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Korean Students take Dokdo campaign to India

September 2nd, 2005 . by Matt


The Korea times reports that some Korean Students have been trying to raise awareness about Dokdo in India.

For young Korean university students, India was a strange place to raise awareness about the Dokdo (Tokto) islets, South Korea’s easternmost territory, but now it seems quite natural, a 25-year-old Korean university student said after a special trip to India.

Oh Ju-hyung and two other students attending the college of business administration at Chonnam National University took a trip to India for 16 days from Aug. 3 to raise awareness on Dokdo among Indians and tourists.

They traveled in Delhi, Agra, Ajmer, Pushkar, Jodhpur and Shinla as part of an overseas field study program supported by Chonnam National University during summer vacation.

“We originally planned to get a firsthand look at the Indian information technology sector and industrial complex to learn what they are doing. But then we decided to switch the purpose of our trip to the promotion of the Dokdo islets,’’ said Choi Hyun-shik, another student.

Sounds like they got hit with the ‘ultranationalist bug’ if they gave up the chance to do something that might enhance their future careers to campaign for Dokdo. I wish the Korea Times had interviewed some Indians to see what they thought of it. This isnt much of an article, but the photo is pure gold.

Read the rest by yourself.

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