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Update: My school will not be rehiring me.

December 30th, 2006 . by Gerry-Bevers

For those who are interested, I was informed by E-mail on December 23rd that my university, where I have worked for the past six years, would not be rehiring me as an English instructor. I may have more to say about his later, but for now I will just post the letter that I received from my department head:

게리 선생님께

어제 교무처장에게 다시 전화해서 선생님과의 계약문제를 빨리 결정해달라고 재촉했습니다.  오늘 아침 총장, 처장들이 참석하는 회의에서 선생님과의 계약문제를 의논한 결과   다시 계약하지 않는 것으로 결정을 냈다고 합니다. 제가  교무처장으로부터 연락을 받은 것이 오전 11시 쯤인데, 그때 제가 학회참석 때문에 대전행 기차안에 있어서 바로 연락 못드렸습니다. 조금 전에야 집에 도착해서 연락드립니다. 제 생각에는 아무래도 독도 문제로 인해 학교에서 이런 결정을 내린 것 같습니다.  이런 소식 전하게 되어서 저도 마음이 좋지 않습니다.

Teacher Gerry,

Yesterday, I called again to the Dean of Academic Affairs and urged him to quickly make a decision on your contract problem. This morning, at a meeting attended by the president and the deans of the school, your contract problem was discussed, and it was decided that your contract would not be renewed. I was informed by the Dean of Academic Affairs at about 11 a.m. At the time I was on a train to Daejeon to attend an academic meeting, so I could not contact you right away. I am contacting you now after having arrived home just a little while ago. I think there is little doubt that the school made this decision because of the Dokdo problem. It also hurts me to have to relay this news.

I added the red text for emphasis.

Times Watch on Norimitsu Onishi

December 26th, 2006 . by Matt

Normitsu Onishi’s articles about Japan are disturbing and misleading. My first run in with Onishi’s articles were with his misleading review of Kenkanryu, comic that he had obviously never read. Now Onishi tries to paint concern about people that were kidnapped on from Japan, and taken to North Korea as a “right wing” issue, as if people would not be concerned about the safety of their countrymen, or indeed their own safety.

In Onishi’s version of Japan, the “right wing” is a powerful group either running the country or secretly running the country from behind the scenes. The reality is that the “right wing” in Japan is a marginalized group that is unable to get the media to present its positions. The “right wing” use black vans equipped with loudspeakers to get their message across because they have virtually no voice in politics or the media.

Here is an article from Times Watch about Onishi’s reporting of the abduction issue. I hope they continue to keep an eye on this very biased reporter.

Dangerous Japanese “Right Wingers” vs. North Korean “Leader” Kim Jong-il

“Right-wing” Japanese critics of North Korea insist on making a big deal about that little abduction-of-its-citizens thing. Scary!

Posted by:
Clay Waters

12/21/2006 12:09:34 PM

Asia-based correspondent Norimitsu Onishi doesn’t seem to appreciate criticism of the unhinged dictatorship of North Korea, whether it’s coming from Christian conservatives or even North Korea defectors.


This weekend it was Japanese “rightists” singled out for oblique criticism in Onishi’s “Japan Rightists Fan Fury Over North Korea Abductions.”


“The Japanese government’s posters show the map of a blood-red North Korea blotting out the eyes of a Japanese teenager. They hint darkly that this country’s youth are at risk and urge Japanese to open their eyes to the threat from North Korea.”

“The posters were on prominent display at a rally this week to call attention to Japanese abducted by North Korea three decades ago and who, Japan says, are still held there.”

Where else would they be held — if they’re still alive?

“The people who usually show up at such events — family members, their supporters, members of right-wing organizations — waited for a special first-time guest: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. ‘We can never compromise on the abduction issue,’ Mr. Abe told the crowd. ‘I swear that my administration will tackle this as its top priority.’

Onishi seems puzzled as to why Japan can’t just forgive and forget: “Outside Japan, the abductions may have played out long ago, after North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-il, admitted four years ago that the crimes had occurred and returned five survivors. But here, they are still a burning issue, kept alive in the news media every day by nationalist politicians and groups that pound at the topic as firmly as their cherished goals, such as jettisoning the pacifist Constitution and instilling patriotism and moral values in schools.

Those “rightists” sure seem scary in Onishi’s over-dramatic telling (although one does seem to have taken things way too far).

“The highly emotional issue has contributed to silencing more moderate voices who expose themselves to physical harm or verbal threats from the right wing….The issue has silenced Japanese moderates critical of the government’s overall hawkish domestic and foreign policies.

“One exception, Koichi Kato, a senior lawmaker in Mr. Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party, has been an outspoken critic of hard-line policies toward Asia and of the resurgent nationalism in Japan. In August, a right-wing official angered by Mr. Kato’s comments burned down his family home before trying unsuccessfully to commit hara-kiri.”

Notice that after all these unflattering labels for Japanese critics of the North Korean dictatorship, the only label he offers up for North Korea’s tyrant Kim Jong-il is “leader.”

Merry Christmas

December 23rd, 2006 . by Gerry-Bevers

It will not be a very merry Christmas for me because I was told the day before yesterday that my school will not be renewing my contract. I have been upset and disgusted for the past two days, but I have decided that for Christmas and the day before Christmas, I do not want to think about it and want to try to have good thoughts, instead.

There are many good things in life, and it is silly for me to waste my Christmas thinking about the close-minded people at my school. Therefore, I have been looking on the Internet for things to make me smile and found the following video clip of a girl who appears to be of Filipino ancestry doing impressions of her family. I love this girl. I hope she makes your Christmas happy, too.

Mixed Nuts

Youtube Profile page of Christine, the producer of the “Happy Slip” videos.

If you are still feeling lonely and depressed, watch This Happy Slip Video. It may cheer you up and remind you of the really important things in life.

Why I do not bother to debate in Korean with Koreans anymore

December 22nd, 2006 . by Matt

In the early days of Occidentalism, I would reply to Korean commenters that commented in Korean in their language. However I have not done that for along time, until the other day when a Korean commenter over at the marmots hole was advocating the expulsion of foreigners from Korea, writing that foreigners have “drug parties” and “sleep with Korean girls” (ie, rape) at these parties.

For evidence he offered up an article of an Irish English teacher being busted for marijuana possession, and a foreigners party in Seoul that caused the so-called ‘English Spectrum scandal’.

He was writing in Korean, and dogbert and I answered him in Korean. I think I made excellent points that totally debunked his argument. However, now he is no longer commenting about it, and that made me remember why I do not debate with Koreans in Korean anymore – it is because once you have made a excellent point, they disappear, and you never get any satisfaction for the time and effort that it took writing in what is for me a third language.

Here is the exchange. I think it will be interesting for those that can understand Korean. The Korean is uhoooooo, I am using my nom de plume ‘shakuhachi’, and dogbert is dogbert of course.


황당한 소리들만 하고 있네.
죄형법정주의 몰라요?
한국법에서도 포르노 보는 것은 죄가 아닙니다.
한국에서 포르노 보는 것이 죄라고 도대체 누구에게서 들은 겁니까?

포르노물 찍어서 올리는 것 자체는 범죄가 캐나다법으로 범죄가 아니지만, 그 사람은 하드코어 포르노물을 누구나 접근하여 볼 수 있게 하였습니다. 캐나다법으로도 명백한 범죄입니다. 대체 누가 범죄 아니라고 하던가요? 법전 좀 찾아보고 말을 하든가.

사이버 테러니 그러는데 신체의 은밀한 부분까지 누구나 보라고 오히려 광고하고 다녔는데, 무슨 사이버 테러입니까.

여기는 제대로 된 학교에서 제대로 된 교육을 받은 외국인은 오지 않는 겁니까.

덧글이 이렇게나 달리는 글이라면 최소한의 사전 조사 정도는 한 글이어야 할텐데, 이렇게 엉터리 소리나 하고 있고…
제발 공부 좀 하세요. 허튼 소리 하지 말고.


건방 좀 그만 떨었으면 합니다. 당신 모르시는 남들의 교육에 대해서 신경 쓰지 말고 VANK으로 다시 돌아가시죠.



건방 떨지 않게 좀 해주지 그러십니까.
기본의 기본도 안 되어 있으니 이런 반응 나오지요.

포르노 보는 것이 불법이라느니, 같이 어울리는 한국인 무리들에게서 들었나. ^^ 혹시 한국인들에게서 들었다면 그 한국인들 수준도 참…^^ 역시 수준 맞춰서 끼리끼리 노는구나.^^

요즘 캘리포니아 주 경찰들이 매춘 하는 여성들 잡느라
바쁘더군요. 가끔 할리우드 스타들 매춘하다 걸려서 매스콤에 나오죠. 야외에서 음란한 짓으로 걸렸나. 휴 그랜트. 더 많은데 대표적인 한 사람만 들죠.

포르노를 찍고, 포르노 사이트를 운영하고, 어린이들마저 볼 수 있게 샘플비디오를 개방했으며, 그 샘플비디오들은 하드코어였습니다. 그러나, 불구속에 고작 벌금 정도 나올 예정이랍니다. 앞의 부분은 뒤져봐야겠지만, 제가 말한 이상은 되지 않을 겁니다. 미국이나 캐나다였다면 이것으로 그치지 않았을 것입니다. 휠씬 더 시끄러웠을 거라구요. 세상에 하드코어 포르노 배우하면서 영어 강사라니.
안 그래도 캐나다 출신의 마약파티하는 영어강사들, 한국 와서 한국 여자들과 돌려 자는 영어강사들 때문에 말이 많은데.


“안 그래도 캐나다 출신의 마약파티하는 영어강사들, 한국 와서 한국 여자들과 돌려 자는 영어강사들 때문에 말이 많은데.”

uhoooooo, can we get some proof of this statment? I mean, can you show a pattern of this happening? Or even happening once?

주장에 대한 증거가 있습니까? 증거가 없으면 단지 인종차별 망언이에요.


인종 차별적이지는 않고 특정국에 대한 편견이 있군요. 인정합니다. 열받은 상태에서 나온 과도한 발언이었습니다.
최근에 벌어진 초등학교 마약 사건의 당사자인 원어민 영어교사는 아일랜드이었습니다. 하도 캐나다인 말을 많이 듣다 보니 일어난 혼동이었습니다. ^^;;; ㅅ깊이 사과드리면서 너그러운 마음으로 이해해주시기를 바랍니다.
그러나, ‘캐나다인’ 부분을 제외하고는 그 증거는 많은 것으로 보입니다. 아래를 참고하시길.

VANK가 뭔가 하였더니 수상한 사이트 이름 내지 단체 이름이군요. 관심없는 곳.

@ all

http://media.paran.com/snews/newssearch.php?Query=%BF%B5%BE%EE+%B8%B6% BE%E0&dir=

위에나 아니면 코리아헤럴드 같은 곳 참고하시고.
한국법은 미국법이나 캐나법, 영국법 등에 비하여 훨씬 경하고 경하게 집행이 되고 있습니다. 캐나다 등에서라면 징역을 살 일에 대해서 한국에서라고 마구 말씀들 하시는데 듣기 불편하군요. 한국에 대한 욕으로 받아들여서가 아니라 사실에 근거하지 않은 판단이라서 그런 겁니다.
http://dailytelegraph.news.com.au/story.jsp?sectionid=1268&storyid=289 9441
하나의 예입니다.
이것 말고도 많은데 저의 예전 블로그가 고물이라서 검색이 귀찮군요. (꼭 이렇게 예를 들어가면서 해야 하나 짜증도 납니다. 당신들도 신문 읽으실텐데 말입니다.)

제가 일본 소설을 하나 읽었는데, 기억을 더듬어 보면, 개인의 집에서 대마초 비스무리 한 걸 피우고 노는데(나중에 섹스로 이러지든 어떻든) 경찰이 들이닥쳐서 체포해가더군요. 죄목이 대마초 그런 걸이 아니라 다른 것이었던 같은데, 이 부분에 대해서 작가가 정확하게 기술해 줄 리가 없으니 넘기고, 여튼 개인의 집에서 일어난 일이라는데 그렇답니다.

눈요기로 한국의 한 클럽입니다.

캐나다에서 돌아온 포르노 영어강사에 대한 글입니다. 새로울 내용은 없습니다.



Uhuru, I’m glad to hear that my assumption was wrong and you have no association with or interest in VANK. Just as I have no interest in Canada or teaching English to Koreans. Or taking drugs, for that matter.

However, my assumption is understandable, given that VANK is a group of Koreans, like you, who are convinced that non-Koreans “lack education” and “misunderstand Korea’s special situation”.


“인종 차별적이지는 않고 특정국에 대한 편견이 있군요. 인정합니다. 열받은 상태에서 나온 과도한 발언이었습니다.
최근에 벌어진 초등학교 마약 사건의 당사자인 원어민 영어교사는 아일랜드이었습니다. 하도 캐나다인 말을 많이 듣다 보니 일어난 혼동이었습니다. ^^;;; ㅅ깊이 사과드리면서 너그러운 마음으로 이해해주시기를 바랍니다.
그러나, ‘캐나다인’ 부분을 제외하고는 그 증거는 많은 것으로 보입니다. 아래를 참고하시길.”

I looked the link you provided, and saw the case you described. However, this case involving an Irish man is a simple case of drug possession. In your original comment you wrote that the English teachers have drug parties and imply drugs are used to sleep with Korean women. However, nothing you have provided has shown that to be happening.

uhoooooo씨, 참고 린크가 참고에 되었습니다만, 역시 마약 파티와 전혀 관계가 없었습니다. 기리고 한국인 여성을 마약 파티에 초대 하여 , 섹스 시키는 증거도 없습니다. 마약 하는 것은 불법 행위 라고 누구나 인정 하죠. 그러나 한국인 여성과 동의로 섹스 하는 것은 합법 입니다.

많은 외국인은 한국인 여성과 동의로 교제하고 있습니다. 마약이나 강간으로 섹스 시키는 외국인은 정말로 극소수의 사람이지요. 한국인 남성이 하는 성폭행 보다 많다고 생각하십니까?

정말로 답장을 읽고 싶습니다.

The other example you provide of the woman doing the porno is a Korean Canadian (a Korean immigrant to Canada), in Korea with a visa only available to people that are of the Korean race. You could say that she was in Korea because Korea has a racial policies favoring those that are ethnically Korean over people of other races. Also, it is funny that you were talking about “Canadians” and pointing fingers at specific races, but when it came to the ethnic Korean you started talking about “native speakers”. I mean, come on!


마약 관련해서는 여기, http://news.naver.com/search/search.naver?where=nns&rcsection=&query=% B8%B6%BE%E0+%BF%B5%BE%EE+%B0%AD%BB%E7 ,
넘치는데요. 대마초나 기타 환각물질까지 검색하면 더 나올텐데 귀찮네요, 이미 위의 링크에서도 자료 충분해 보이구요. -_-; . 제가, 그 아리리쉬 한 사람을 이전의 다른 마약사건이나 좋지 않은 사건의 캐나다인들과 관련하여서 잘못 연결지어 저지른 실수라고 말씀드렸습니다. 위의 ‘캐나다인들’은 ‘영미권 국가에서 온 사람들’로 고치겠습니다. 물론, 그 중에서도 일부의 사람들이지요. 어쨋든 영미권에서 넘어온 한국계나 영미권 사람들들이 마약하는 일로 걸린 일이 꽤 보이지 않습니까.

강간,은 왜 나오는지,
여자 문제야 이것, http://www.law4u.net/tech/board.php?board=trivia&command=body&no=19 . 이 정도로 충분하지 않나요?
한국남자들은 오지 못하게 하고 한국여성들만 입장시켜서는 저런다면서요? 당연히, 친분 있는 아니면 잔신부름이나 아니면 파티를 주관하는 몇 한국인은 입장하겠지요. 미국에서 한국 남자들이 저래 봐. 무슨 일이 일어날지 -_-;
이것도 너무 말이 많아서 탈인데, 증거를 적시하라고 다그치시니 입이 안 떨어지네요. 그 쪽 돌아가는 사정은 저보다 휠씬 잘 아실 것 같은데.

인종차별이 아니고 출신국가에 대한 선입관이랄까 편견이 작용한 것이고 이에 대한 해명은 이미 위에서 하였습니다.
그리고, 혹여 (인종이 아닌 출신국에 의한)선입관이 제게 있다 하여도, 이미 백인 남성들은 한국인들, 특히 한국 여성들에게서 충분하다 못해 지나치다 할 환대를 받고 있으니, 그에 대한 약간의 반동이 있는 것은 지렛대의 원리상 당연한 일 아니겠습니까.


“당신 모르시는 남들의 교육에 대해서 신경 쓰지 말고””
like you, who are convinced that non-Koreans “lack education” and “misunderstand Korea’s special situation”.


너무 얼토당토 아니한 말씀을 먼저 하시고 그 얼토당토 않은 말을 기초호 하여 글타래가 이어지고 있으니 제가 상기와 같은 반응을 하지 않을 수 있었겠습니까. 그런데, ‘한국에 대한 오해’ 부분은 관심사가 아닌데, 정말로.

요런 인물, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ken_Jennings
그 외 많은 인물이 있었는데 어찌 한국 거주 외국인들을 괄세할 수가 있나요^^;

그러나, 진짜 정말 열받게도 한국의 형은 미국이나 영국에 비하여 가볍습니다. 거기다 조금 우는 척 하고 잉.잉.잉.거리고 여자면 세상 정말 살기 좋은 나라입니다. 물론, 어떤 가난한 최소하의 자존심을 지키려는 어쩌다 범죄의 길로 한 번 들어선 사람에게는 가혹하지만요. 그러니, 제발 남의 나라 법에 대해서 헛소리 좀 그만 ~~~~


I’ll tell you what, uhuru.

When Koreans living in the U.S. stop working as whores by the thousands, stop slaughtering bears for their gall bladders, and stop being traitors (Michael Chang, Robert Kim), we foreigners will stop inviting all-to-willing Korean women to party in Hongdae.



자꾸 엉뚱한 말씀을.
전혀 다른 상황이잖습니까.

한국인들이 미국에 가서 일반적으로 그토록이나 환대받던가요?
홍대에서 한국 남자 오지 마라 한국 여자들만 와라 그러고서
서양인 남성이면 xx하는 한국 여자들 불러놓고 저게 뭡니까.

–;;; 사진 좀 보세요. 당신이 어느 나라 사람인지 모르겠지만 어느 나라든간에 본국에 있을 때 저렇게 놀았습니까.

미국에 가서 범법행위를 한 사람들은 그 나라 법에 따라서 충분히 벌을 받겠지요. 미국 FBI가 열심히 잡고 있다면서요. 누가 거기에 대해서 이의를 제기히던가요. 그들이 미국 법에 대하하여 “(있지도 않은 미국법을 가지고)이런 멍청한 법이 다 있네” 누가 우리를 신고하는 거야 이랬다던가요. 미국 정부를 싸잡아서 비난했다던가요. 그리고, 위에서 당신들은 캐나다인 포르노 배우 출신 강사에 대하여 우호적인 것 같은데.


“홍대에서 한국 남자 오지 마라 한국 여자들만 와라 그러고서
서양인 남성이면 xx하는 한국 여자들 불러놓고 저게 뭡니까.”

제가 올린 글에 그런 의미는 없다니깐요. 영어를 제대로 해석할 줄 모르시나 싶어서 제가 앞으로 한국어로 답을 써야겠네요.


“강간,은 왜 나오는지,
여자 문제야 이것, http://www.law4u.net/tech/board.php?board=trivia&command=body&no=19 . 이 정도로 충분하지 않나요?
한국남자들은 오지 못하게 하고 한국여성들만 입장시켜서는 저런다면서요? 당연히, 친분 있는 아니면 잔신부름이나 아니면 파티를 주관하는 몇 한국인은 입장하겠지요. 미국에서 한국 남자들이 저래 봐. 무슨 일이 일어날지 -_-;”

그 파티에는 한국 남자 금지 아니었습니다. 한국 남성을 자유스럽게 입장 시켰어요. 게다가 한국 남성도 그 파티에서 재미 있게 시간을 보냈다고 들었습니다.

사진을 잘 보면 작게 한국 남성의 얼굴을 볼 수 있습니다. 한국 남성이 있고, 참가하고, 놀았습니다. 물론 인종의 혼란을 시키고 싶은 네티즌이 그 사실을 알리고 싶지 않습니다. 그리고 그 파티의 내용에 관해서는, 네티즌등은 “섹스 파티” 라고 설명했는데 그 것은 왜곡된 내용 입니다. 실은 사진에 있는 여성들이 파티의 근무하는 여성 이었습니다. 외설인 행위는 이벤트의 전략이며 한국 여성만 아니라 다국의 서양 여성도 참가했습니다. 이 주장의 검증에 대해서 다시 사진을 보세요.

키포인트는 한국 남성도 외국 남성도 모두 있고, 한국 여성과 외국 여성이 남성의 성욕망의 대상이 되었습니다. 어떤 나라라도 섹스에 어필하면 티켓을 팔려 자르는군요. 그러나 한국의 네티즌이나 매스컴은 내용을 왜곡해 국민을 자극 시키고 당신 처럼 분노하시는 사람이 많겠지요.

다시 물어보지만, 정말로 외국 남성 하는 성폭행은 한국 남성 하는 성폭행 보다 자주 있는 현상이라고 생각합니까? 특별히 외국 남성을 지적하니까 구체적인 답장을 원합니다.

I hope someone besides me and dogbert is reading this, because there is an interesting discussion going on here.

That is it. I made the salient points about the issue, and then the Korean commenter runs away from the discussion. This does not just happen occasionally, but almost always happens with Korean commenters commenting in Korean. That is why I am not going to debate in Korean anymore.

Woman complains to police about bad crack

December 20th, 2006 . by Matt

Is this a case for legalizing, regulating, and taxing drugs?

A NORTH Carolina woman was arrested after she complained to a police officer about a batch of “bad” crack cocaine she bought.

Eloise Reaves, 50, approached a police officer last Friday in the parking lot of a convenience store in Putnam County and told him she had been sold poor quality crack and wanted his help getting her money back, police said.

“She then took the crack from out of her mouth and placed it on the trunk of Deputy Pedrick’s patrol car,” the police said.

The sheriff’s deputy, Jeffery Pedrick, warned Ms Reaves that if the substance tested positive, she would be arrested.

After a test came back positive, Ms Reaves said the crack was a poor mix of wax and cocaine and that the man who sold it to her should give her money back.

She was arrested and booked into the local jail on $US1504 ($1917) bond, and has since been released.

Police also searched the man Ms Reaves accused of selling her the crack, but found no drugs or money on him, they said.

This purveyor of bad crack probably does not have many repeat customers. Even for crack dealers, customer satisfaction is paramount.

Six million for boosted libido after accident

December 19th, 2006 . by Matt

Six million is pretty good coin.

A devout Christian who said an accident at work boosted his libido and wrecked his marriage as he turned to prostitutes and pornography has been awarded nearly $6 million) in damages.

Stephen Tame, 29, from Suffolk in England, suffered severe head injuries in a fall, transforming him from a loyal newlywed into a “disinhibited” character who had two affairs.

He was in a coma for two months after falling from a gantry while working at a bicycle warehouse shortly after his marriage in January 2002. Doctors said it was a miracle he survived.

Awarding him £3.1 million($5.89 million) in compensation at London’s High Court on Tuesday, Judge Michael Harris said: “His life and the life of his young wife were shattered.”

With six million he can see many, many more prostitutes.

VANK identifies Occidentalism as a “problem site”

December 19th, 2006 . by Matt

Occidentalism has been identified as a “problem site” on VANK’s notice board, and it says that Occidentalism needs to be “dealt with”. Since I do not work in Korea, they can not come after me like the netizens did to Gerry Bevers.

Strangely Occidentalism and ASIA-WATCH is called a “white supremacist” site without giving any reason for it. Ironically at the same time I have been attacked by white supremacists for “advocating” inter racial dating.

If VANK has a problem with Occidentalism, I invite them to come and discuss the issues here. I welcome opposing views and I am prepared to discuss the facts of the issues with VANK.

So come on, VANK. Lets talk about the issues.

Korean scientists produce three female dog clones

December 18th, 2006 . by Darin

Korean scientists produce three female dog clones

A team of scientists at Seoul National University‘s college of veterinary medicine said yesterday they have successfully produced three female dog clones, named “Bona,” “Peace” and “Hope.”

The team, led by doctors Lee Byeong-chun and Kim Dae-yong, said the three are the first female canine clones created for reproductive purposes.

The team’s achievement was featured on the Dec. 14 internet edition of the “Theriogenology,” a renowned international journal of animal reproduction.

What, no parade this time? No but seriously, you have to give credit to the Korean government for having the smarts to realize that government funding for cloning is not the problem, but that government funding for dishonest cheaters is.

Or perhaps I spoke to soon. The Associated Press (via CNN) remembered the name Lee Byeong-chun and wasn’t as willing to ignore all the minor details in the interest of praising the accomplishment.

An ex-collaborator of disgraced South Korean scientist Hwang Woo-suk claimed Monday that he succeeded in cloning a female dog after last year’s breakthrough of creating the world’s first cloned dog, which was male.

Apparently Lee is still awaiting a trail verdict and “[i]f he is sent to prison, he could lose his job as professor of the top South Korean university.” Which really would be a shame because the fact of the matter is Lee was the main scientist of the team that lead to ‘Snuppy’, the world’s first cloned dog. Which at least for me is enough to give Lee the benefit of the doubt on this latest accomplishment until it is confirmed by other scientific teams.

Abe Support Falling — 6-Way Talks

December 17th, 2006 . by Darin

Abe Cabinet support sinks to 47%

He started with upper 70’s when elected/confirmed. TV news reports two reasons for the lack of support being: “unclear understanding of what his plan is” and “don’t sense leadership ability”.

To be honest, I don’t fully understand Abe’s plans all that well either. I bought his book and have read half-way through it looking for answers, but didn’t find what I was looking for before being overcome with school work (which is keeping me from posting amongst many other things). As for his leadership abilities, it’s hard to say.

Abe’s biggest selling point was solving the kidnapping problems with North Korea. He was very much involved in the original ground breaking exchange that got our friend Jenkins out of the Slave’s Worker’s Paradise — expectations were high. However with North Korea demanding Japan not even participate in the 6-party talks, it’s very difficult for Japan to push the issue without worrying about actually being excluded from the discussion, if not officially excluded from the talks all together.

Sadly, as Japanese delegate to the 6-Party talks Kenichiro Sasae puts it, “pretty much the only countries [in the world(?)] that care about human rights issues such as kidnapping are America and Japan.” (Can’t find online source, quote taken from TV news.) We all know the South Korean government has consistently turned a blind eye for the last 50 years.

For his part, Aso said to the North Koreans, “even if we clean up this nuclear mess, don’t be looking to Japan to carry any of your financial burden until we get this kidnapping issue dealt with.” That a boy.

The Metropolitician takes on the Korean media

December 16th, 2006 . by Matt

metro as a white woman
A Korean newspaper shows the Metropolitician as a white woman

The Metropolitician has a couple of great posts about the Korean media. The one that has the picture above was from when the Metropolitician was slammed by a Korean newspaper for teaching anti-Korean classes.

My “scandal” arose when it was implied that I was teaching some pro-Japanese/anti-Korean curriculum in my history class at Yongin Foreign Language High School, because page 945 of the textbook referred to the “Sea of Japan” in a diagram mapping troop movements in the Korean War in the Cold War chapter.

As if educational publisher Longman USA gives a rat’s ass.

In another post the Metropolitician exposes the Korean media’s modus operandi when it relates to articles about foreigners.

It works like this: the Korean print media picks up a story somewhere (usually something blown way out of proportion or factually inaccurate) and then reports it. The broadcast media then links it to some pre-existing sentiment or generalized stereotype of foreigners – the brown ones are taking all the jobs (not true) or the white ones have lower sexual mores than us or are (a normative statement, but one I consider to be, natch, untrue – ahem, “Republic of Prostitution”) – then it gets picked up by the broadcast media as if it were reality or even fact. Now, it’s already in the minds of most Koreans that said event actually happened in this way, and adds to the fodder of “facts” that support pre-existing stereotypes of most foreigners

The Metropolitician then follows up with some incisive examples of the Korean media distortions of reality. Go and check it out!

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