A Japanese news story of the Korean protest in Takeshima. Funny seeing the mayor of Tsushima saying how bewildered he is that the Korean protesters are trying to claim that Tsushima belongs to Korea.

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  1. thor56 Says:

    Korean historians also claim Alaska was Korean territory.

  2. HanComplex Says:

    I had just posted something along these lines in the other thread. LOL!

  3. HanComplex Says:

    Just saw this at Japanprobe. Looks like troublesome Koreans are at it again. A Korean in Japan just tried chopping his finger in protest over Takeshima.

    Finger-chopping in Tokyo

    Here’s the Youtube link.

    Ah, Koreans. Just from the way they protest you can see how backward and primitive their culture is, even in the 21st Century. You must be SO proud of yourselves. Fighting!!