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AMPONTAN: Comparison of Editorials – South Korea and Japan

July 25th, 2008 . by Matt

Ampontan is on a roll recently with his posts about the Liancourt Rocks issue. His latest post is about comparing how the Japanese media and the South Korean media differ in their handling of the Liancourt Rocks issue in their editorials. The newspapers reviewed in both countries span the left and right wing ideological spectrums.

Read it and decide for yourself which countries media seems more nationalistic and biased on the issue.

One Response to “AMPONTAN: Comparison of Editorials – South Korea and Japan”

  1. comment number 1 by: wiesunja

    Not only the editorials, but the comments from Koreans and those of Japanese in response to this issue on normal internet discussion forums show the vast difference in maturity and intelligence between the two people.

    The typical Korean’s so called “discussion” consists of using profanity, screaming racial epithets, and basically acting like a rabid monkey. Go look at any forum where Koreans are “discussing” the issue and you will see that every other word they use is “f-ck”, “jap”, “motherf-ck” and other such pleasantries which are indicative of the great noble Korean maturity and intelligence level.

    Contrast that to the comments of Japanese who obvious have done extensive research and try to argue their point maturely, seriously, and with a hint of rationality. No racial epiteths calling Koreans “gooks” or anything of that nature since it would be lowering themselves to the same level of the Koreans.

    As you can see, comparing the reactions of the two is like comparing a beautiful peacock to a diseased rat coming out of the sewer.