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33% of Korean men divorce as wives not sexually attractive

August 14th, 2014 . by Errol

In a joint survey, matchmaking companies Only You and Bien Aller asked 546 divorced men and women why they stopped having sex with their former partners.

Nearly 33 percent of the men and 29 percent of women said that their partners had simply ceased to be interesting to them.

Koh Dong-wan, The Korea Times, 13 August 2014

Given the ubiquity of sexually attractive women for hire in Korea this is not a surprising survey result.

“It’s impossible to go anywhere in this country without being faced with a constant barrage of prostitution venues. Of course, they often masquerade as something else- massage parlors, karaoke rooms, barber shops, tea shops, PC rooms, bars, rest houses, etc., but they all offer at least the possibility of sex.

It’s not exactly comforting to walk around in the middle of the day and see middle-aged men in business suits going into cheap motels on their lunch breaks or after work before returning home to their families.”

The Grand Narrative, 29 January 2010


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  1. comment number 1 by: Dokdodevil

    Of course this is the opposite of how it has traditionally worked in the west. Here it is said, at least by older women, that one can tell if a husband has started a new affair by the fact that his bedroom performance improves.

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