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Capitalists at the Gates of Pyongyang

September 20th, 2011 . by Errol

“Massive aid of food or daily necessities from outside would only revive the dying planned economy and rationing system, while increasing the regime’s ability to control the market,” a senior South Korean government official said.

“We need to be prudent in giving lavish aid, which could just be used by the regime to oppress people.”

According to the Joseon Ilbo (September 21, 2011) “the rationing system, the backbone of the socialist planned economy, has nearly collapsed. Some 4 million people still live on rations — 2.6 million in Pyongyang and 1.2 million soldiers.”

But a senior South Korean government official said 20 million North Koreans rely absolutely on the underground economy.

This will probably give a boost to Park Geun-hye’s presidential ambition. There is a symmetry in the daughter of Yuk Young-soo knocking off the son of Kim Il-sung.

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