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Another dose of Hyomilryu… If you can stomach it

March 16th, 2006 . by Matt

As promised, here is a bit more of Hyomilryu (혐일류). This time I will show the ‘Koreans are tall and Japanese are short’, featuring our favorite Korean foreign student in Japan.



(original Korean 1,2)

After that it launches into a tirade of worthy of Der Sturmer about the ‘issue’ of height. I am not even going to bother translating that trash. Instead I will just post the original Korean – even from the pictures the idea is clear enough.



The last frame with the huge Koreans scaring away the small Japanese says “So dont you go around claiming Dokdo because now we know which country has more plastic surgery!“. Nice logic that. Dokdo is ours, because we say that Japan has more plastic surgery than Korea.

It would be nice to write off the author of Hyomilryu as a lunatic, but that is not true in my experience. The author is the product of a society that has encouraged anti-Japanism to the extent that it has grown out of control. Its time for Korea to stop teaching hate in the classroom.

207 Responses to “Another dose of Hyomilryu… If you can stomach it”

  1. comment number 1 by: Errol

    Quod erat demonstradum.

    Redskins84 is Gilligan. Hand over the five quid Matt.

  2. comment number 2 by: rena_kim

    Oh, a lot has happened since I found this site last year while researching for my Japanese project about manga ^^
    I forgot about this site again until today when I was researching for my Japanese project abou Kanji use in Japan and Korea
    (Because there was a section about Kanji/Hanja in there which was quite funny… and the more I researched about kanji, the funnier it became >_

  3. comment number 3 by: rena_kim

    Oops, the rest of my comment disappeared because of the bracket thingie;;

    I think what I wrote was that this manhwa is a complete joke and the emoticons after the text enforces that fact (altho this wouldn’t sound like a valid argument;;)

    And I wrote that I didn’t get to read all the comments, there were some things I wanted to comment on but I forgot what they were because I was doing my Japanese project at the same time;;

  4. comment number 4 by: Biaha

    This Hyeom-il-ryu manhwa has succeeded with flying colors if its intent was to make me roll with laughter. Korean men will never get over their insecurity about their Japanese counterparts. It’s just a fact that the overwhelming majority of Koreans have gigantic, fat faces with tiny eyes and primitive-looking Dravidian foreheads. And what is so great about being a few centimeters taller than the Japanese? The extra height just contributes to the Koreans’ stereotypically robust, intimidating, big-boned look. The thing about their penis envy is totally true, too. I’m a European American, and yet I must admit that all but one of the Japanese men who I have seen naked have been, well, how should I say it…”above average”. They all seem really thick for some reason. All the Korean dicks I have seen have been very small. Actually, it might be relevant that the one Japanese guy who had the rather small one LOOKS extremely Korean; he often jokes about being (mis?)taken for a Korean, so I sometimes wonder whether he might really be a Korean-Japanese.

    Does anyone have a decent explanation for why the average Korean face is twice the size of the average Japanese face, or why Japanese guys are so much better hung? The ironic thing is that Japanese people do not seem to be particularly stupid, as one might assume for their having rather small heads compared to the Koreans. Do Japanese people just do a better job of hiding their stupidity?

    I do think that Japanese people tend to be somewhat “linguistically challenged”; one of my favorite sources of amusement is a Japanese friend of mine who, even after six full years of living in the United States, continues to mispronounce “participate” as “pahcipatato.” It sounds as if he is trying to refer to a side dish that consists of a baked potato garnished with parsely. And he has a sort of lisp, too, which makes it even more endearing.

    So, I will concede that the Koreans do beat the Japanese by a short margin in body height and English-speaking ability, but that doesn’t make up for the Koreans’ nasty, stubborn, vindictive attitudes and supremely frightening visages to match.

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