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BMW Germany to copy BMW Korea’s CSR Policy

May 13th, 2012 . by Errol


“Our business is more than about merely selling cars. It involves such work as communicating with society and aligning our values to those of individuals and society ― the background of the future foundation’s birth,’’ Kim Hyo-joon (BMW Korea CEO) said in a recent interview with The Korea Times.

“After taking charge, I visited showrooms of BMW Korea without revealing my job. For about half a year, I hobnobbed with around 350 people and concluded that premium services were the answer,’’ Kim recalled.

BMW Korea therefore increased the number of premium lube shops to 35 nationwide, the most among global brands here.

최고의손님? 최신시설을 드립니다!

CSR? What is that in Korea exactly? In Gangnam, Seoul, eight executives and employees of Jeil Savings Bank were booked (no pun intended) for engaging in illegal acts of corporate social responsibility (CSR); subsidising candle nights out for Gangnam salarymen.

Jeil Bankers’ CSR (Corporate Salon Room) Policy

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