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Ron Paul and the ‘Nazi money’ smear

May 5th, 2008 . by Matt

Ron Paul is a long shot candidate that is having his chances improve all the time. It is not hard to see that a lot of the media pundits would like to see him out of the race because of the opinions he has been expressing, like his opposition to the Iraq War and opposition to corporate welfare. Usually Ron Paul is ignored by the main stream media, and that forces his supporters to come up with gimmicks to force the media to pay attention, like breaking the US record for political donations in a single day – that was on December 16th.

That being true, Ron Paul seems to have no trouble attracting all kinds of negative media attention. Much was made by the media about Ron Paul supporters being “spammers” when he was winning all kinds of online polls, a smear that has lost its power with the proof of his fund raising from small, individual donors. Likewise there was an attempt to link Ron Paul to the 9/11 truth movement, with claims that he “met” with 9/11 truthers, when in fact they simply turned up to a place where he was campaigning and asked him a question. There was even a hilariously clumsy hit piece on FOX news about it.

Much jesting was also made about the support of a Nevada brothel owners support of Ron Paul, and there was hand wringing over a $500 donation by a neo-nazi website owner.

The MSM is stirring up a storm in a tea cup because Ron Paul did not return the donation given by the neo-nazi website owner. I haven’t heard of any groups demanding that the brothel owners donation be returned, although I suppose there are groups out there demanding that too. What is important to understand is that Ron Paul is a libertarian, but not a social libertarian. That means he supports freedom to do things even if he doesn’t approve of how that freedom is used.

The donation by the brothel owner from Nevada and neo-nazi website owner makes a good comparison. Ron Paul does not approve of brothels but does not think the federal government should have anything to do with it. Therefore the brothel owner supports him. The neo-nazi website owner is against the Iraq War and against giving amnesty to illegal immigrants. Therefore he is supporting Ron Paul, who is the only Republican candidate to hold both of those positions. Even the neo-nazi website owner concedes that Ron Paul is not supporting their positions.

Black said he supports Paul’s stance on ending the war in Iraq, securing America’s borders and his opposition to amnesty for illegal immigrants.

“We know that he’s not a white nationalist. He says he isn’t and we believe him, but on the issues, there’s only one choice,” Black said Wednesday.

The neo-nazi website owner supports Ron Paul not because Ron Paul is a crypto-racist, but out of mainstream interests that are of concern to a lot of people. There is only so far one can take guilt by association but I suppose one could also claim that anyone that wants an end to both the Iraq War and illegal immigration are neo-nazis because it happens to be the same position of a neo-nazi website owner.

So why not just return the donation, you ask? Well, as Ron Paul says, the money has probably already been spent and any money sent back would be out of another persons donation. Isn’t it strange that people are turning around and demanding that Ron Paul should make a donation to a neo-nazi website owner? Nonetheless, Ron Paul is one of the leading proponents of civil rights in congress and if anything could turn ‘bad money’ into ‘good money’, it is a donation to the Ron Paul campaign. Ron Paul answers questions in detail about that particular donation on Neil Cavuto’s show..

Returning the money will not end this ‘problem’ for Ron Paul, it will only cause a snowball effect, as the media manages to dig up more people that have fringe ideas, at which point Ron Paul’s campaign will be more about vetting the irrelevant ideas of people that happen to support his campaign than running for the Presidency. It is Ron Paul’s ideas that will be implemented if he is to become President, not the ideas of the MSM caricature of his supporters.

All of this is consistent with his belief system. He endorses freedom but does not endorse what people do with it. He will take your money, even money from brothel owners, neo-nazi website owners, and also the far more numerous regular people, but they won’t get anything back for it from him except what he has explicitly promised to do if he is elected president. Ron Paul would even take money from the neo-con war criminal Military Torture Complex if they were foolish enough to send him money. Now that would be real dirty money! Money that every single Republican candidate can count on – except Ron Paul.

Perhaps support of brothel owners or neo-nazi website owners might be a scary thing if they were supporters of candidates that are already proven whores of special interests like Big Pharma and the Military Industrial Complex. People might then suspect a relationship between the candidate and the objectionable donors. The candidates that are rejecting certain donors are just trying to prove that they are honest politicians in the sense once a special interest buys them, they stay bought. Ron Paul on the other hand cannot be bought and has proven that time and time again during his ten terms in congress. Lobbyists do not even bother to darken his congressional door.

In the debates Ron Paul talked about important issues that are being ignored by the other Republican candidates, like the plunging dollar, the Iraq War, and special interests, which makes the other mercenary candidates nervous. As the only candidate not on the payroll, Ron Paul is in a unique position to criticise the source of their endless millions for campaigning, something the other candidates cannot do because they often have the same donors, which is a great insurance policy for the special interests that have hijacked the nations policy against the interests of the people.

The Republicans are going to lose the election because every single one of them running, except for Ron Paul, resembles President Bush running for a third term. Only Ron Paul, the true change candidate, has a chance to save the Republican party from a humiliating but easily foreseen defeat. No amount of guilt by association smears by the Bushite wing of the Republican party and their dead-ender supporters will change that fact.

6 Responses to “Ron Paul and the ‘Nazi money’ smear”

  1. comment number 1 by: Ocebey

    It’s nice to see there are still people who know that the republican primaries are not over yet.
    You wouldn’t know that by looking at the usual news network in the US right now.

  2. comment number 2 by: YoshoMasaki

    I still hold out a secret hope in my heart for a McCain/Paul ticket. Obama will beat Clinton, and McCain will beat Obama, but he won’t be elected nearly as strongly as he would with Ron Paul. Paul IS the runner-up …

  3. comment number 3 by: Ocebey

    Considering how unfairly he was treated by the Republican party i hope he runs on a libertarian ricket afterward. The Obama/Clinton party is destroying itself in internal feud and McCain is still talking about Free trade and globalization regardless of the current situation. Maybe at last the winner will neither be a democrat or republican.

  4. comment number 4 by: mithridates

    Haven’t read your blog in a long time but it’s good to see you’re a Ron Paul supporter. He’s also my favourite candidate and I’ve had many a debate with people on the other board.

    The Neo-Nazi money smear is quite interesting – if taking money from a certain group when you have no dealings with them whatsoever and don’t change your platform one whit based on where your donations come from is a bad thing, it should stand to reason that taking all their money is an even worse thing. That is, it’s preferable for these people to have a Neo-Nazi with lots of money and Ron Paul with zero, than to have them with none of their money and Ron Paul with 100% of it, which makes no sense.

    I’ve always thought it set a bad precedent for politicians to return money from certain groups. This is based on the assumption that these groups would somehow be able to influence your politics if they were to give you enough of their money, and that’s a bad assumption to work from.

    There’s also no end to the scrutiny of donors once you start to open up that can of worms. Is your donor a Neo-Nazi, or the wife or the friend of one, or did he sit next to one in grade three? Did he talk to one before?

  5. comment number 5 by: Matt

    Hi mithridates,

    Long time no talk, dude. Don’t see you online these days.

    Actually, Ron Paul did meet with some Neo-Nazi’s at some place he made a speech at. They approached him after the speech and asked for a autograph. There was a photo taken with them, and of course they were not holding swastikas or anything so Ron Paul had no idea who they were. There was an attempt to link Ron Paul to them but that also fell flat because the connection was just too tenuous.

    Note the double standards. There are plenty of extremists supporting the other candidates, and who are even actively courted by the other candidates, and are much worse than neo-nazis because unlike the neo-nazis, they actually have power.

    BY the way, there are some new articles of impeachment against President Bush that have been submitted at Congress. It won’t go anywhere, but it is the right thing to do.

  6. comment number 6 by: Errol

    Check this link US voters.

    Mr T told McCain to get some nuts. So he signed up an Alsakan creationist as his running mate.