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Asahi TV on Korean childrens drawings

July 19th, 2005 . by Matt

Asahi TV in Japan has made a report about the anti Japanese Korean childrens drawings. Despite Koreans going into damage control after these pictures emerged, interviews with adult Koreans shows that the content of the pictures has great support among adult Koreans.

The show went to the location of the of the pictures and interviewed some Koreans.

Lets see what the Korean adults had to say.

“I think we should make nuclear weapons and fire them at Japan”

“To be honest, I wish that Japan would sink into the sea”

After that they tried to get an interview with the school that the anti Japanese drawings came from, but were rejected. So they chose another elementary school and found this as soon as they entered the classroom.

blackboard dokdosong
The blackboard says ‘Dokdo is our land’, and the kids are singing “Hawaii is American territory, Tsushima is Japanese territory, Dokdo is our land”. Kids are made to sing this song (called ‘the song of Dokdo’) in class. From March of this year, the National Teachers union have been conducting special ‘Dokdo Classes’. No wonder the kids are brainwashed.

The interviews with the kids showed that they didnt like Japan. What I found surprising though was the support for Kim Jong Il. In Answer to the question, ‘what kind of person is Kim Jong Il’, the kids said –

good1 good2
“He is a good person”

“He is working hard for the unification of this country, so I think he is a good person”

makenai social
“I want the country to reunite quickly so developed countries won’t beat us. I learnt that in Social Studies class”

They then went to the National Teachers union to see what on earth Koreans are teaching their kids. They discovered that they were teaching anti Americanism as well as anti Japanism.

The Teachers Union Guidebook – ‘The firm American policy on North Korea is a definite obstacle to reconciliation with our racial brothers’.

Its time to take a close look at Korean textbooks. It is obvious they are distorting history and promoting hate.

The show can be downloaded here (Japanese).

51 Responses to “Asahi TV on Korean childrens drawings”

  1. comment number 1 by: 道Straße

    This is very disturbing. I’ve researched very much what the Japanese did
    during their occupation of Korea, and its truly horriffic. But Japan has apologised multiple times, and it was over 60 years ago.Korea needs to get over this, and become friends with Japan.I’m not trying to justify what the Japanese did, but you have to keep in mind that during that period, Japan was completely controlled by the military. They’ve found journals of Kamikaze pilots, and in their last entries, we often find that they were afraid, and didn’t want to die(I read it in the International Herald Tribune). But they were forced to.And many of the men who raped the Korean “Comfort Women” probably suffered afterwords psycologically.Even the emperor might have been controlled,as he and his son stopped visiting Yasukuni Shrine the year they added the class-A war criminals. I’m shocked by the hatred of Koreans, and they ought to remember that Japan was once a very nationalistic and hateful country itself, so be warned.I’m completely against the Japanese textbooks that water down the WWII attrocities, but Korea doesn’t need to glorify their history either. And If they teach anti-Americanism in their schools, then their not only hateful, but ungrateful too. America not only saved South Korea from becoming communist in the Korean war, they also continue to buy Korean cars, and electronics, which in the last three decades, have helped South Korea become over 25 times richer than North Korea. They really need to get with the times, Japan has moved on, and Korea should too. So you don’t have a glorious past, you can always create a glorious future.
    If you really want to appear as inteligent, than you should stop being so hateful, because hatred(and racism) is derived from ignorance. And don’t get your children involved, because they don’t know any better.