it, its environment, and the victims of attacks from Koreans. I hope to see this issue resolved within my lifetime.

    Anyway, I’d like to try that “Takeshima Monogatari,” omanjuu!

  11. kteen Says:

    Fair play be dammed…

    btw, Matt,
    Shouldn’t there be a 태극기 in that picture of yours? What did you do with it?

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    […] Occidentalism, a blog that frequently posts information on the Takeshima/Dokdo issue, has a “Happy Takeshima Day! update today. [Link] […]

  13. HanComplex Says:

    Heck, I’m already celebrating before you posted this up. Let me raise my can of Chu-hi (not Hi-chu) and say ‘kanpai.’

  14. stumpjumper Says:

    For the fisherman who died in the ocean.

    Happy Takeshima day!

  15. jion999 Says:

    I misunderstood you. sorry.
    I am a new comer of this blog. I did not know who is korena and who is japanese.
    I do not have a idea to hate all of koreans.
    I just wanted to know what ID is korena.

  16. stumpjumper Says:


    No problem! I am sorry too. I was bit harsh on you. Since I have lots of Korean friends, it was hard for me to see you generalising all Koreans as evil.

    I just hate the Korean nationalism and the propaganda that plant “hate” in Korean people’s mind.

  17. shadkt Says:

    Much thanks to Matt and Gerry’s articles!
    Just hearing the Japanese/Korean side leaves something to be desired, but hearing facts from third party is always refreshing.

    I do hope S.Korea would agree to dealing with this in the international court, but in terms of international territorial feud, such things can’t be expected. Sigh…
    In truth, though, Russians and the Northern terriroty is a bigger problem. Japanese government better get their buts off their comfy sofa soon or they’ll lose these territories forever.

  18. jion999 Says:

    Thank you. Last night, I tried souding to know how many koreans paticipate this blog. I think not so many. Because if I insulte korea, korean must make many comments if there are many. But there were not so many comments without usual koreans.

    I feel there are so many japanese here. Now I like to know how many occidenntals here.

  19. kteen Says:

    jion999, are you SURE you know the meaning of ‘occidental’?