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Violent Korean airport protests not isolated

July 31st, 2005 . by Matt

airport demo
More Korean airport protests

It seems that violent Korean airport protests are not at all isolated. Indeed, according to this article by the English edition of Choson Ilbo, Koreans are Wreaking Havoc in Asia’s Airports.

On the afternoon of July 7 at the Taipei International Airport, 160 Korean passengers caused an embarrassing scene and the local police had to be called to contain the near riot. The Koreans were furious about the delay of their flight to Seoul on Cathay Pacific Airway. The airline’s staff explained that a typhoon was to blame, but the Koreans would hear none of it and got very loud and violent.

On July 29, at the Bangkok International Airport, a Cambodian airliner took off, leaving behind 39 Korean tourists on the runway as a few drunk passengers had made verbal attacks and gotten violent inside the plane after the announcement of a two-hour delay.

Just a few weeks before the protest at the Hong Kong airport, Koreans had staged a similar protest at Phuket airport.

Koreans protest for their ‘rights’ all around Asia

The Article continues –

Kim pointed out that it is impossible to imagine passengers in other countries complaining of flight delays because of national disasters such as heavy snowfall in other countries. But Koreans do it all the time, he said.

Park Yong-hun, the head of the Coalition for Transportation Culture, said that passengers needs to be taught air travel etiquette and at the same time, services by airliners must be enhanced to a world-class level.

According to Korean Air and Asiana, the number of passengers making scenes is on a sharp rise at an annual rate of 62 percent from 24 cases in 1997, 46 in 1998, 73 in 1999 and 102 in 2000.

That article doesnt go as far as the same Korean language article about what happened (Choson does not allow direct links to its archive so that is the search page the articles are in. Look for 한국인 ‘공항농성’ 국제추태 잦다 and [사설] ‘空港추태’ 엄벌해야). The article is extremely critical and describes what happened as bringing international shame on Korea. The above article is from 2001, which shows that Koreans have been aware of the problem at least since then. Unfortunately, non Korean speaking foreigners do not have access to this kind of information, because Koreans are very careful about what they show of themselves to the outside world.

Perhaps Korean demands for more apologies and compensation from Japan should be considered in the total context of Koreans being a people that have a protesting and demanding nature, beyond that of other peoples.

Unbelievable – UK bombers refugees

July 28th, 2005 . by Matt

21/7 bomber Yasin Hassan Omar, proof that some refugees are ‘persecuted’ in their home countries for a reason

The Herald Sun has reported that two of the bombers in the latest attack on 21/7 were refugees being provided political asylum in Britain.

The two bombers were identified as Yasin Hassan Omar, 24, from the war-torn Horn of Africa nation of Somalia; and Muktar Said Ibrahim, 27, thought to be from the troubled northeast African nation of Eritrea.

As polls show growing public concern about Britain’s Muslim community, the fact that Omar has been paid almost $60,000 in state benefits over six years is likely to cause more outrage.

He appears to have been living free in the one-bedroom flat in the northern suburb of Southgate after receiving political asylum.

The bombs were believed to have been assembled there.

Not only was one of the bombers recieving a free apartment at the expense of British taxpayers, but he had recieved a significant amount of money in welfare payouts too. Protected from ‘political persecution’ by Britain, he has turned around and attacked the country that provided him with asylum. The fact is that a lot of refugees (particularly from Muslim countries) that are forced to flee their homelands do so because they follow hardline Islamic beliefs that are too extreme even for the governments of the Middle East.

Minutes ago, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that 9 more people, including Yasin Hassan Omar, has been apprehended by the police.

Now that they have all these people alive and in custody, I hope that the authorities will use any effective method to extract information from these individuals. In a just world, this should mean the expulsion of radical Islamic clerics from the UK, along with a new recognition by the government and the public that freedom of religion should not serve as a cover for terrorism promotion and rabble rousing.

Let us see if the UK government has the backbone to take the necessary measures, or if they will continue to pretend the problem doesnt exist until the next bombing happens.

More terrorism in London

July 21st, 2005 . by Matt

When will the British Government learn? They are taking a soft and tolerant approach to terrorism and are paying the price.

When will these policies that endanger the people end?

Meanwhile in Australia, the security services do nothing while Muslim clerics make open threats against Australians.

Wassim Doureihi – Australian citizen and leader of the terrorist linked Islamist group, Hizb ut-Tahrir

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Wassim Doureihi, leader of the Islamist group, Hizb ut-Tahrir, has taken it upon himself to dictate Australian foreign policy.

Westerners must leave Muslim lands if they want to safeguard themselves against terrorist attacks, says the Sydney leader of the global Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, Wassim Doureihi.

Although Mr Doureihi says his group espouses non-violence, he warns Australia to “stop interfering in Islamic land, stop enforcing rules over Muslims and allow the Muslims to assume their own political destiny … If we are really serious about protecting the lives of the people in Australia, if you want to remove the possibility of these actions occurring within these countries, then remove the original injustice.”

Basically this ‘Wassim Doureihi’ is implicitly threatening Australians with violence if there is no change in government policy. I wonder what he would say if were to turn his words back on him and say ‘Muslims must leave Western lands’.

The only reason Hizb ut-Tahrir espouses ‘non violence’ is so they can attack by surprise – a terrorist that announces themselves as terrorists would not be very successful. As we can see from the London bombings, Islamic terrorists are very good at leading double lives.

In Russia, Hizb ut-Tahrir has been banned as a terrorist organisation.

‘Sheikh’ Mohammed Omran, Wahhibist Islamic leader that denies that Osama Bin Laden has anything to do with terrorism, despite numerous statements by Osama Bin Laden taking reponsibility for, and praising, terrorism

In Australia, we have ‘Islamic leaders’ like Sheikh Mohammed Omran making statements like these, designed to make Muslims think they are being attacked for no reason. Why is this immigrant allowed to remain in Australia?

One of Australia’s leading Islamic clerics says he does not believe Osama bin Laden directed the September 11 2001 terrorist strikes against America or that Muslims were involved in either that attack or last week’s London bombings.

“I dispute any evil action linked to bin Laden. I don’t believe that even September 11 … was done by any Muslim at all, or any other activities,” said Sheikh Mohammed Omran, echoing a point of view that has gained wide currency in the Islamic world since the attacks.

Omran, head of the fundamentalist Ahl Sunnah wal Jama’ah Association in Melbourne, told Australian Broadcasting Corporation television that he rejected allegations that bin Laden played a leading role in the terrorist attacks on Washington and New York.

“When you look at the man (bin Laden), from some part of his life, yes he is (a great man),” Omran said.

He said he also did not accept that Islamic extremists were responsible for the London train bombings that killed at least 52 people last week.

This seems to be a common opinion among Muslims, and I have heard it several times myself. Plans of attack are being made in mosques at this very moment. If Muslim organisations want to show their sincerity, they should throw the extremists out of the mosques, and start handing over terrorists to the authorities.

Asahi TV on Korean childrens drawings

July 19th, 2005 . by Matt

Asahi TV in Japan has made a report about the anti Japanese Korean childrens drawings. Despite Koreans going into damage control after these pictures emerged, interviews with adult Koreans shows that the content of the pictures has great support among adult Koreans.

The show went to the location of the of the pictures and interviewed some Koreans.

Lets see what the Korean adults had to say.

“I think we should make nuclear weapons and fire them at Japan”

“To be honest, I wish that Japan would sink into the sea”

After that they tried to get an interview with the school that the anti Japanese drawings came from, but were rejected. So they chose another elementary school and found this as soon as they entered the classroom.

blackboard dokdosong
The blackboard says ‘Dokdo is our land’, and the kids are singing “Hawaii is American territory, Tsushima is Japanese territory, Dokdo is our land”. Kids are made to sing this song (called ‘the song of Dokdo’) in class. From March of this year, the National Teachers union have been conducting special ‘Dokdo Classes’. No wonder the kids are brainwashed.

The interviews with the kids showed that they didnt like Japan. What I found surprising though was the support for Kim Jong Il. In Answer to the question, ‘what kind of person is Kim Jong Il’, the kids said –

good1 good2
“He is a good person”

“He is working hard for the unification of this country, so I think he is a good person”

makenai social
“I want the country to reunite quickly so developed countries won’t beat us. I learnt that in Social Studies class”

They then went to the National Teachers union to see what on earth Koreans are teaching their kids. They discovered that they were teaching anti Americanism as well as anti Japanism.

The Teachers Union Guidebook – ‘The firm American policy on North Korea is a definite obstacle to reconciliation with our racial brothers’.

Its time to take a close look at Korean textbooks. It is obvious they are distorting history and promoting hate.

The show can be downloaded here (Japanese).

The Japanese Administration of Korea

July 17th, 2005 . by Matt

Did Japan ruin the economy of Korea during the Japanese Administration? Koreans say that Japan did, and that they even stole all the rice and left people starving. However, there is a lot of evidence to say that was not the case. During the period of Japanese Administration, there were great increases in population, unprecendented in Korean history. This is not consistent with a people that are starving, because the population should decrease in that case.

Not only are the Korean claims dubious, but it seems that they benefitted in many ways from the Japanese Administration. Lets take a look at picutures of Korea before and during the Japanese Administration.

This was the true state of Koreans in the Choson Era.

Before the Japanese introduced medicine in Korea, Koreans would cure Malaria by writing their names on their feet.

Pre-Japanese era Korean medicine. This childs parents are trying to cure this childs disease by throwing away this straw doll. Various diseases could be ‘cured’ by this ‘method’. The average Korea lifespan at this time was around 24 years old. Thanks to Japanese investment in medicine and nutrition in Korea, the lifespan went up to nearly 50 years old by the end of WW2

The center of Seoul, Namdemun, Circa 1880. Thatched buildings and shops.

Compare that with 1850’s Tokyo. Korea was a basket case.

The common people of the Choson Era lived in a state of slavery, if not in name then in practice. Picture is of Namdemun.

bare breasted woman
Typical Korean Woman of the pre-annexation period. It was common for women to walk around bare breasted in Korea at the time, as in Africa.

It is common in Korea to claim that prostitution did not exist in Korea before the Japanese came, but here is a picture of one anyway.

Che Yonhi
Koreans say that they were simply slaves during the Japanese administration, and werent even allowed to have Korean names. I wonder then how they explain the existence of dancer Che Yonhi, who not only became wealthy and famous, but kept her Korean name. Surely if the Japanese wanted to force Koreans to have Japanese names, they would have started with Korean role models? This is a picture of her in a hotel cafe in Seoul.

A department store in Seoul for Korean consumers. Picture 1937.

Koreans boldly claim that Japan destroyed many Korean cultural monuments that were in truth destroyed by Korean neglect. The above is a before and after photo of Namdaemun. Is this what Koreans mean by Korea being ‘ruined’ by the Japanese?

Massive Japanese investment created industry where there was none. The raised living standards and provided housing. The landlords and oppressors of common people lost their legal right to lord it over others.

The worlds largest Hydroelectric generator (at the time) was built in Korea by the Japanese, at the expense of the Japanese. This contributed much to Korea’s development.

This was Pyongyang under Japanese rule.

Pyongyang again.

Really, one could go on and on about this. I would conjecture that this kind of information is nowhere to be found in Korean textbooks, based on my conversations with Koreans. Could Korean anti Japanism be mostly founded upon Koreans vain belief in their ‘Great History’?

Busty Japanese child model eases anti Japanism in China

July 15th, 2005 . by Matt

The Japan Times reports that 11 year old Japanese model Saaya Irie has become a sensation in China, and may be causing anti Japanese tensions among the Chinese to ease at a time of extraordinary protests against Japan.

At this point, it might seem that a miracle is required to put bilateral relations fully back on track.

Saaya Irie, an 11-year-old Japanese girl, may not be that miracle, but she has clearly played a part in pacifying a certain segment of China’s population, according to Shukan Bunshun.

If anything about Saaya is miraculous, it’s her body — she wears an F-cup bra, though she has yet to reach her teens. So when a photo of her in a bikini was posted on a Chinese Internet forum called “100,” she immediately caused a sensation.

What kind of body could an 11 yr old possibly have? For the benefit of doubting readers, here are a couple of pictures.



The Japan Times piece goes on saying the pics posted on the forum were accompanied by an appeal for good relations between Japan and China.

The pic was accompanied by message — rendered in mock Marxist rhetoric — reading: “An 11-year-old Japanese girl with large breasts has a proclamation for all Chinese people! Dear elder brothers, a beautiful young Japanese girl is beseeching you.

“Please stop these anti-Japanese hijinks. If you don’t, I won’t like you anymore.”

At the end of the message, she states that her breasts would “rise up” if the people “unite for the sake of China’s democracy.”

Apparently the posting on the anti Japanese internet forum was the work of Japanese from the mega-forum Ni-Chan (2chan) to see what kind of reaction they could expect from hardcore anti Japanese.

According to an anonymous source described as an Internet expert, the message and photo were posted by someone involved in www.2ch.net, a Japanese online forum.

“They copied photos onto an anti-Japanese site to see what kind of reaction they’d get,” the source says. “They put up the usual photos of porn and animals, but when someone posted a photo of Saaya, many Chinese went for it hook, line and sinker.”

Shortly after the photo and message were posted, the number of anti-Japanese postings rapidly declined, largely replaced by messages praising the girl’s loveliness.

“This is one Japanese import I won’t be boycotting,” gushed one admirer. Another said, “She doesn’t look 11. She’s gotta be 18.”

After debuting in Japan in February, Saaya immediately grabbed attention for being so young yet having so ample a bust. Her striking facial features also helped.

Actually, this is nothing new to me. Even anti Japanese Korean and Chinese men seem to like Japanese women. You can find plenty more pictures of Saaya on this Chinese website.

UPDATE: Below is an article from a Japanese magazine about Saaya reducing anti Japanism in China.


London Terror Bombers British Citizens

July 13th, 2005 . by Matt

I hate to be correct at a time like this, but my previous post that speculated (although obliquely) that the terrorists would turn out to be immigrants or children of immigrants from Muslim countries has turned out to be true.

The face of terror – 30 yr old Mohammad Sidique Khan worked as a ‘teaching mentor’ in the British public school system.

Mohammad Sidique Khan worked as a sleeper agent in order bring about this reign of terror in London. Notice that by his looks you would think he was a ‘good Muslim’, and certainly not a terrorist.

Khan, the father of a 14-month-old daughter, was a “learning mentor” for children of immigrant families who had just arrived in Britain. Staff described him as gently spoken, endlessly patient, and immensely popular with children who called him their buddy.

The fact that he was highly evaluated by his peers shows that Islamic terrorists are perfectly able to conceal their extremism, and indeed, many conceal the fact that they are Muslims.

British born Shehzad Tanweer. Britain does not have the kind of internal security laws that can confront this threat.

This young man was born and bred in Britain, but decided that he wanted to destroy the country. Can this kind of Person really be considered worthy of citizenship? Just like the other man above, he was highly evaluated by his friends.

“I can’t believe he’s done this. He was so English in his beliefs and very westernised in the way he dressed. We knew he had his religious beliefs and that he read the Koran. But there was no way you could accuse him of being an extremist.”

No way he could be accused of being an extremist until he set off the bombs, that is. The terrorists will take advantage of soft British laws and the British aversion to ‘racial discrimination’ to tear that country apart, and to eventually take over. Muslim organisations effectively serve as a respectable mouthpiece for terrorism, and work to diminish the effectiveness of investigations into Islamic terrorism by claiming that the investigations are motivated by racial and religious bigotry.

Shehzad Tanweer’s British birth certificate.

Western nations have made a huge, possibly irreversible error in allowing people from backwards countries to live in the west. Inevitibly, this has lead to a ‘clash of civilizations’.

Korean Airport Protest

July 12th, 2005 . by Matt


The Choson Ilbo reports that Koreans had an impromptu protest against Cathay Pacific Airlines in Hong Kong’s Chek Lap Kok International Airport on Sunday.

Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Airways invited Korean ire on Sunday when it ordered a plane to take off from Chek Lap Kok International Airport on Sunday without 44 Korean passengers on board. The Korean passengers blame the incident on the carrier’s “insincerity” and are demanding damages, but Cathay Pacific says the Koreans were making unreasonable demands.

Cathay Pacific CX 416 was scheduled to leave Hong Kong for Incheon International Airport at 4:20 p.m. on Sunday. The airline delayed the flight twice, first to 5:30 p.m. and then again to 6:00 p.m.

The airline said it made four announcements of the delays, both in the terminal and at boarding gates. But with the airport bustling and the broadcasts made in English and Chinese, some of the Koreans were unable to understand them.

Imagine that, Cathay Pacific saying that Koreans make ‘unreasonable demands’!

Dozens of Korean passengers protested to Cathay Pacific staff at the boarding gate that the airline had delayed the flight twice but offered no explanation. They also demanded free transport once they arrived in Incheon and compensation for the delay.

The airline promised to provide meal coupons (HK$45), phone cards and transport according to its flight delay regulations. It says it also went beyond regulations in offering US$25 coupons toward in-flight duty-free goods and discount airline tickets during their next trip.

According to a friend who had coworkers on the flight, the Koreans were worried that once they reached Inchon there would be no transport out of the airport, and wanted the airline to guarantee that there would be transport.

The furious Koreans then started protesting vociferously, screaming and waving their arms. Alone among the 308 passengers, the 44 Koreans refused to board the aircraft. Attempts by the pilot to convince them fell on deaf ears.

The airline then decided to let the flight take off at 7:14 p.m. without the Koreans, explaining it could not delay any longer. At this stage some of the Koreans relented saying the most important thing was to get back to Korea first, and suggested the airline must have had its reasons. When the flight arrived at Incheon at 11:34 p.m., five buses were waiting to take passengers to their regional destinations.

So the passengers that boarded the flight were able to make it back home alright. And the Koreans that didnt board the flight…

The stranded passengers in Hong Kong demanded transport and lodging from the airline through a Korean consular official who came to airport. Cathay Pacific said they could use the next Seoul-bound flight on Monday afternoon but declined to provide accommodation.

Seven of the passengers returned to Korea early Monday morning aboard Asiana. The remaining 37 stayed up or slept in downtown hotels, returning aboard Cathay Pacific’s 2:20 p.m. flight, having paid for transport between the airport and downtown as well as lodging out of their own pockets. They plan to write to the airline demanding an official apology from a high-ranking Cathay Pacific official and compensation for losses they suffered because they were unable to board the Sunday flight.

The Korean passengers are asking for official apologies and compensation because the airline ‘forced’ them to remain in Hong Kong. Where have I heard ‘unreasonable demands’ for official apologies and compensation before?

Citizens of ‘Londonistan’

July 10th, 2005 . by Matt

Mohammed Atta, ringleader of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. To all appearances, he was a regular guy, and even drank alcohol and went to strip clubs.

Randal Parker from Parapundit has written an interesting post about terrorists that have citizenship of the country they are terrorising.

I see home grown terrorism as a challenge to the assumptions underlying the concept of citizenship. How can one claim the status of citizen when one rejects the legitimacy of the society that the overwhelming majority of its members accept and support? Why should the majority recognize the right of membership in a group for people who reject and who wish to kill large numbers of members of that group?

The growing numbers of terrorists born and bred in western countries goes to show that western nations are bent on civilizational suicide. Democracies can only work when there is a great deal of agreement in the fundamental precepts that society should be organised upon among the people in it. People that are bent on the destruction of western society have been able to use their democratic and civil rights to undermine the very institutions and people that provided them with their high standard of living and freedom.

Increasingly, normal people are starting to wonder why we have to tolerate this hostile element in our society.

London attacked – Sydney next?

July 7th, 2005 . by Matt

People trapped underground in London

Londoners have been viciously attacked for their country’s support of the US in the War on Terror. As one of three main ‘coalition of the willing’ partners in the Gulf War 2, the terrorists bombings are part of Al Qaeda’s promise to punish any infidel country that interferes in the middle east. Previously, Al Qaeda managed to force minor partner Spain out of the coalition of the willing.

The next major target logically, is Sydney. With Australia being the strongest supporter of the War on Terror after the UK, terrorists will be trying to make good of their threat to make an example out of Australia. The Premier of New South Wales, Bob Carr, has said that Sydney is ‘ready for any attack’.

Lets hope this is true, because with the hightened security levels for the G8 conference being conducted in the UK at the time of terrorist attacks, you would think that London would have been ‘ready for any attack’.

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