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Australian magistrate says, “Drunkenness would not be accepted as an excuse for violent behaviour.”

May 20th, 2011 . by Errol

Handing a 15-month jail term to Oliver Robert Francis, who had no previous criminal record and was recognised as a usually “placid” man, Magistrate Paul Heaney said society was not prepared to accept drunken violence and courts had to reflect that intolerance.

Drawing on recent comments from National Drug Research Institute director Professor Steve Allsop, Mr Heaney said it was up to the community to say drunkenness would not be accepted as an excuse for violent behaviour.

“No voice in our community speaks louder than the courts,”

Mr Heaney said. “An immediate sentence of imprisonment speaks loudly of our community voice that it is intolerant of this behaviour.”

Glassing thug gets 15 months

In Korea, committing crimes whilst drunk often results in a reduced sentence.

Clause 10 of Korea’s criminal law states that those who lack legal capacity due to mental disorder are to be given a commuted sentence and is largely applied to sexual violence cases committed while intoxicated.

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