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Controversy coming again

December 10th, 2005 . by Matt


Just to let the readers of Occidentalism know, if the Korean media isnt bored with Japanese books about Korea yet, this book will be big news soon. It is called ‘Kenkanryu put into practice handbook – A manual for repelling anti Japanese abusive language’ (嫌韓流 実践ハンドブック 反日妄言撃退マニュアル). The writer is a Japanese blogger known as Doronpa. It is scheduled to be released on the 20th of December, so obviously I have not read it yet. If you can read Japanese, it might be worthwhile checking out his site.

Which side?

December 10th, 2005 . by Matt

robert kim
Robert Kim, an American citizen and traitor to the United States. He sold top secret information to the South Korean government. Koreans think he is hero.

The excellent marmot reports that Koreans are being asked which side they would fight for in their US citizenship interviews.

Some officials from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services have apparently been sent for retraining after asking Koreans applying for U.S. citizenship which side they’d take if Korea and the U.S. were to fight, reported the U.S. edition of the JoongAng Ilbo (and reprinted in Yonhap). Late last month, a Korean man in his 40s named Yun was asked during his citizenship interview which side he’d fight for if the United States and Korea ever went to war. He declined to give an answer, saying he had family in Korea. The interviewing officer then got tough, saying he had to answer or he would have no choice but to turn down Yun’s application for citizenship.

Head over to marmots to comment, as I will be commenting there as well under my pseudonym, shakuhachi.

A final word on Kenkanryu

December 6th, 2005 . by Matt

After the New York Times published their drive-by-shooting style story about Kenkanryu (and the NYT article has been ripped off by another writer with a Japanese name as well), it has become apparent to me that none of these people criticising and pontificating on the content of Kenkanryu have actually read the comic, including the author of the NYT article, hack writer Norimitsu Onishi. In the article, Onishi translates the title of the comic as ‘Hating the Korean wave’. I have been saying for a while now that the title of the book in English is ‘the hate Korea wave‘, not ‘hating the Korean wave’. If you had just looked at the cover without reading the comic, you might think that it actually meant ‘hate the Korean wave’ (I did too, before I read it), but once I read it, I understood the real meaning of the title.

Here is what it says in the comic.


My translation

Nowadays the massmedia is promoting ‘the Korean wave’ and the like for friendship, but behind that Japanese people that dislike Korea are growing in numbers. There is one more ‘Korean wave’ that the massmedia is hiding, that is… ‘the hate Korea wave’!!

the hate korea wave
NYT writer Norimitsu Onishi, another Jayson Blair? Onishi wrote an article critical of a comic he has never read

As far as I am concerned, if you have not read something, then you dont have a right to review or criticise it. Where are the Journalistic Ethics? Worse, where is the common sense? A blogger posting from Australia, reading in Japanese, shouldnt have to play watchdog for the New York Times.

Real race hate

December 5th, 2005 . by Matt

Since Occidentalism has been described as a ‘race hate site’ by a certain commenter, I have decided to showcase some genuine race hate.

Popular Korean rapper DJ doc

Forget about TV and newspaper beat ups of comic books, this is the real deal. DJ doc’s FUCK ZAPAN!

Lyrics in English courtesy of Mutant Frog.

I am Korean! (I am a Japanese!)
Hey, you, try saying “Al lo byu!” (I rob you!) *1
No! It’s “I low byoo!” (I rob you!)
Are you retarded? Can’t you even pronounce that? (Hai!)
Are you really retarded? (Hai!)
Isn’t your country just fundamentally retarded? (Hai!)
Hai! It’s your Korean boy! Fuck these pigfoot Japs! *2
Let’s kill them, boy! Fuck! These penis-face pussies motherfuckers!
Those fucking Japs that live in Japan penis-face pussy Jap bitch retard idiot bitches!
You who have been described as ‘barbarians to the East’ *3 pigfoot bitches!
Are you going to lie about your own history?! (Hai!) Go ahead and lie, you deceitful pigfeet!
Pussies! How much will you lie, pigfeet?! Keep on lying, Japs!
Lie to your mom and dad! Lie to your mom and dad!
Will you eat your mom? (Hai!) Is that OK? Yeah, that’s fine! That’s just fine!
Retard bitches! Go and have a seizure!
You barbarian, epileptic Japanese!
Mouse-dicked Jeps “Japan is our toilet!”… FUCK!
Pucking nation.. Chapan is a Pucking nation*4 (repeat 2x)
Hey, you defeated nation! (Hai!) You retards who waited in line to fuck our women (retard retard retard!)
Japanese girls, you are gross! I wouldn’t fuck you even if I had the chance! You’re a bunch of fixed up abominations!
You won’t even fuck dirty Korean pussy! We won’t touch your tiny cocks!
I am Korean! We are the master and you are the puppet!
Do you remember what our country gave to you before you were opened? (Do you remember?!)
Ancient sword! Ancient sword!
Your country’s treasure, and we gave it to you! Think of it next time you greet us! Kneel before us! (Hai!)
Thank us for letting you have it! (Hai!) Obey us forever! (Hai!) Pray to us in tears! (Hai!)
Pucking nation.. Chapan is a Pucking nation (repeat 2x)
Japs! will you bring all the people of your sinking nation to our beautiful yet tiny island Tokto? (Hai!)
Japs! You who took an A-bomb directly to one of your cities! Hiroshima BOMB! Nagasaki BOMB! Tokyo BOMB! Japan BOMB! BOMB BOMB BOMB! ← Starcraft sample “Nuclear Launch Detected!”
We’ll nuke your asses! We’ll nuke your asses!
HEY YOU! Remember Malta?? No, you didn’t learn about it? You retards, you never learned about it, did you?
North Korea is our country! We’ll get ahead of you, you Japs! We’ll show you how to piss!
Eat a cup! (Hai!) Drink this piss! (Hai!) Is that OK? It’s OK. Yeah, that’s right you retards! Go have a seizure! Barbarian Japs, epileptic Japanese!
Pucking nation.. Chapan is a Pucking nation*4 (repeat 2x)

Lyrics in Korean

-난 한국인
-와따시와 니홍진

-야. 너 I love You 해봐 (알 러 뷰)
-아니.. 아일 러브 유 해보라고
-이 병신아. 너 발음도 못하냐?
-너 정말 병신이냐?
-원래 너네 나라 다 병신이냐?
-하이 조센징
-오호 조.센.징.
-순신이형 (이순신 장군님 죄송합니다.) 저 쪽빠리 새끼가 ZAP(쨉)쓰는데
확 죽여버릴까? 응? 씨발? 개 좇만한 씹새끼들이~

~ 저기 zAPAN 사는 좇만한 씹새끼 ZAP쓰는 새끼 병신 빠가 새끼들
세계속에 왜놈이라 찍혔던 쪽바리 새끼들 쪽팔린 새끼들
지네 역사까지 속여? 속여? 속여? 그래 속여.. 속여.. 속여…
속여라 그래 이 씨발놈들아.
오죽이나 쪽팔리면 속여 쪽빠리니까 속여라
니 에미 에비 다 속여 에미 에비 다 속여
먹어? 이젠 니 에미를 먹어?
좋냐? 좋덴다. 아주 좋대요 병신 새끼들 아주 지랄을 해라

야만스런 ZAP 지랄같은 zAPANESE 쥐좇만한 ZAP,
zAPANESE IS OUR Toilet !!!!!!!


~ 어이 패전국~ 아리따우신 우리 아가씨 다리 앞에 수백명 줄서서 기다리고
기다리고 기다리던 병신들 병신들… …병신들…
zAPANESE GIRL 들이 졸라 맛없어 줘도 안먹어 뜯어 고친 못 난 년…
DIRTY KOREAN PUSSY들도 너네 안먹어 좇이 작어서 줘도 안먹어

~ 나는 백제 우린 종주국 나는 백제 니뽕의 종주국
미게했던 너희에게 줬던걸 기억하냐 칠.지.도.!!!!!!
니네 보물 우리가 줬던 하사품
모시고 절해. 앞에서 꿇어. 섬기고 절해. 영원히 꿇어. 울면서 빌어.
제또 에이 피 에이 에느 …. 병신


~ ZAP! 가라 앉을 너네 나라 무서워서 아름답고 조그만 우리섬
독도로 독도로 독도로 온 국민 손잡고 오고싶니?
ZAP! 거리에는 온통 핵맞은 폭탄들!!!

~야 너 마루타 알어? 니네 못배웠지? 병신 니넨 빠가라니까
북한은 원래 우리나라~ 중국도 앞장서서
니들 ZAP 못쓰게 오줌을 갈겨줄께
헉! 먹어? 이젠 이 오줌도 먹어?
좋냐? 좋덴다. 아주 좋대요 병신 새끼들 아주 지랄을 해라

야만스런 ZAP 지랄같은 ZAPANESE 쥐좇만한 ZAP,
zAPANESE IS OUR Toilet !!!!!!!


Lyrics in Japanese

ねずみのチン○のジェプJapan is our toilet!!「日本は我々のトイレ」…ファック!
ポッキンネイション(※8) チャパニセ(※9) ポッキンネイション(繰り返し×2)
使えて挨拶しな(ハイ)永遠に従え(ハイ)泣きながら祈れ(ハイ) Z ARROW A.P.A.M.U
ポッキンネイション チャパニセ ポッキンネイション(繰り返し×2)
ポッキンネイション チャパニセ ポッキンネイション(繰り返し×4)

If bringing attention to things like this means that some that dont want this kind of information disseminated call Occidentalism a ‘race hate site’, then so be it. I stand against racial hate, no matter how some people try to categorize my stance.

Czechs bite back

December 3rd, 2005 . by Matt

According to this article in Naver News, some Czechs have struck back at the Dokdo graffiti by writing ‘SRAC’ on the Korean flag, which apparently means ‘coward’ or ‘wimp’. The article reveals that the information was first released on a Japanese blog, and the people on the blog speculated that the Czechs felt anti Korean feeling for spoiling their cultural wall with base political statements. The article also reports that the Dokdo graffiti made Korean netizens feel happy.

Czechs write ‘Coward’ on the Korean flag – an unmistakable backlash. The kind of acts that make Koreans happy tend to offend non Koreans

Again, its hard to imagine the kind of mentality enjoys this kind of stuff. If my countrymen were doing the same kind of thing, I would cringe.

Dokdo antics in Prague

December 1st, 2005 . by Matt

When Koreans are not campaigning in India for Dokdo (Takeshima), they are trying to enlist the support of the people of the Czech Republic. How? By spraying their streets full of ‘Dokdo belongs to Korea’ graffiti.




The comments on the site I linked seem to be positive. Comments such as –

‘다음에 기회가 된다면 꼭 가봐야겟어요’
‘I will definately go there when I get the chance’

‘와.. 이거 하신 분 들 대단하네요~’
‘Wow… the people that did this are brilliant~’

I wonder why Koreans think that this kind of thing will help convince Czechs that Dokdo belongs to Korea. If it was my street being sprayed on, I would be very annoyed. Its like the time Koreans spammed ICQ with East Sea spam, annoying many users. It is a very, very strange mentality for me, one that I cannot understand or empathise with, despite my association with Koreans.

Lennon Wall
The historical wall before being defaced by Korean tourists

In forgot to add that the other ‘graffiti’ actually symbolizes the Czech Struggle for freedom against communist oppression, and is known as the ‘John Lennon Freedom Wall‘. These Koreans have defaced this historically significant wall for a selfish political statement.

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