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Korean Broadcasting System – Manchuria is our territory

September 8th, 2009 . by Matt

According to this article, KBS, the Korean national television broadcaster, had a television program shown between 29/08/2009 to 05/09/2009 called “Manchuria big investigation” that claimed that Manchuria is land belonging to the Korean race, and that the Qing Dynasty emperors were descendants of Koreans.

Other quotes from the program –

*The Manchu Liao river area civilization started at 6000BC, 1000 years before the flower of civilization blossomed at the Yellow River.
*In 3500BC the Hongshan civilization had the rudiments of a forming nation-state.
*The Yellow River and Liao River civilizations are definitely different. In artifacts from the Liao River civilization, there are earrings and the like that look exactly like those exhumed in Korea.

The program goes on to say that Manchuria had deep connections to Korea (and not China).

In relation to the program, the chief of a Chinese social science research institute said, “Some Korean people arbitrarily fabricate history. Currently from the result of archeological studies, we know that the Liao River, Yellow River, and Yangtze River civilizations are an important source in the inheritance of Chinese civilization”. He rejected that Korean theory that the ancestors of Manchurians were all Koreans, saying that Korean related people were ethnic minorities.

The reaction on the Chinese side this time has not really been anger (it has on past occasions). This time a lot of them are laughing about it and making sarcastic comments.


On a portal website, two polls was taken about this issue. Asked how they felt about the show, “feel resentment” was 29%, “want to laugh” was 69%, and “don’t care” was 3%. On the question of, “with the Korean media doing this kind of conduct, does it lower your general opinion of Korea?”. “Opinion lowered” was 89.3%, “not lowered” was 3%, and “don’t care” was 7.7%.

Although some of the comments were of anger or of scholarly rebuttal, many were humorous in nature. Comments included, “Koreans change history at their own convenience”, “how funny, what poor people”, “if South Korea unites with North Korea, then it will be doubly funny”, “Korean’s ancestors are Martians. Go back to Mars ASAP”, “that’s right. The Koreans that carried out the big bang were the first ones on the earth to carve the two characters 韓国 (Korea) on a stone”, etc.

Interviews about comfort women

September 8th, 2009 . by Matt

Here are some interviews with university students about the comfort women issue. The students are aware of the issue, and probably consider themselves fairly knowledgeable about in. One even said she is studying it in class.

This video shows the recognitition of this issue among people that are aware of it, at least in the US. Very Interesting.

Taiwanese old man testimony

September 7th, 2009 . by Matt

This Taiwanese old man is testifying about comfort women, and obviously the testimony he is giving is not even remotely close to the claims that some former comfort women are making (or others are making on their behalf).

Does anyone know how to add subtitles to videos?

More occidentalism commentary on the comfort women.

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WordPress hack

September 7th, 2009 . by Matt

I found a nasty “superuser” that was trying to inject my blog with redirects. Got rid of it fairly quickly, but really, every time a WP update is released, it pays to update. Here is the solution for people that still have the problem. Apparently, it is affecting most WP blogs that haven’t updated to the latest version.

Gerry Bevers mentioned on channel sakura

September 2nd, 2009 . by Matt

Gerry Bevers got a mention on channel sakura in relation to his work on the Liancourt Rocks issue. Awesome.