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The ‘spread AIDS’ lobby

September 15th, 2008 . by Matt

What do you do when your homeland is going down the toilet, and there are well connected people and organisations that actually support spreading AIDS? I don’t know. If you do, let me know.

The latest from the ‘spread AIDS’ lobby is their reaction to a 2 1/2 month jail sentence given to a HIV positive male prostitute in the ACT, Australia.

Australia’s peak sex workers association says the jail term prostitute sends a “disgraceful” message that having sex with an infected person is unsafe.

The Scarlet Alliance chief executive Janelle Fawkes said the organisation was “appalled” by the decision, saying she was extremely concerned at the possible repercussions after this kind of message.

“Last week, the ACT attorney-general, Simon Corbell, came out and stated that Section 25 should be reviewed and considering current risk in transmission that, in fact, an HIV positive person being a sex worker does not hold a higher risk for the community,” Ms Fawkes said.

“But this week, we have a judge in the ACT making an example of a person who was only being a sex worker whilst HIV-positive.

“That sends a clear and cutting message that having sex with an HIV-positive person is unsafe and that is simply not true.”

The same activity in NSW and several other states would not be deemed illegal, Ms Fawkes said.

Having sex with a HIV positive person “does not hold a higher risk for the community”? That is absolutely insane. Of course there is a higher risk of contracting HIV from someone that is HIV positive, because the risk of contracting it from someone that does not have HIV is zero.

“Sex worker whilst HIV-positive”? Is that supposed to be something like “driving whilst black”? These people are lunatics, and people could contract HIV or AIDS because of their activism.

Having sex with HIV positive people is unsafe. What on earth is this country coming to?

Hat tip to bananaboy

Threat mail

September 12th, 2008 . by Matt

I got this email from a person using an anonymous email service called ‘Borked Pseudo Mailed’.

Why don’t you put you full name, workplace, and home address on your blog.
If you give a good reason on your blog I will keep your information secret.

Is not wanting to be pursued by strange stalkers like yourself reason enough, perhaps? Here is a better idea – why don’t you give me your full name, workplace, and home address, and we can sort this out like gentlemen. Or at the very least use your own email address to send a mail.

I wonder who sent this email.

Letter critical of Debito

September 5th, 2008 . by Matt

Here is a letter to the Japan Times about Debito’s theory about the word gaijin, via JAPUNDIT.

Regarding the Sept. 2 article “The ‘gaijin’ debate: Arudou responds”: Debito Arudou’s claim that the word “gaijin” is racist not only borders on whining but also smacks of something that could only be brought up by a white person. I’m part Japanese and part black, and I’ll tell you right now that I would rather be called a “gaijin” over “nigger” any day.

Arudou sounds like someone whose whiteness got him special treatment in the United States. He sounds as if he must have been shocked when he went to another country and realized that being white there wasn’t the same as it was in the U.S. All of a sudden, he was in the marginalized category normally reserved for nonwhite minorities.

I have news: “Citizenship” does NOT make one part of the Japanese race, no matter how much one wishes it. In the eyes of the Japanese, Arudou is a gaijin. Japan is not where he is from. Arudou appears to be going through a major identity crisis. To think that one can walk into another country, change citizenship and then expect the whole country to accept one not as a foreigner but as a fellow Japanese is something ripped out of the pages of Western colonialism.

What I cannot understand is that Debito expects people to know that he is Japanese just by looking at him. It might inconvenience him from time to time to be thought to be a foreigner by Japanese people, but he can hardly say that he did not expect that when he became a Japanese citizen.

Google chrome browser

September 2nd, 2008 . by Matt

Google has a new browser. Check it out!

The Devil’s Kitchen

September 1st, 2008 . by Matt

I found an interesting blog by a British man called ‘The Devil’s Kitchen’. The blog is a libertarian take on UK and EU social issues, and he has a knack for pointing out hypocrisy in the politicians, parasitic bureaucrats and limousine socialists. Even though I am not from the UK, I felt angry reading it (probably because similar stuff happens here in Australia).

Go and have a read if you want to see some very critical analysis of the UK and EU.