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43.9 percent of Korean men (over 40) are impotent, 39.9 percent are premature ejaculators.

May 28th, 2012 . by Errol

“82.8% of Korean men over 40 suffer from sexual dysfunction, a study suggests. A team led by Prof. Kim Young-sik at the University of Ulsan’s Asan Medical Center surveyed 1,313 male outpatients in the age group who visited the hospital with other complaints from August 2010 to May 2011.”

Joseon Daily, May 23, 2012


Male rights group demands ban on Baek Ji-young’s song ‘Good Boy’

May 23rd, 2012 . by Errol

Male rights group Man of Korea has demanded an injunction on the sale of Baek Ji-young’s new song “Good Boy.”

According to the organization yesterday, the group filed for the injunction because the new track “denigrates Korean men.”

“The song contains lyrics that portray a relationship in which a female is older and suggests that her boyfriend is as stupid as a dog and needs to be tamed,” the organization said on its official Web site.

“In one part of the song, the way that the boyfriend talks back is likened to barking and biting the owner. The song denigrates Korean men.”

Carla Sunwoo. Joongang Daily, May 23, 2012

Baek Ji-young is a woman of conviction, her current beau is nine years younger. Woof woof … or should that be: “Down boy!”?

Is Baek’s beau’s answer to Donna Summer’s hit, “Love to lick you baby!”?

Haven’t heard the song yet … but I guess the lyrics are something along those lines.

백지영의 멋진 연하 남자친구 배우 ‘정석원’씨 입니다

백지영의 멋진 연하 남자친구 배우 ‘정석원’씨 입니다

(Suspected) Korean men beat up tall women in Chengdu KFC

May 20th, 2012 . by Errol

Chinasmack has a story of two (suspected) Korean men beating up two young Chinese women.

“In the video, the two young women who were beaten up can be seen initially on the far left side of the counter deciding on what to order. There appears to be three open registers, and the two potentially Korean-speaking men appear to have initially lined up at the left register, while another man had lined up at the rightmost register.

The women walked over from the far left to queue up behind the young woman at the “center” open register. After that woman is served, the two young women who were beaten walk forward to order and that is when the allegedly Korean men, who are used to the Korean male privilege concept of Korean males being always served first, start yelling and then attack the two young Chinese women.”



BMW Germany to copy BMW Korea’s CSR Policy

May 13th, 2012 . by Errol


“Our business is more than about merely selling cars. It involves such work as communicating with society and aligning our values to those of individuals and society ― the background of the future foundation’s birth,’’ Kim Hyo-joon (BMW Korea CEO) said in a recent interview with The Korea Times.

“After taking charge, I visited showrooms of BMW Korea without revealing my job. For about half a year, I hobnobbed with around 350 people and concluded that premium services were the answer,’’ Kim recalled.

BMW Korea therefore increased the number of premium lube shops to 35 nationwide, the most among global brands here.

최고의손님? 최신시설을 드립니다!

CSR? What is that in Korea exactly? In Gangnam, Seoul, eight executives and employees of Jeil Savings Bank were booked (no pun intended) for engaging in illegal acts of corporate social responsibility (CSR); subsidising candle nights out for Gangnam salarymen.

Jeil Bankers’ CSR (Corporate Salon Room) Policy

Has the Joongang Ilbo released the netizen hounds of the internet on a rape victim?

May 10th, 2012 . by Errol

One of the “Grandfathers of Korean Dance Groups”, the thirty seven year old Ko Young-wook (고영욱) first hit fame in 1990. He has recently been accused of raping a schoolgirl.


In its coverage of the rape allegations against Ko Young-wook, the Joongang Ilbo provided sufficient information about the victim for the netizen hounds to track her down.


1. She’s a schoolgirl

2. The date of broadcast of her part in a TV program

3. Her role in the program

4. A physical description of her in the program.

No link will be given from here to the Joongang Ilbo article in question, until those descriptive elements have been redacted.