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Banned troll sends email, declares victory

May 26th, 2006 . by Matt


Redskins84, a commenter that was banned for racial abuse after repeated warnings, has sent me an email declaring that he has won. Here it is below, in full.

“Thats enough, Redskins84. I told you to tone it down before. Now you are banned.”



네모든 주장이 왜 옳은지 증거를 데는게 더 좋지 않냐? 내가 뭐랬냐? 네가 할수있는건 날 ban하는거 밖에 없다그랬지? 넌 나와 1대1 싸움에서 내눈에다 흙을 던진거야. 그건 고의적인 반칙과 함께 곧바로 패배자가 되는거지. 내가 비밀하나 가르쳐줄까? 난 이제까지 coreano84, azncowboy813, bethereds833이였어.
아이디 3개로 인간들 잘도 속였지. 특히 너도. 푸하하하하하하하하하!!!!!!

In the above he is basically boasting that he had 3 other IDs in addition to the ‘Redskins84’ ID. He also says that I banned him because I was not able to offer evidence to counter his claims.

Here is my answer to him below –

당신은 coreano84, azncowboy813, bethereds833였던 것에 관해서 놀라지 않았어. 한국인의 일부는 인터넷으로 냉정하게 이야기하지 말고, 장난하는 습관이 있네. 당신의 승리 선언도 정말로 한국인의 극단 내셔널리즘의 병리의 증거구나.

나는 당신에게 성의로 룰을 가르쳐, BAN 하기 전에 경고도 했지. 당신은 한국과 한국인을 지키고 싶은 마음이 있겠지만, 실제로 결과적으로 당신의 행위에 의해서 한국인의 명예가 유해 했어.

Telling lies does not make you a winner. This kind of behavior makes good Koreans look bad. I hope you will remember that next time you write comments on other sites.

Translation – I am not surprised about you being coreano84, azncowboy813, and bethereds833. There is a segment of Koreans on the internet that will not cooly discuss issues, and have a habit of trolling. Your declaration of victory is proof of your extreme Korean nationalist pathology.

I told you the rules in good faith, and even warned you before you were banned. I think you probably have it in your mind to protect Korea and Koreans, but the actual result of your behavior is damaging the honor of Korean people.

Telling lies does not make you a winner. This kind of behavior makes good Koreans look bad. I hope you will remember that next time you write comments on other sites.

I am sure that Redskins84 will not understand what I wrote to him but I want this site remain a place where people can come and discuss issues without having their race be called dirty, compared to animals, or being called by racial slurs. People that do that will be banned like the person above. That being said, the vast majority of commenters here are very good.

2 Responses to “Banned troll sends email, declares victory”

  1. comment number 1 by: usinkorea

    Eye-witness testimony needs some cooperating evidence in a court of law even when the memories are fresh — months or weeks old.

    When you start digging into memories – especially of traumatic events – years and years later —- you have to take them for what they are — you have to understand distortions will creep in even with the best of memories — especially depending on the age of the people either at the time of the original event or the time of retelling.

    That is one of the HUGE problems I have with the Nogunri story the Korean and other AP reporters put together —– using eye-witness testimony as definative when many of the people questioned were either very young back then (teens or younger) or very old now —- who were remembering things from 50 years before and of a time of great and utter chaos and fear — the same goes for the US soldiers from that time talking 50 years later —-

    —and then you have some people who just lie for whatever reasons — like the main person quoted in the AP piece who turned out to be an easily verifable liar about what units he served in and where he was at around the Nogunri time-table.

    Over at http://www.mudvillegazette.com/milblogs/ there are many posts about some recently former US soldier who is going around as the poster-boy of many anti-war groups —- telling a bunch of stories about baby killing and such in Iraq — even though – just like with the Dan Rather Bush-gate story — a ground swell of people on the internet have pointed out disgrepancies with his uniform (medals and patches) and have dug up documentation refuting his claims including time-tables of battles he says he fought in or when he served in Iraq (twice).

    But, some groups and some people will march out these people as proof to support their mind-set regardless of their being discredited or not….

  2. comment number 2 by: tomato

    Just like testimonies to UFO abductions, I would say?