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Teaching History in Korean schools…

June 18th, 2005 . by Matt

Gord has attracted a lot of interest with his pictures of Korean elementary school kid hate (One hundred and twenty thousand hits). No doubt the kids were whipped into a frenzy by their parents and teachers. Here are some samples from Gords site. The pics are supposed to support Korea’s unlikely claim to an Island called Takeshima (Dokto in Korean) in the Sea of Japan, which is currently under military occupation by Korea, and contested by Japan.

“Who does it belong to?”

“Japanese are liars”

“Dokto belongs to Korea!”

As usual, Gord is insulted by a bunch of Koreans and ethnic ‘Korean Americans’ (the usual suspects) that came out calling Gord a racist for posting the pics. Gord delivers a righteous beatdown that is worth reading.

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