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7 Missiles… and Counting?

July 7th, 2006 . by Darin

(NOTE: I wrote this on the day of the happenings; some things have gone differently then below, please keep that in mind when you read this.)

So much for it all being a bluff. I’m taking the matter much more seriously then others, perhaps I’m getting too excited to quick, but I don’t like the idea of someone test firing missiles that are clearly intended to kill me (Tokyo). Rather then talk about what’s happened up to now, I’d like to say what I think needs to happen from now.

First, the UN needs to make a statement, now. They’ve scheduled an “emergency meeting”… for tomorrow. Some emergency if it can wait until tomorrow. The UN needs to condemn the actions taken by N. Korea. Next, the UN needs to place sanctions and embargoes on N. Korea effective immediately with the punishment for non-compliance being sanctions and embargoes on defiant countries themselves. I’m speaking directly of China and South Korea. South Korea has been lying to itself about North Korea not being a problem for far to long, now is the time to face reality. China too has been aiding N. Korea for far too long. The time has come for those two nations to make a decision as to what they stand for. We all know which side of the line China stands on as of this moment, however South Korea has been straddling the line for a long time and needs to clarify herself.

The other message the UN needs to send is “diplomacy has failed.” There will be no negotiations, there will be no deal. Diplomacy has continued to fail for the past 10 years. Kim will not be able to sell his nuclear and missile programs for aid; his time is done. UN, American, South Korean as well as every other democratic nation in the world (including Taiwanese) troops will be placed along the North/South Korean border and the Chinese/Korean border awaiting either (a) Kim’s surrender or (b) his declaration of war — only he has the power to decide what happens from here on out. (In the [unlikely] event South Korea chooses her side wrong, relocate all troops to Japan now awaiting the surrender of both Kim and Roh.)

China will be forced to make some very difficult decisions in the next few days. It was clearly in Chinas best interests for North Korea not to do anything stupid. If China doesn’t go along with the UN, she needs to be booted out and her seat transfered back to Taiwan which is home to the government the US called brother during WW2. Obviously this will frustrate China to the brink of war, but for all the talk China talks, it simply cannot fight off America, Japan, the UN and the rest of the world all at the same time, only Kim is that stupid, and even he doesn’t think he can fight, he just thinks he can get some free food for himself while his people starve. I don’t see China doing something of the sort when it could use this opportunity to strengthen it’s ties with the United States.

In the event Kim does choose war, then some things will need to take place in Japan considering it’s large population of North Korean nationals. First North Korean schools need to be closed. North Korean schools in Japan teach the same thing North Korean schools do in North Korea, including worshiping Kim as a god and praying before his picture every morning. You can not allow nationals of the enemy nation continue to operate inside your own country. I’m not talking about rounding people up or anything like that, I’m just saying you can’t worship the enemy. (Frankly I think that should have been stopped long ago, but the most action the government has taken is to not recognize North Korean schools as domestic schools because they don’t meet the minimum curriculum requirements.)

Japan also needs to reiterate to everyone that it is not hard to get Japanese citizenship if one would just fill out the paperwork, and based on the circumstances, she needs to offer a rush job on the process for people who hold North Korean citizenship to show that the government has no problem with North Koreans as human beings, and also to provide safety for this people as well. However the same luxury must not be afforded to North Korean spy organizations, bank organization or any other business operating in Japan. The de-facto North Korean embassy in Japan has stolen top secret information and sent it to North Korea before. It gets away with it because it is only a de-facto, and not actual North Korean embassy. Had it been a real embassy, there would be major troubles in deed. These organizations must be put to a halt, with all who choose not to cooperate being deported. They’re operating illegally and always have been, they’ve just been untouchable because any action taken by the Japanese government against criminals of Korean decent is instantly falsely labeled as racism by the criminals.

America also needs to be prepared to take in North Korean refugees. We can not simply leave the average citizen their to starve. We also can not expect them to go to China where they are sold into sexual slavery thinking that it’s part of the path to get to South Korea. Not that South Korea would be any better for a North Korean refugee though. North Koreans in South Korea face harsh prejudice, discrimination, and frequently find themselves working in the sex trade. The US, European nations and Japan need to be prepared and willing to accept a massive flow of refugees. I don’t worry about the US pulling through, but I’m somewhat skeptical of Europe after seeing how tense things are just a few months ago. Sadly, I have little hope for Japan doing it’s part with this given her trackrecord with refugees. However in the event refugees are taken in by Japan, there is a fairly large Korean population in Japan that will need to come together to accept and help any incoming refugees. Hopefully Japanese Koreans are better at this then South Koreans.

I’m confident that China and the UN will speak up against North Korea, but I have my doubts about both actually going through with sanctions and embargoes any further then on paper. I don’t expect China to actually do anything and I don’t expect the US to sanction or put embargoes on China either because it’s just not realistic considering America would fall apart without cheap Chinese labor.

5 Responses to “7 Missiles… and Counting?”

  1. comment number 1 by: sqz


    S-Korea applaud act of N-Korea.

  2. comment number 2 by: sqz


    This URL is a site of the source of information.
    Besides, it is a site of a President Roh support group.
    They criticize act of Japan, too.

  3. comment number 3 by: ponta

    I have little hope for Japan doing it’s part with this given her trackrecord with refugees.

    I agree.Japanese government needs to change the law conerning the political refugees.

    I think the sanction by UN is necessary,China and SouthKorea have been deceiving themselves that nothings serious is happening in N Korea.N.Korea has been evil to to its people and it bacame evident that it is evil to the people around the world.What is fearful is that the missile techonology is so damn that it may hit upon any place.

    Yet (some) Japanese do not seems to take Taepodon too seriously.
    the song of taepodon(you can hear it but in Japanese)

  4. comment number 4 by: tomato


    I think the South Koreans are proud of their fanatic, inhumane, rouge nation up in the North. The Japanese Empire failed to teach the Koreans what is needed to govern a nation with responsibility.

  5. comment number 5 by: sqz

    President Roh Moo-hyun statement

    In S-Korea, 500 yen coin of Prime Minister Koizumi seems to threaten security of S-Korea than a rocket of N-Korea.