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혐일류! 嫌日流! The Hate Japan Wave!

December 18th, 2005 . by Matt

What the cover of Hyomilryu will probably look like when it is released

Never let it be said that Koreans arent original, because in the wake of Kenkanryu comes the Korean counter attack, Hyomilryu! (The hate Japan wave)

According to the Joins.com article, Hyomilryu is being created because Kenkanryu looked down on Koreans, and distorted history. At this point, chapters on the world cup and Dokdo/Takeshima have been completed. Hyomilryu is due to be released in Feburary or March next year, and before it is released some of the content will be made public.

I look forward to this being released. I will even read it. Still, unless they have some amazing new evidence to present, I wonder how they will manage to make it convincing. Moreover, how they will criticise Japan for its conduct in the world cup.

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  1. comment number 1 by: JK

    wiesunja, your own posts basically take away any room for YOU to talk about other people not making rational arguments. Just look at yourself! You are among the most bigoted people I have ever encountered online. Your comments about Koreans show a serious complex on your own part; you must have major insecurity issues. Now shut the hell up. Your f*cked up attitude must be because of your f*cked up upbringing by a f*cked up family.

  2. comment number 2 by: chonko

    This JK character is a real piece of work. It’s funny to see him helplessly copy the same tactic that wiesunja is doing on him. Face it JK, alot of people at my office have read your posts and just shake their heads saying “Koreans…what an interesting lot”. BTW, we have 3 Korean-American gals here, all grad school educated and married or dating foreign men. Everyone of them who read your posts basically said, “That’s a typical Korean knuckle dragging male for you. The only thing in their minds 24/7 is how to show off their money, internet porn, and then obsessing about Japan every minute of the day.” They basically said that its because of guys like you that Korean-American females loathe to even set within 10 feet of Korean men. After all, what kind of girl really enjoys stupid jokes, bad breath, getting beaten upside the head for not preparing kimchi, and hours of hours of racist drivel of how Korean men are superior b/c their peckers are longer than that of a 3 year old Japanese child? Hahaha.

  3. comment number 3 by: ponta


    the racist Japanese and the descendants of the English convicts have been in full swing, I see. Leave it to Japanese to be nice one-on-one but *ssholes when in a group..

    I am Japanese, but others claim they are not.(the people who commented afterDecember 24, 2005 at 9:03 am)
    You think when somebody criticize you, that somebody must be Japanese.But the inference is not justified. I told you again and again. But I am sorry, you did not understand what I said. It might be my fault. Let me explain.
    This is Taro, Taro is a dog. Taro barked.
    This is John, John is not a dog. John sang.
    This is Marry. Marry is not a dog. Mary danced.
    This is Kenny. Kenny is not a dog.Kenny jumped.

    How many dogs are there? The answer is one.So far so good? Then,
    Are they all dogs? – – -No. Just one of them is a dog. – – -Then,
    What were the dogs doing together? – – – -The dog, Taro barked but the dogs were not doing anything together because there is only one dog. It was a little tough question, wasn’t it ? Take your time, I think you’ll understand.And if you understand this, I think you can understand what I said.

    Ponta, you made several points that I find extremely silly

    I am sorry I made several points that you find extremely silly.But you have not shown me why my points are silly. That reminds me of a kid living next door calling his elder sister silly,tears shedding because he is not old enough to articulate what he wants to say. But I like a kid.


    Roosevelt would NOT have risked having the entire US Pacific Fleet destroyed by a Japanese sneak attack just to enter the war in Europe.

    Oh!! Mantra! You are repeating again.

    you quoting various links won’t change that fact one bit.

    The links I quoted present the argument for and against the theory.They are not just an opinion like yours:they argue based on evidences such as documents and testimony.
    You DO want to hear the whole story, don’t you?
    50 years of contorversy based on evidences≧your short argument without evidences

    This is off topic, so I do not want delve into it.But since you insist, allow me to quote some.

    But before we go on. Let me comfirm you are native English speaker.

    December 21, 2005 at 2:16 pm

    Takeshima, my family is among the many Koreans who came to another country (in my case, the US),

    So you have no problem comprehending the following essay and a loooong essay discussing the controversy, don’t you.
    Let’s start..

    On 7 December 1941 the greatest disaster in United States history occurred. Truly this was and is, “’A date which will live in infamy.’”(Costello 1), but not for the bombing of Pearl Harbor, rather for the deception and the mis-guidance used by the Government and Franklin D. Roosevelt. In a purely artificial chess game Roosevelt sacrificed over 2400 American Seamen’s lives, thanks to his power as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. By over-looking the obvious facts of an attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt was able to control both the political and economic systems of the United States. Most of American society before the Pearl Harbor bombing believed in the idea of isolationism.

    This school of thought asks people and wants them to think, “How in the world could the President of the United States sacrifice over 2400 American seamen’s life’s, horrific amounts of damages to the Fleet, and tremendous amounts of destruction to Army fighter planes?”

    On 5 December 1941 at a Cabinet meeting, Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox said, “Well, you know Mr. President, we know where the Japanese fleet is?” “Yes, I know, …Well, you tell them what it is Frank,” said Roosevelt (Toland 294).

    Later that night, Roosevelt along with top advisor Harry Hopkins, Henry Stimson, George Marshall, Secretary of the Navy Knox, with aides John McCrea and Frank Beatty deliberately sat through the night waiting for the Japanese to strike Pear Harbor (Toland 320)

    Beyond a doubt Pearl Harbor was President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s back door into the European War. Roosevelt’s decisions and actions were very much so, deliberate and calculated, in order to lead a victorious Allied Powers in World War II. By provoking the Japanese and the foreknowledge of an attack on Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt along with his top advisors and the Federal Government are truly to blame for the lost of American life’s and American property. 7 December 1941 shall be a day in American history, which will be remembered as “a day of deceit.”

    Now I think this answer your question. But I am not saying this is true. What I am saying is that there is 50 years of controversy over this issue. So you can not be so sure about it unless you are an authority of this issue or you want to believe what yo believe because you want to demonize only Japan and Japanese.
    Do you understan what I am saying here?
    Okay. Suppose Tom and Mary are discussing if the earth is flat.
    Tom: the earth is flat because you can not built the house on the round shape.
    Mary:You have a good point, but I can not be so sure, Scientists has a lot of evidences and arguments for and against the claim that earth is flat. Here they are・・・・・・・・Considering this controvery, i think you can not so sure about it..
    Tom: I am pretty sure the earth is flat!!!!because how can you built the house on the round shape””” You are silly!!!!
    Mary; Okay, As you please.

    – – – I am Mary, You are Tom.

    But let’s stay on the topic.

    Ponta, who loves kids. Tokyo, Japan

  4. comment number 4 by: JK

    Chonko, a LOT of Koreans and Korean-Americans have read this site because I put a link from my blog, and I must say they are shaking their heads at all the Japanese racists on Matt’s blog. Sad but true.

  5. comment number 5 by: JK

    Ponta, no controversy. You are basically calling Roosevelt a murderer if you think he knowingly allowed the Pearl Harbor base to just be attacked without defenses. Again, there was NO connection between the Pacific War and the European War. I am going to say this again until you understand this, but Roosevelt would NOT risk almost the entire Pacific Fleet so destruction just to get the US into the war in Europe. Doesn’t make sense. Use some logic, Ponta, not your Japanese nationalistic thinking.

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  7. comment number 7 by: Occidentalism

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