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Shim Hyung-rae no pasaran!

October 31st, 2011 . by Errol


Fraudster/conman/scam artist Shim Hyung-rae banned from leaving the ROK after being busted for embezzling USD 3.7 million.

And so it came to pass, justice was served in Korea … south of the 38th Parallel at least.

The Korea Herald, 2011-10-31

Banmal arrogance sinks Chung Mong-joon’s presidential ambition‏

September 22nd, 2011 . by Errol

Chung raised eyebrows of all with an extremely rude manner of speech toward Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan.

Rep. Chung kept talking down to Kim, saying, “Does it suit common sense? What kind of quibble is that?” in ways some masters wouldn’t even speak to their servants.

Servants? Koreans still have servants? Wasn’t slavery abolished in 1910?

Gaffe from arrogance

The Korea Times, 09-21-2011

0.5% (46 000 persons) of people in Seoul are not Korean, Korean-Chinese; or US, Chinese or Taiwanese passport holders

September 11th, 2011 . by Errol

Out of a total population of 10.29 million residents, 281,780 “foreigners” reside in Seoul “Special City.”

Of those 281,780 foreigners:

(1) 186,631 people, or 66 percent, were (Chinese passport holders) of Korean ethnicity.

(2) Holders of Chinese passports (of non-Korean ethnicity) represented the second biggest foreign population in Seoul with 29,901 residents

(3) Next were US passport holders* with 9,999 residents**

(4) In 4th place were Taiwanese passport holders with 8,717 residents

Korean Chinese account for nearly 70% of “foreigners” in Seoul

The Korea Times, The Day Before Chuseok 2011.

* How many are kyopi?

** Does Robert Harley (sic) now reside in Seoul? How was he counted, categorised, classified, stereotyped?

Deck the Halls

The Chosun Ilbo, 25 February, 2011

Australian magistrate says, “Drunkenness would not be accepted as an excuse for violent behaviour.”

May 20th, 2011 . by Errol

Handing a 15-month jail term to Oliver Robert Francis, who had no previous criminal record and was recognised as a usually “placid” man, Magistrate Paul Heaney said society was not prepared to accept drunken violence and courts had to reflect that intolerance.

Drawing on recent comments from National Drug Research Institute director Professor Steve Allsop, Mr Heaney said it was up to the community to say drunkenness would not be accepted as an excuse for violent behaviour.

“No voice in our community speaks louder than the courts,”

Mr Heaney said. “An immediate sentence of imprisonment speaks loudly of our community voice that it is intolerant of this behaviour.”

Glassing thug gets 15 months

In Korea, committing crimes whilst drunk often results in a reduced sentence.

Clause 10 of Korea’s criminal law states that those who lack legal capacity due to mental disorder are to be given a commuted sentence and is largely applied to sexual violence cases committed while intoxicated.

Some lamented, while others (scrambled) to distance themselves.

February 23rd, 2011 . by Errol

From the Hani, a tale of the ROK buying military stuff:

“Chang Soo-man, one of President Lee Myung-bak’s close associates, stepped down from his position as Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) commissioner over allegations of his involvement in improprieties connected with a construction site restaurant.”

Defense Acquisition Program Administration

From the Donga, a tale of the ROK trying to sell military stuff:

The National Intelligence Service is known to have an office at Seoul’s Lotte Hotel, where an Indonesian presidential delegation recently stayed. The office was right above the 19th floor where the delegation was staying. This explains why young agents could easily access the floor early Monday morning, when they were allegedly caught stealing confidential information.

National Intelligence Service

A classic oxymoron.

The Sinking of the Cheonan

May 26th, 2010 . by Errol

The Sinking of the Cheonan is a critical turning point from the perspective of mao-marxist historical determinism.

Should the PRC abdicate its economic and political hegemony over the DPRK, by acknowledging the sovereignty rights of the ROK; in the ROK’s submission to the UN Security Council for stricter sanctions against the DPRK?

Or should the PRC delay and obfuscate the conclusion of the joint investigation team (Sweden, ROK, USA, UK, Australia and Canada), that the Cheonan was sunk by a DPRK torpedo?

By delaying, the PRC strengthens its ability to annex its political and economic vassal within the next two decades.

It has taken 100 years, and the dish is now cold, but China now has its revenge for the events of 1910.

Korean Broadcasting System – Manchuria is our territory

September 8th, 2009 . by Matt

According to this article, KBS, the Korean national television broadcaster, had a television program shown between 29/08/2009 to 05/09/2009 called “Manchuria big investigation” that claimed that Manchuria is land belonging to the Korean race, and that the Qing Dynasty emperors were descendants of Koreans.

Other quotes from the program –

*The Manchu Liao river area civilization started at 6000BC, 1000 years before the flower of civilization blossomed at the Yellow River.
*In 3500BC the Hongshan civilization had the rudiments of a forming nation-state.
*The Yellow River and Liao River civilizations are definitely different. In artifacts from the Liao River civilization, there are earrings and the like that look exactly like those exhumed in Korea.

The program goes on to say that Manchuria had deep connections to Korea (and not China).

In relation to the program, the chief of a Chinese social science research institute said, “Some Korean people arbitrarily fabricate history. Currently from the result of archeological studies, we know that the Liao River, Yellow River, and Yangtze River civilizations are an important source in the inheritance of Chinese civilization”. He rejected that Korean theory that the ancestors of Manchurians were all Koreans, saying that Korean related people were ethnic minorities.

The reaction on the Chinese side this time has not really been anger (it has on past occasions). This time a lot of them are laughing about it and making sarcastic comments.


On a portal website, two polls was taken about this issue. Asked how they felt about the show, “feel resentment” was 29%, “want to laugh” was 69%, and “don’t care” was 3%. On the question of, “with the Korean media doing this kind of conduct, does it lower your general opinion of Korea?”. “Opinion lowered” was 89.3%, “not lowered” was 3%, and “don’t care” was 7.7%.

Although some of the comments were of anger or of scholarly rebuttal, many were humorous in nature. Comments included, “Koreans change history at their own convenience”, “how funny, what poor people”, “if South Korea unites with North Korea, then it will be doubly funny”, “Korean’s ancestors are Martians. Go back to Mars ASAP”, “that’s right. The Koreans that carried out the big bang were the first ones on the earth to carve the two characters 韓国 (Korea) on a stone”, etc.

Interviews about comfort women

September 8th, 2009 . by Matt

Here are some interviews with university students about the comfort women issue. The students are aware of the issue, and probably consider themselves fairly knowledgeable about in. One even said she is studying it in class.

This video shows the recognitition of this issue among people that are aware of it, at least in the US. Very Interesting.

Australian deputy PM lies to Indians

August 31st, 2009 . by Matt

The Australian deputy Prime Minister went to India and lied about Indian students being safe in Australia.

Australian deputy prime minister Julia Gillard promised on Monday to save Indian students studying Down Under from violence and fraudulent institutions.

Gillard is on a five-day damage repair tour to India following attacks on students in Sydney and Melbourne. “I am here to reinforce Australia’s image of a culturally-diverse, welcoming and safe country. I want to offer reassurance to the students here that Australia is taking necessary measures for their safety. Australia has zero tolerance for violence against Indian students and others,” she said.

About 1,00,000 Indian students study in various Australian institutes. Gillard listed out the various legislations and reforms her country has decided to initiate to regulate education-providers and international students’ safety. She said 120 additional police officers had been posted in sensitive areas, such as Victoria and Canberra, to make Indian students feel secure.

“Police patrols have been increased substantially for visible policing on streets. Already a large number of arrests have been made,” Gillard said. Australia has also taken up community-sensitisation programmes to reduce tension between Indians and locals.

This is an utter lie. Indian students generally live in ‘diverse‘ areas that are absolutely dangerous and have essentially been abandoned by police. The NSW police service will not deal with the perpertrators of these crimes. This problem has been going on for years.

China removes fake atrocity photos from museum

January 26th, 2009 . by Matt

Ampontan writes here about the Chinese removing fake atrocity photos from one of their museums in Nanjing.

I wrote about these kinds of fake photos, here, here and here, way back in 2005. The last one is specifically mentioned in the article as being removed.

The Japanese empire of old is dead and buried, as Ampontan says. I think that is an important fact to consider when witnessing the rage that Japan seems to evoke in some circles.

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