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The Nora Challenge

July 31st, 2006 . by Matt

nora is kushibo's sock
Socks, anyone?

What do you do when you think that someone is using a sock?

According to wikipedia a sock is –

an additional account created by an existing member of an Internet community pretending to be a separate person.

Just the other day I banned a troll that had been banned before, and had 4 sock accounts here. Fortunately, I was on to him from the start, and was able to ban him in a couple of days.

OK, so what do you do when you think a blogger fairly well known for making comments on other blogs has a whole other blogging sock? You put what you think out there, and let the people decide! Yes, I am taking on the Nora Challenge.

The subjects in question are Kushibo and Nora Park. Here is my take on it – Kushibo and Nora are exactly the same person.

A background – Kushibo says he is an American of partial Korean ancestry (at various times he has claimed other ancestries as well – see below). He often writes apologist-for-Korea posts on his blog and in the comments section of other blogs. He is the head of the democrats overseas in Korea, and is anti-Bush.
Nora is a self proclaimed “lesbian-republican” American of Korean ancestry that writes apologist-for-Korea posts on ‘her’ blog and in the comments section of other blogs. She is anti-Bush.

Kushibo has been around for a while, so I dont think I need to mention him too much, but I first noticed Nora on the comments section of the Marmots Hole. My initial reaction to her coming on the Marmots and proclaiming that she was a lesbian-republican was, “this is bullsh*t”. Of course, I did not realise that Nora was Kushibo right away – that came later. I found that Nora had exactly the same prejudices as Kushibo, and hammered away at the same issues. On Marmots they wrote almost identically as well, except for one thing, which I will reveal shortly.

Anyway, lets get to it. Read these four quotes and ask yourself who wrote it –

Quote 1

who says the average south korean citizen doesn’t consider a north korean attack a possibility? don’t let the leftist demonstrations delude you into thinking the entire country feels that way.

Quote 2

one disturbing thing i’ve noticed about the discourse many non-koreans make about korea is the tendency to take a minority or partisan opinion and then attribute it to the entire country.

Quote 3

south korea returning to the chinese sphere of influence? i don’t think so. i think korea is jockeying for a better position within the rok-japan-usa triangle, but taking the plunge and joining the china camp is not going to happen.

korea looks down on china, while it feels it gets too little respect from the usa. all things considered, if korea were to ever be under another country (if that’s what it really is), it would rather be under the country from which it’s trying to get respect than the country upon which it looks down it nose.

Quote 4

mizarv, i think what you wrote was quite good. the left-wing agenda-driven media machine in korea has been depicting the 1999 treaty as an unfair agreement japan made while taking advantage of a korea weakened by the economic crisis (the so-called ‘imf crisis,’ as if the imf caused it).

i’m glad that the joongang ilbo (and hopefully others) is pointing that out.

If you thought it was classic Kushibo, you are wrong. It is his alter-ego, Nora. The difference between Kushibo’s and Nora’s writing is that Nora always made a point never to use any capitalization, while Kushibo capitalized normally. This gives a feeling of artificial difference between the writing of the two. Put capital letters there, and it is pure Kushibo. It should be noted that on ‘her’ own blog, Nora does use capitalization. It is only in other blogs where Kushibo is also commenting that we see no capital letters from Nora.

Kushibo and Nora have the same experiences.

Here is Nora commenting on marmot

i saw the original broadway cast of les miserables here twice. that was nice. also the original cast of cats (which i thought was overrated). they do need to bring better plays here.

Here is Kushibo on his blog

And everything is so accessible, whether it’s arts, shopping, entertainment, or whatever. I saw the Broadway cast of Les Miserables twice, for example, something I couldn’t have done back in Southern California

Really the only difference here is capitalization. This is the same person describing the same experience. Who among us cannot tell that Clark Kent is Superman?

They even hold the same email address.

Nora gives out her email address, which is [email protected]

The address is the same email address as the democrats abroad address (Kushibo’s DA address). What is “lesbian republican” Nora doing with Kushibo’s democrats abroad address? Are we expected to believe that they share mail addresses? Take a look for yourself! http://kr.democratsabroad.org/contacts/.

Kushibo starts off saying that he is of partial Korean ancestry, but then later claims that he is part Japanese as well. Nora starts off saying she is a Korean Kyopo from America (Kyopo = overseas Korean) but also starts claiming Japanese ancestry.

Nora claims she is part Japanese

kinda funny. some koreans i meet hear the exact same things i say here and think i hate korea and love japan and america because i’m part japanese (which is where sumi comes from) and i was born in california.

Kushibo says he is part Japanese

For starters, I’ve got Japanese blood.

He mentions it here too

The fact that I am very cautious about the Japanese right-wing does not make me a Japan basher (I’m part Japanese for criminy sake!).

Both of them describe themselves as being part Japanese when coming under attack for anti-Japanese comments.

In 2001 on Koreaweb, Kushibo signs himself off as T’NP. NP is the initials of Nora Park of course. In studying the mystery that is Kushibo, I have found that he has many names or assumed names. The NP initials are used by Kushibo, as well as Nora. Here Kushibo is called ‘Nate Kushibo’, and he claims that he is part of the Miryang Park clan. That is where the NP comes from. Nate Park = Nora Park. Note, I am not saying his legal name is Nate Park, just that it is at least one of his many assumed names.

Kushibo and Nora also mess up logins at other blogs. On at least one occasion ‘Nora’ logged in as Kushibo on marmots site, posted a comment with all uncapitalized letters. The excuse was that ‘she’ did not realize that Kushibo was a commenter on marmot.

whoops… that previous comment was supposed to be from me. i was using bo’s desktop and didn’t realise he was logged in. didn’t realise he ever logged in here.

Well, I guess that is one way of explaining it. Another way is that Kushibo forgot he was signed in as himself when he wanted to post as his sock, Nora.

That is the evidence. Now I will answer why I think he does it.

Coming up with all these various identities, ethnicities and sexual orientations is unfortunately an effective way to deflect criticism. People that are generally poor debaters need to rely on some sort of crutch, especially when they are critical of certain countries to the point of revealing their sense of racial grievance. A case in point – Here is the gravatar that Nora uses at the marmots hole, reproduced below.

Nora Park

This is an old WW2 poster of a Japanese soldier dragging away a woman to be raped. This is the gravatar that Nora uses while harping on about issues like the Yasukuni visits, Japan not apologising or compensating (or not apologising or compensating enough!), and so on. If Nora really had Japanese ancestry, that would be a very unlikey choice of gravatar. No, Nora allows Kushibo the ability to express ideas, like the crude image above, that he does not want to be personally associated with or attacked over. If people object then Nora will say she is part Japanese, and Kushibo will log in to drum up the illusion of support.

Nora is also there to bash President Bush. I demonstrated above that Nora’s email address was that of the Democrats abroad in Korea, of which Kushibo is the head man, and to whom the email address belongs. By creating a “lesbian republican” character that hates President Bush and bashes him continuously, I suppose he thinks he is causing some disruption to the republicans. I think many people will have noted the numerous times that Nora bashed President Bush, and by extension, the republican party, by starting off saying that she is a republican – again, just like the racial stuff, it is purely designed to deflect criticism.

Criticism for anti-American statements by Kushibo or Nora is also adroitly deflected by the same method. If you are able to identify anti-Americanism in what they are writing, then they say you are anti-Kyopo and start claiming that you are saying that only a white person can be an American. If you think that Nora sounds nothing like a republican in her criticism of President Bush, and it sounds like she is criticising from the left, you are anti-lesbian. Most of the people reading or writing these blogs are just average people that dont want to be seen breaking racial or identity politics taboos, and Kushibo/Nora cynically exploit this.

There… the Nora Challenge taken up in its fullness, although that was probably not the kind of challenge Kushibo/Nora expected. So… what did the people decide?

Kim Young-sam talks about Roh Moo-hyun

July 28th, 2006 . by Matt

Darin found an interesting Youtube video of a rare interview with former Korean President Kim Young-sam. In it he talks about Roh Moo-hyun and offers some surprising criticism.

Kim Young-sam
“He [Roh Moo-hyun] is an eccentric”

Kim Young-sam
“He hates America and Japan”

Kim Young-sam
“I made a big mistake bringing him into politics”

Kim Young-sam
“I did not think he would become President”

On the issue of Japanese citizens kidnapped by the North Korean regime, Kim Young-sam says that Roh has refused to meet with the families of the victims, and that if the President of South Korea were to meet with them, it would send a big message to the North. He said that he thinks that the order for the kidnapping came straight from Kim Jong Il, considering the power structure in North Korea. He also said it is up to Japan to use its power to force the North Korean regime to return the victims.

Kim Young-sam
“I think Japan should put economic sanctions on North Korea”

Kim Young-sam
“North Korea is relying heavily on Japan [economically]”

Kim Young-sam
“And they have Chosen Soren (General Association of Korean Residents in Japan) and that money goes to the North”

Kim Young-sam
“Its a huge amount of money”

The interview is in Japanese, and Kim Young-sam speaks it quite well. At 4 minutes and 30 seconds into the video, you can see a coherent President Bush talk about the North Korean kidnappings, so just fast forward to that if you cannot understand Japanese.

What former President Kim Young-sam says about Roh is nothing really new to any of us, but having it confirmed by an insider is most instructive.

The lies of the Dokdo Museum

July 26th, 2006 . by Matt

Lots of Korean school children go to the Dokdo Museum and are indoctrintated into thinking that Korea has a close historical affinity with Takeshima/Dokdo. The Dokdo Museum presents a whole lot of smoke and mirror ‘evidence’ to support its claims and even fabricates evidence. I have heard Dokdo be referred to as Korea’s ‘big lie‘, and with the exception way the Japanese administrative period is described, I am inclined to agree. Below is a Youtube video showing the Dokdo Museum doctoring old maps.

As you can see, there are two islands there, and the Dokdo Museum switched their locations around. They did this because Koreans claim that 于山島 (Usando) is the old name of Dokdo, but because in the map Usando is closer to the Korean mainland than 鬱陵島 (Ullengdo), it couldnt possibly be Dokdo, so they changed the islands around.

This is all the Korean claim to Dokdo/Takeshima is, in my opinion. All smoke and mirrors. Korea has yet to produce a Korean map has Dokdo/Takeshima in it before 1905, when Japan formally claimed the island. Clear Japanese maps with Dokdo/Takeshima in its correct position have existed for hundreds of years, as do records of Japanese fisherman and seal hunters using the island. Korea on the other hand does not have any maps or records, except the ones presented at places like the Dokdo Museum, and they are simply misrepresentations of other places.

Most Koreans are totally unaware that Korea lacks evidence in regards to Dokdo/Takeshima, and the Korean media will never expose the fraud of the Dokdo Museum, or suggest that the Korean claim to Dokdo/Takeshima is any less than ironclad. Because of this some Koreans do silly things like chop off their fingers or eat foreign flags.

Occidentalism is here to set the record straight.

Foreign Friends

July 26th, 2006 . by Matt

I found a funny commercial on Youtube called ‘foreign friends’ encouraging non English speakers to be pro-active in learning English.

Of course, the flip side of this is an increase in the number of the dreaded ‘Language Rapists‘ that torment their native English speaker ‘foreign friends’ the world over, but particularly in East Asia.

America’s next top model

July 26th, 2006 . by Matt

I dont know if this is funny or not (I watched it but did not laugh). A friend of mine reports that it is hilarious, though, and since I have not had post in the funny category in a while, here is Korean-American model Gina making a bunch of contradictory statements.

Racist Comments

July 25th, 2006 . by Matt

If it was not apparent yet, it should be now looking at the development of the comments on this post that the racist comments have to stop. I have tried to be tolerant, and give warnings to stop, figuring that the racist comments are the result of frustration more that anything else. However, now people that I respect are saying that wading through the racist rubbish on the comments section is a chore and sometimes hurtful, so I am now going to be zero tolerance towards racist comments. I wont even give a warning first.

If you are not clear about what constitutes racist comments, then look at the link above.

The majority of commenters on Occidentalism are showing an excellent standard of behavior. It is a few bad apples that are spoiling the whole bunch. It is my intention, and always has been, to provide a place where people can engage in civilized debate. My first approach did not work. This one will, I believe.

Korea not 5000 years old

July 22nd, 2006 . by Matt

NK space station
A North Korean space station used against the allies in the Korean War.

Korea is not 5000 years old, it is 9203 years old according to (Korean American?) North Korea apologist Lee Wha Rang writing for the ‘Association For Asian Research’.

The first Korean nation, Han-gook (also pronounced whan-gook, 桓國), was established in 7,197 BC and lasted 3,301 years. According to an archive recently discovered (桓檀古記), this nation was made of 12 tribes in the region of Lake Baikal in Siberia. About 5000-10,000 years ago, the climate in Siberia began to cool down and people from this nation began to move out in several directions. One group, sumiri (수밀이 須密爾 — called the Sumerians by the Westerners), migrated to Mesopotamia and established the Ur, Urk, Lagash, Umma and other city states. The Sumerians had dark hair and share a common linguistic origin with the Koreans.

Lee Wha Rang repeats the claim that Chinese characters and Oriental medicine was invented by Koreans, not Chinese.

The king of Han-gook dispatched about 3,000 colonists to the area around Mt. Baiktu, which was inhabited by primitive tribes – the Tiger and the Bear tribes. The Han colonists subdued these tribes and established a new nation, Bai-dal (배달국 倍達國, also called 구리 九黎 and 한웅 桓雄 in Chinese chronicles) in 3,898 BC. This new nation occupied much of Manchuria and expanded into China: at its peak, Bai-dal occupied Habook, Hanam, Shantung, Gangso, Ahnwhi, and Julgang provinces of China. Its culture flourished: creation of ‘Chinese’ characters, codification of the Oriental medicine, advances in farming methods, and other innovations commonly attributed to the Chinese. The Bai-dal kingdom lasted 1565 years under 18 kings.

Koreans are also claiming that the printing press, Samurai and Bushido, Karate, Judo, Aikido, Sushi, the Japanese flower Sakura, all originate from Korea. Although some people may comment that most Koreans do not think that, I have found in my personal life that a great many Koreans express these sentiments, and think that anything to be found in Japan is thought to have originated in Korea.

Go ahead and read the rest for youself – Lee Wha Rang is unintentionally hilarious.

Bloggers Report

July 20th, 2006 . by Matt

bloggers report

A new report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project called ‘Bloggers‘ contains some interesting information about bloggers in the US. It looks at the age groups of bloggers, ethnicity, how they compare in educational levels to Americans that do not blog, what motivates bloggers, and so on.

If you have wondered about bloggers, or are a blogger yourself, by all means, take a look at the report.

Dokdo or Takeshima? Let’s discuss it.

July 18th, 2006 . by Gerry-Bevers

On January 8, 1905, Japan officially claimed Liancourt Rocks as Japanese territory and changed the name of the islets to “Takeshima.” Up until then, no other country had claimed the islets, which were little more than two large barren rocks sticking up out of the Sea of Japan. Also, no country disputed Japan’s claim to the islets until just after World War II, when newly elected Korean President Syngman Rhee claimed that the rocks were called “Dokdo” and were part of Korean territory. Rhee seems to have been attempting to grab as much territory as possible from its former ally, Japan, after her defeat by the United States and her allies. After the United States refused to recognize Korea’s claim to the islets, Korea simply took them and has occupied them ever since, in spite of protests from Japan and appeals from the US to take the issue to the International Court of Justice.

With little or no historical maps or documents to support her claim to the islets, Korea still refuses to take the issue to the International Court of Justice, seemingly knowing what the outcome would be. Instead of admitting that her claim is weak, Korean authorities say their reason for refusing to go to the court is that their claim to the islets is “undisputed,” which is ridiculous since even Korean President Roh Mu-hyun has threatened Japan with “diplomatic war” if Japan continues to refuse to accept Korea’s claim to the islets.

With little hope of winning the islets in a court of law, Korea seems to have decided on a strategy that involves using bluster, threats, propaganda, and smoke-and-mirror arguments to persuade Koreans and the ignorant masses of the world to accept her claim to the islets. Korea seems to be hoping that songs, chants, hyperbole, loud proclamations, and media hype will be enough to convince people, but if not, Korean authorities seem willing to silence opposing views by shouting them down, shutting down Web sites, restricting books, and discrediting opponents.

Even though I want people to know the truth, unweaving the web of lies and half-truths that surround “Dokdo/Takeshima” requires more time than I am willing to spend on one post. Instead, I want the comments section of this post to act as a meeting place where evidence can be presented and issues can be discussed. I am hoping that the discussion will be as lively as it was in a previous post on the subject because discussion seems to be the fastest way to the truth.

See you in the discussion section 

Asia-Watch on Sea of Japan

July 18th, 2006 . by Matt

Sea of Japan
The Sea of Japan

Asia-Watch has reported on a Korean newspaper article that pretty much sums up the Korean case for opposition to calling the Sea of Japan the Sea of Japan. In short, Koreans want the sea that Japan separates from the Pacific Ocean to be called anything but the Sea of Japan, without insisting on calling the sea the East Sea, or the Korean Sea.

Asia-Watch sums it up well, writing –

While the artitcle may appear reasonable, it is not. The only country in the world that has a problem with the name “Sea of Japan” are Koreans. It has already been clearly proven that widespread international usage of that name predates Japanese imperialism and has nothing to do with Japan’s colonial occupation of Korea. Korea’s campaign to force a name change is entirely by hatred of seeing Japan’s name on a map, and no reasonable country should be forced to change their maps because Koreans don’t like the Japanese. The only acceptable solution to this issue is for Koreans to stop their ridiculous campaign to force foreign countries to stop calling the “Sea of Japan” by its internationally recognized name.

That hits the nail on the head. The whole naming ‘issue’ about the Sea of Japan is more about Japan bashing by Korea than anything else. Fortunately, most people overseas have the good sense to see through this nonsense.

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