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Australian deputy PM lies to Indians

August 31st, 2009 . by Matt

The Australian deputy Prime Minister went to India and lied about Indian students being safe in Australia.

Australian deputy prime minister Julia Gillard promised on Monday to save Indian students studying Down Under from violence and fraudulent institutions.

Gillard is on a five-day damage repair tour to India following attacks on students in Sydney and Melbourne. “I am here to reinforce Australia’s image of a culturally-diverse, welcoming and safe country. I want to offer reassurance to the students here that Australia is taking necessary measures for their safety. Australia has zero tolerance for violence against Indian students and others,” she said.

About 1,00,000 Indian students study in various Australian institutes. Gillard listed out the various legislations and reforms her country has decided to initiate to regulate education-providers and international students’ safety. She said 120 additional police officers had been posted in sensitive areas, such as Victoria and Canberra, to make Indian students feel secure.

“Police patrols have been increased substantially for visible policing on streets. Already a large number of arrests have been made,” Gillard said. Australia has also taken up community-sensitisation programmes to reduce tension between Indians and locals.

This is an utter lie. Indian students generally live in ‘diverse‘ areas that are absolutely dangerous and have essentially been abandoned by police. The NSW police service will not deal with the perpertrators of these crimes. This problem has been going on for years.

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