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Anti Foreigner feeling in Korea

June 30th, 2005 . by Matt

These days in Korea there is so much crazy anti foreigner sentiment, it amazes even the jaded like me. Recently there has been a wave of sites set up by Koreans to ‘expose’ foreigners who dare to date Korean girls. These sites are not looking for illegal acts by foreigners – they criticise legal dating or foreigners meeting Korean girls.

This is one such site. Lets take a look at some of the content from that site.

Foreigner dares to pick up!

Another wicked foreigner.

Successful foreigner. The site points out that he is doing the ‘ladies first’ bit.

ʦTɦ- -˷- -ˬ?- ̕ɦ- ?-˷- ʦ ɨ=, ̕ɦ- -˷-??- -?- -ʦʬ- -ɨ= ˷T-.
Translation: American men go arm in arm with Korean women, whilst Korean men only have cigarettes in their hands.

It is obvious that these sites are trying to frighten Korean girls from dating foreigners, and to show the identity of foreigners dating Korean women and perhaps expose them to violence. Notice that they didnt protect the identity of the foreign men.

The Korean newspapers are also filled with anti foreigner news stories these days. This is my translation of one story.

Article from Naver news

?Tɦ-?T ?vɦ– ˦–̕?LTˠ
Be careful of foreign English teachers

?Lˬ –L̕??- ?vɦ–ɦ- ɦ--?- ˦?̕?ɨ= ˷T ? T- ?Tɦ-?T ?vɦ–?ɨ ̕ɦ- ?-L? ɦL?? -˷̕ L v ̬ ̦-ʦ, TLɦL?L ˸ ɨ= ˷T-.
Presently some foreign English teachers staying in Korea and working in private english schools around the country have been shockingly revealed to be having indiscriminate sex with Korean girls.

̕ɦ-ɨL ʦTɦ-?T ɦ- ?L˦(39) ˦T ʨT– ˦ ˕L?- “–L̕??- ??-L T -̕?ɨ= ˷T ?Tɦ-?T ?vɦ–?? ̕??-?L ˦ ɦ-- ˬ˷ ?-Lɨ ?-̕?ˬ???L ˰=?, ʨ-̬= Lv ˰L –– ? - ɨ= ˷T-”ɨ= ˸ ˷vT-.
Mr Kim Seung Hyun, a Korean-American, approached our head office and claimed that ‘Foreign teachers working in English academies regularly tempt staff members and students, and perform abnormal sex acts with them’.

ɦ-˦ “TT-?- ?-ɨ=ˬ??ʦL ˷T˰ L, ???- Lʨ-?- ɦ-? ʦ ? ˷- ɨ=ʦ ̕?ɦ-? ʨ-?-?L =L=L̕?TʦL ̕-”ɨ= ʦ??-.
Mr Kim made it clear that highschool girls are among that number of people having sex with the foreign English teachers, and that they often contracted venereal disease from them, then were abandoned to worry on their own and go to the hospital alone.

??- ʦ? ?Tɦ-?T ?vɦ–?? ʦ-?ɨ= ˷T ̕ɦ-?-L??- –̕ ‘L –ʬ’? ˰L??T?˰L L?v ?= –ɦ̕ ˬ-ɦ ?- ?=-- ˬ-=? -??ɨ= ˷T-.
It follows that these ‘sex hunter’ foreign teachers have crossed into hazardous territory in regards to Korean girls, and have reached a very serious boundary.

ɦ-˦ ˦T ‘?ɦ-?T ˦–-Tʦ, ̕ɦ-?-L 1,000L- ˠT=T-’ ‘?-?T-L, ̕ɦ- ?-L ˠTʬ-’ ? =?? ‘goodday’ ʨʦL =-̕?ɨ= ɦLTL, ?ɦ??- -ˠL?L ʨTˬ-?- Tɦ-=ʨ̕?Tʦ ɦ–vT-ɨ= LL-vT-.
Recently Mr Kim listened to a broadcast of ‘goodday’, in which a ‘English Casnova’ claimed to have had seduced 1000 Korean women, and which talked about black men seducing Korean women. ‘It was after feeling enraged at listening to that broadcast I resolved to approach this newspaper with this story’, explained Mr Kim

ɦ-˦ɦ- 20?--LɦL?? ʦTɦ-ˬ???L =-ɨ= ̕ɦ-?- ? ɦ?- ˬ--̕ 6?. ɦ TʦL T-˦?? L ̕??-?-L ?vɦ–ʦ ? ̕?ɨ= ˷T ɦ-˦ ?L˷- ̕??-T? =ɨ̕ ?̦ -?-L ?Tɦ-?T ?vɦ–?T W˦(24)?- T?ɦ?ˬT ̕ɦ? ˬ??̕?ɨ= ˷T-.
Mr Kim Lived in the US for 20 years and it has been six months since he came to Korea. Mr Kim works in Ky#### Do at a english language academy and has been living with with ‘W’ (24) in an apartment provided by the school for several months.

ɦ-˦ “ʦLɦ-= TˬL̕?-ɨ= ˬ?ɦ̕? WʦL ˸ 3T 4̠- ̕ɦ- ?-L?L ?̦ -ʦ -=?- L ˬ-T-” L “?ʕ- -? ̕?ʬ? ? ʦv˰ ʦ -?ɦ-T ? -ɨ=, ?̦ -?- ? ̕ɦ- ?-L?- –T-TL ̕??-ˬ??”?? ɨ= ˬ-=vT-.
Mr Kim said of ‘W’ “W is a comparatively innocent type. He had brought girls back to our apartment 3 or 4 times to enjoy sex” and ” When this happens I just leave the building but I noticed that most of the girls were students”.

ɦ-˦ ?- “Wɦ- ʕ-ʦ ‘ʦv?-L ̕?ˬ??ɨ L ˬ-Tɨ= ?v?- ?ʦT? L ʦTˬT’? ɨ= ˷-ʷ- ? ɦ- ʬ-̕= ʕ- ̕ɦ-?T˰ ʦL ˷-˦–? ʕ-?- vvˬT =ʦL”? ɨ= LTv ?˕?-.
Mr Kim also said ‘W would go out have have sex with students and come back and brag about what number of girl he was up to. When I heard this it sent my pride as a Korean crashing to the earth.

̦̕T ɦ-˦ ?- -T ?Tɦ-?T ?vɦ–?T J˦(52) Wʨ- - –̕ Lˬ???L ? - ɨ= ˷T-ɨ= -T??--. ɦ-˦ “J?? ɦ ˠ ‘˷--=ʨ- 30LT ˕Lʷ??T ̕ɦ- ?-̕?ˬ?ɨ Lv ˰L -?T-’ɨ= ? ? ? ʬ-̕?ɨ= ˷T-”ɨ= =LvT-.
Meanwhile Mr Kim also knows another foreign teacher, ‘J’ (52). J has an even more awful sexlife than W. Mr Kim explained that in J’s case ‘J would offhandedly comment that he had sex with students 30 years younger than him’.

ɦ-˦ “-ɦ- ˕L – –ʷ- ??T?-ʦL =ˬ- ˕ ?- ?Tɦ-?T ?vɦ–?? ‘?v’ ʦTʦ ʦ ̕ɦ-?-L??L ɨʷ̕?ɨ= ˷T-”ɨ= T?˦ʦ- ɦ˦vT-.
‘Other than these two foreigner teachers, not a few of them use ‘English Language’ as bait to get Korean girls’, Mr Kim emphisised repeatedly.

ʦ? L ?vT- ɦ-ɦ-?-L ̕ɦ-v ?L ɦ–̕? ˬ-T??? ɦ– ˬ-?-˷-??- ‘ʦTʦL ʦT?ˬ-ʬ-, ̕ɦ-?- ɦ-L ʬT?-ɦ L ˬ-TT T? ˷T-’ ˬ?ɦ?L ɦvɨ= ˷T- ɦ?-.
Therefore a great many foriegners seeking work in Korea as english teachers think, ‘money is money, but if I go to Korea I can have sex to my hearts content’.

ɦ-˦ “?v ɦ-–̕? ?Tɦ-?T??? L -˦ɦ ʬ–ʬ- ̕ɦ-?-L??? ˷?LʦL ʬ-. TT?--? ‘?v’? -T -LT?- -˦ʨL=˰ ʦ ‘L –ʬ’?L ̕? ? T- ?Tɦ-?T ?vɦ–??- ʬTʕ-̷T ʦL-ʦ?˕L˕ ̕-”ɨ= ?TLvT-.
“It is the mistake of Korean girls to bow down to foreigners without condition just because the foreigners can use English freely’, However, ‘Foreign teachers that use the ‘English weapon’ should bathe in a sea of criticism as a matter of course’ he exclaimed.

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Emperors visit to Saipan controversy on marmot

June 29th, 2005 . by Matt

Oranckay, who is guestblogging on marmot wrote a post about the Japanese Emperors visit to Saipan. There was one particular part of the post that I took exception to, and it is reproduced below.

This is not the first time Akihito has surprised people in relation to Korea. Right-wingers in Japan have long denied the obvious – that Japan’s royal family originated from Korea – but now the only people they can lie to on that one is themselves because at his 68th birthday press conference the emperor came out and declared he has Korean blood.

To which I replied

Akihito surprised Koreans with his statement, not Japanese. You might think that right wingers in Japan go around denying that the mother of a Japanese Emperor more than 1000 years ago was not Korean, but that is just not the case. This has been public knowledge since the NIHONSHOKI was written (720 AD), and regular people came to know of it as literacy spread. Indeed, it was widely known and spread about by the Japanese government during the Japanese administration of Korea to show affinity between Korea and Japan, and to help legitimize Japans control of the penninsula in the eyes of Koreans.

I think you have adopted the Korean worldview and that you are essentially projecting what you would think Koreans would do in the same situation, and trying to apply it to Japanese.

Please try to diversify yours sources, particularly in regards to the Korea-Japan relationship, as there is very little intellectual diversity to be found in Korea on this issue.

Oranckay has often taken anti Japanese positions, but as far as I know is a foreigner, and not a Korean. It should be interesting to see how this shapes up.

UPDATE – discussion continues on marmot, beginning with Oranckays response in the boxed text.

It is also widely known that Japan cannot have had a civilization that is 600,000 years old, just like it is widely known the moon is not made of cheese, and yet that utter lunacy ended up in textbooks. (See link in post). Think what you think about what I think about Japan, but a country where such nonsense ends up part of its understanding of itself (either because it is believed or because it is left unchallenged, which in indeed might have been the case with Japan) just has to have some serious problems facing up to the obvious when it comes to history. Korea did not teach me that.

I am not sure what you are trying to get at here. Archaeological fraud is a problem the world over, although admittedly this fraud in Japan was particularly egregious. But simply identifying blind nationalism as the cause for the length of time this fraud was able to perpetuate itself seems like over simplification to me. Rather it was a lack of oversight, peer review and scientific dating that enabled this fraud. Obviously this has been a wake up call for the Japanese scientific establishment, who have no excuse for their sloppiness. It is also telling that it was a Japanese newspaper that broke the story, and that rather than trying to justify it or cover it up, moves are being made to repair the damage caused by the fraud.

The above link also makes it clear that the motivations of the archeologist involved were personal, and not motivated by nationalist sentiment (although why a ‘nationalist’ would want to falsify their nations history is beyond me).

Despite my long association with Japanese people, this is the first time I have heard anyone claim that human life was in Japan 600 000 years ago. If I were speaking with a Korean, then I would probably know in 5 minutes how long they think human civilization has been on the Korean peninsula – without asking. Oranckay, I think you have a highly exaggerated sense of the level of nationalism in Japan. For that, you are more than 60 years too late.

What was “spread about by the Japanese government during the Japanese administration of Korea to show affinity between Korea and Japan, and to help legitimize Japans control of the peninsula in the eyes of Koreans” was not that the Japanese emperor had Korean blood. It was the “任那日本府(說)” that was taught, essentially that Japan once ruled Kaya, Silla, and Paekche and now things were returning to what they always were. The implication, then, would have been that since Japan ruled Paekche and (part) of the royal family came from Paekche, then the royal who came from there, well, he wasn’t really all that Korean. I’m way beyond my area of expertise on the subject, admittedly, but it was certainly not “hey Koreans, our emperor is one of you!”

The issue of the ‘Emperors Blood’ is too arcane, anyway. There is no telling just how much of a genetic relationship modern Koreans have to people of paekche. During the Japanese administration there was also the theory of the ‘common ancestor’ promoted by some Japanese and pro Japanese Koreans. After the end of WW2, this idea was ridiculed by ‘Korean Nationalists’ who wanted to distance Korea from Japan. Interestingly, these days I often hear Koreans and Japanese speculate that they might have a common ancestor.

What little I do understand of Japanese society leads me to think that often lies fabricated and spread by extreme nationalists are just not openly challenged and are not widely accepted, at least not in full, and so the impression the outsider is left with is that everyone believes the lie in its entirety. I was impressed with the way less than 0.2 percent of Japanese schools adopted the history textbook produced by the Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform the last time around. Fortunately the Japanese public is not as stupid as some on the far right think it is.

The so called extreme nationalist dont need to be openly challenged since they cant get any coverage in the press, and have negligible political power. There is nothing wrong with the books produced by the Japanese Society for History Textbook Reform, and I challenge you to bring up even one ‘historical distortion’ from the books. If the distortions are so flagrant, then you should have no trouble finding them.

Note that the Guardian (for “diversity,” of course) link says that when the emperor said he had mixed blood it came “to the delight of South Korea and, no doubt, the silent fury of many Japanese nationalists.” Surely the Guardian must be brainwashed by Koreans to have suggested Japanese nationalists were upset by hearing what was already “widely known” from their emperor.

So the Guardian has mind reading abilities along with their talent for fantastical conjecture? Good to see they actually went to the trouble of mind reading the Japanese nationalists, rather than using the passe practice of asking them what they actually think. Again, Japanese nationalists would not be upset at something that they know and accept as a fact. I know that is common knowledge in Korea that Japan never acknowledges contributions language, religion or technology from Korea, but I have a Japanese childrens history comic book that shows the process very clearly right in front of me.

Japan is not uptight like Korea. You could tell a Japanese that you think Dokto belongs to Korea and you could still maintain a relationship with them. The fact is that Korea is just not as central to Japanese history as Japan is to Korea’s history. The vast majority of Japanese do not give any thought at all to Korea, which is where ‘extreme right wing’ conspiracy theories about the Japanese fall flat.

I think this will be of special interest to my Japanese readers. Please contribute your ideas in the comments section.

UPDATE 2: Korean called ‘kimbob’ from Canada criticises Japan

Disagree completely. Just because Japan ignores and relegates Korean history’s central role in Japanese history into dust bin, doesn’t mean that Korean history did not play a central role in shaping Japan’s history. Up to the renaisance period, Korea played a huge role in transferring Chinese culture and Budhism and technology to Japan.

I said it once but I might as well say it again for you. The flow of culture and technology, often via Korea, is not ignored by the Japanese. It is taught to elementary school kids. Tomorrow I will scan a Japanese history comic book to prove to you that it is not covered up.

Japanese kidnapping of much admired and valued Korean artisans helped Japan to develop their pottery industry.

Lets be honest here. Koreans have never admired people that work with their hands. Such work was deemed to be lowly. The Japanese on the otherhand have long valued the skills of artisans, and even manual laborers. Koreans say that those artisans were kidnapped but it could be that they just got a better offer (and people that actually appreciate skilled artisans). Perhaps they were kidnapped – but the truth of that is lost in the mists of time.

For the past 150+ years, Japan has been concentrating all their attention on the West. Naturally with Korea being looked down upon as a poor and culturally inferior nation, Japan has been quietly trying to distance themselves from (but not completely denying their origins, as Shak said) anything to do with Korea.

Japan never had to consider Korea as a poor or culturally inferior nation, as Korea was merely a vassal state of China. Even Hideyoshi’s invasion of Korea was actually an invasion of China that took place on the peninsula because the Koreans did not want independence from China. Numerous envoys from Hideyoshi’s court sent to negotiate with the Koreans were rejected by the Korean King (who ruled Korea at the sufferance of the Emperor of China).

I also have to wonder if you mean to call Japan bad for ‘looking down’ on Korea. Dont you know that Confucianism in Korea has meant that Korea saw itself as number 2 after China, and looked down on Japan as inferior?

I also find it funny that Koreans like you will harp on Hideyoshi’s invasion but pretend that two major invasions of Japan launched by the Mongols from Korea, with their eager Korean servants making up the bulk of the Army, didnt even happen.

Why are Koreans so obsessive about seeking gratitude from other people? The descendants of the Koreans that helped Japan in its classical period all live in Japan, not Korea.

This thread is getting long but it is valuable discussion.

Amway – Merchants of Deception

June 28th, 2005 . by Matt

merchants of deception

Recently a friend tried to recuit me for Amway, a company that I dislike for their way of recruiting and business methods. After an exasperating chat with my friend, I found this excellent free book online by a former Amway ‘distributor’ named Eric Scheibeler. The book carefully examines the scam from the point of view of someone that reached a high level in the ‘Amway System’, and was financially and socially ruined by his association with Amway. The book is an interesting read and is freely downloadable from his site (registration required).

After downloading his book, I recieved this email from Mr. Scheibeler.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks so much for visiting my web site and getting the free book, Merchants of Deception. Since launching the web site I have been contacted by countless former and current distributors from many countries who were recruited with false promises and lost money. Some went bankrupt and others actually lost their homes over time. The documentation seems to support that 99% recruited into the motivational scheme all lose money. Some lost a little and many lost tens of thousands of dollars. Four distributor suicides have been reported to date, two in the US and two in Australia.

If you are or were a distributor I would like to hear from you – What is YOUR story? Please send a short paragraph e-mail telling your story. This motivational fraud may soon be stopped dead in its tracks and it has a lot to do with the growing database of (global) victims. Could you please take a moment and share your experience?

Were these common representations made to you?

You can earn a fortune in 12-15 hours a week.
The income is residual and keeps coming in after you stop working.
This business has created thousands of millionaires.
There is a 100% success rate in ‘the system’ of books, tapes etc…
Little or no selling. just buy from yourself.
The upline does not make anything on the books and tapes.
You need to get away from ‘negative’ people.
You need to use 100% of the product in your own business regardless of cost.
You can save at least 30% off your own shopping bill.

Did anyone in the group you sponsored make a net income of one dollar after expenses? Did you make a profit? If not, how much do you think it cost you (approximately)? Did you find the products to be cheaper or more expensive than anything at the store? How has this impacted you personally?

Thanks so much for considering sharing your story, as it is an important one. This will NEVER be made public or posted on the internet and will only be provided to investigators, regulators and legal counsel.

I hope all is well for you.

Best regards,

Eric Scheibeler

To which I replied with my own experiences with Amway.

Dear Eric

I am not a distributor, but people from Amway or their pernicious puppet companies (‘we are Amway, but the system is different!’, they exclaim) have often approached me. Recently a friend of mine called me up and said he wanted some business advice (as I have my own business) and wanted to meet me to discuss it. On the day we were supposed to me I called him and canceled because I had been hit by a flu that been going around. It turns out that I dodged a bullet because I found out later that it was a deceitful attempt to take me to an Amway meeting. The next day we were chatting on the internet and he gave me the exact same sell that every other member of Amway does. He kept on badgering me (is that a friend???) so I sent him your book, ‘Merchants of Deception’.

Once my sister tried to get my mother involved in Amway, back when I was a teenager, but my BS dectector was going off the charts. I wondered how they could be so bold as to describe their products as ‘wholesale prices’ when it was immediately apparent that the local supermarket was cheaper.

Another time a friend of a friend said he wanted to take my friend and I somewhere. Foolishly we went along and ended up in an Amway meeting. As you write in your book, people were screaming with their fists in the air – and I was weirded out by it. They piled on a lot of pressure and I felt the burden of having to remain polite. Since then, there was another time when someone tried the same strategy (not telling me where we are going) but I was once bitten twice shy. I said ‘If you are going to take me to an Amway meeting, I swear, I will never forgive you’. She was surprised to say the least. I also told her to tell the person above her that he is an asshole for trying to bring me into this in such a deceitful manner.

I nearly feel sorry for the next Amway person that approaches me, because all they will be greeted with is condescension and mockery.

Next time you are approached by someone from Amway, do them a favor and treat them with the contempt and derision they deserve. It may just be they impetus they need to get out.

UPDATE: Watch the Dateline expose of Amway!

Japan’s emperor prays for WWII dead

June 28th, 2005 . by Matt

The Emperor of Japan, Emperor Akihito (Heisei Tennou) has prayed today for the soldiers that died for Japan during World War 2.

The Emperor and Empress of Japan pray for war dead in Saipan

The Emperor also prayed for non Japanese that died for the Japanese Empire, including the 27,863 Taiwanese and 21,181 Koreans that are enshrined in the Yasukuni Shrine.

Street Fighter 2 Salsa?

June 27th, 2005 . by Matt

salsa salsa2
This is pretty funny. Its a Salsa competition and the two dancers have dressed up as Ryu and Chun Li. Download it here.

Muninn on Korean Children’s Drawings

June 26th, 2005 . by Matt

Muninn’s blog pays special attention to the nationalist historical narritive in East Asian countries. Munin has posted his opinion on the Korean childrens drawings, and we are discussing his post on his comments section, which I will reproduce here. Muninn’s writings are in the boxed text, and my replies follow in the regular text.

I am almost inclined to believe this is some kind of prank, especially since the poster, someone named “Gord” appears to have completely bought the Japanese right-wing nationalist narrative of the colonial period in Korea.

Its no prank. Gord is a real guy and maybe you should examine his claims rather than dismissing him outright.

I find it so hard to imagine organizing an entire group of children/teenagers to produce such a huge collection of artwork showing such amazing hatred for Japan.

If you think that, then you need to go out and meet some Koreans! Seriously, there is nothing unusual about this, except that it has come at a time of heavy propaganda from the Korean government and media.

These pictures are absolutely amazing, and will regrettably feed the arguments of right-wing Japanese who wish to portray, wrongly, Koreans and Chinese as all rabidly irrational nationalists who spew nothing but violent threats and lies about the past.

Japanese people that expose Korean and Chinese lies about the past are always labeled ‘right wing’ whatever their actual political orientation. Being of the scholarly persuasion, I would have thought you to be beyond labels that serve obscure the truth. I dont have to remind you that the quality of an argument has nothing to do with the political orientation of the person making it.

To which Munin replied

Dear Shakuhachi, I find your response to be a bit dissapointing. If you read the paragraph after “I am almost inclined to believe” you will find that I admit the legitimacy of the pictures and even link to the school which put together the exhibition.

Also, if you were a regular reader of my weblog you would hopefully find that I am the first person to point out the problematic aspects of national historical narratives, especially in China, Japan, and Korea. That you label this as “Korean and Chinese lies” is tragic, since first of all your refusal to include “Japanese” in this statement implies that you somehow believe that Japan alone has been telling the truth of the past. Equally problematic is the idea that there is only one single narrative of the past in each of these countries. As my past postings show, I focus on the problems of the nationalist narrative, both on the factual level, and its implications for subsuming all aspects of the historical social experience.

The quality of an argument should indeed always be considered, but political orientations are not like the color of ones clothes distinct and separate from one’s view of the world. They go hand in hand with the kinds of arguments, and thus the quality of those arguments, that one makes. A marxist determinist is unlikely to be found making anti-marxist arguments about history, and similarly nationalists are not likely to be found making arguments which deny the centrality of the nation as the subject which moves through history.

For simplicity, I answered point by point.

Also, if you were a regular reader of my weblog you would hopefully find that I am the first person to point out the problematic aspects of national historical narratives, especially in China, Japan, and Korea.

I am a regular reader, and I enjoy reading your blog immensely. I am eagerly looking forward to hearing your findings about colonial collaboration. I have my own theory based on observation, but I would like to see yours.

That you label this as “Korean and Chinese lies” is tragic, since first of all your refusal to include “Japanese” in this statement implies that you somehow believe that Japan alone has been telling the truth of the past.

I dont exclude the Japanese from anything. Japan unleashed the madness of war in China and is therefore responsible for whatever happened there, whether the intentions of the Japanese were good or bad. While China and Japan were having a military conflict that was bound to cause atrocities (I consider war itself an atrocity in itself, and Japan and most of the other powerful nations of the day seemed determined to use war to fulfill their objectives), much of the criticism from China, and particularly Korea, is based on outrageous propaganda.

The quality of an argument should indeed always be considered, but political orientations are not like the color of ones clothes distinct and separate from one’s view of the world.

I agree with you that labels can be convenient in getting to the meat of the matter, and that self proclaimed marxists are likely to advocate marxism. I am saying that Japanese people who are not right wingers are described as such if they debunk Chinese or Korean propaganda. For example, people that have debunked the numerous composite photos of ‘atrocities’ supposedly commited by the Japanese army. While a label can be valuable, labels in this case are used to silence inquiry, and to stifle debate.

A good example would be the Korean understanding of the way ‘comfort women’ were recruited. In the Korean way of thinking (I have met hundreds of Koreans and ALL of them think this), the Japanese army would raid a Korean village and drag off girls, forcing them to become prostitutes. Obviously this is not true, and there is not even one verifiable case of this happening to Korean women. The truth is that most of the women were already prostitutes (Koreans also claim that Japanese were the ones that brought prostitution to Korean, which stands at odds with Korean paintings hundreds of years old that show Korean nobility cavorting with Korean prostitutes), and the minority that werent were sold to Korean pimps by their parents. Most likely the parents didnt tell their daughters that they were being sold to be prostitutes, and once they were in the pimps clutches, they couldnt get out without paying back the pimp with interest. The Japanese army is responsible for setting up a system that is inherently open to abuse, and thats it. The same abuse continues in modern day South Korea.

It is also noteworthy that the comfort women were paid for their services, so calling comfort women ’sex slaves’ doesnt fit.

All the evidence points to the ‘comfort women’ system being voluntary, but any attempted to explain it rationally based on actual facts simply means being shouted down as a right winger. Koreans profited from prostitution before, during, and after the Japanese administration, but instead of facing their role in it, they simply seek to blame the Japanese.

My problem with the Korean interpretation of history is not that the Japanese interpretation is more convincing, just that the Korean one is self contradictory and flies in the face of common sense.

I am sure this kind of dialectic will lead to mutual edification.

Korean media reports on hate drawings

June 26th, 2005 . by Matt

The Korean media has started reporting the pictures made public by gord, here and here. The articles focus on the negative reactions of foreigners to the anti Japanese pictures drawn by school children under the direction of their teachers, then prominently displayed in a railway station.

The articles take a reasonable, questioning tone, but much of the comments section for the articles are filled with hate. Many of the commenters agreed with the content of the pictures.

Japan prepares to invade Korea…

June 22nd, 2005 . by Matt

A picture of Korea at night – the North is totally dark.

North Korea has warned the UN that Japan is preparing to invade Korea.

In the letter delivered to Annan on Feb. 7, North Korean ambassador Park Kil-yon said that Japan’s right-wingers are laying claim to Tokto, Korea’s easternmost islets, as an excuse to raid the Korean Peninsula.

“Japan is modernizing its war machinery and relocating them to spur its military into action,’’ Park was quoted by the North’s Korean Central Broadcasting Station as saying. “Japan’s military expenditure is only second to the United States.’’

He argued that Japan’s first target is North Korea because Japanese forces are attaching great importance to its west coast.

Since the continent of Asia is on Japans western side (over the Sea of Japan, which Koreans describe as the ‘East Sea’), it makes sense for Japan to focus its forces in the west, as there is only the empty Pacific Ocean in the East. Unfortunately, many Koreans in the South will credulously believe this crude North Korean propaganda, because South Korean anti-Japanese education makes them believe that the Japanese are capable of anything.

Korea-Japan Friendship Year

June 22nd, 2005 . by Matt

This is the year of friendship between Korea and Japan.


These are Korean Members of Parliament stepping on the Japanese flag. I wonder why Koreans think it is OK to do this. How would Koreans react if Japanese Diet members were stepping on Korean flags? By chopping off fingers and screaming bloody murder, no doubt.

A korean woman chops off her finger to protest the Japanese request to the Korean government that the disposition of the Liancourt Rocks be resolved in the International Court of Justice

I keep hoping for rational thinking but have learned to expect all kinds of crazy stuff. Koreans never fail to meet my ‘expectations’.

More kiddie hate pics

June 18th, 2005 . by Matt

Gord has come through with some more kiddie hate pics. By looking at these pics it becomes apparent what they are teaching in Korean schools, and why Korean kids are so full of misdirected rage.

“Dokto chose Korea”. How could an Island with no inhabitants choose Korea? Adults say this too, not just kids.

Korean kids seem to be taught that the UN had voted on the issue. Ideas like that do not just come from a vacuum.

Korean kids (and adults!) labor under the delusion that the entire world recognises their claim to the Liancourt Rocks (or Dokto in Korean, or Takeshima in Japanese). Do they lack the empathy to see how they are percieved by others?

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