Duc, sequere, aut de via decede!

“The second they give you an excuse for not being able to give you a cash receipt, you got them,” said Kim.

July 19th, 2011 . by Errol

Kim, works at a paparazzi school in Gangnam. According to Moon Seoung-ok, executive managing director at the school, the future of citizen reporting looks bright as reward programs are continually being added by both the government and corporations.

Currently there are 336 different infractions that citizens can report to both government agencies and corporations, offering up to 3 billion won.

Programs vary from reporting dropped cigarette butts and illegal trash disposal to unlicensed clinical practitioners and prostitution.

Adult video game parlors, usually gambling facilities run by crime gangs, are illegal, but can be extremely dangerous to paparazzi if caught by the wrong people during a sting.

According to Moon, the fact that police are sometimes found tipping off criminals motivates him to exclude officers from the equation and report parlors to higher authorities.

“We are doing what the police won’t, cut the problem at its roots,” said Moon.

Aside from possible beatings, there is so much money to be made, it is no wonder hopeful housewives, students and the jobless are attracted to the thought of catching someone red-handed.

Citizens make big money reporting violations