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Korean boss sexually harassing Australasian employees?

August 14th, 2014 . by Errol

Bae Dong-in, a Korean Education Ministry official, has been accused of saying, “Women with large breasts are dumb” in front of Korean Education Center New Zealand  staff, and of frequently using abusive language toward them.

A KECNZ staffer said Bae also “sexually humiliated” female employees with unwanted comments about the efficacy of small red penises or gochu.

In July of last year, the former director of the KECNZ was forced to return to Korea over accusations of misappropriating school funds. Bae replaced him the following month and has sat and stalked around the New Zealand office since then.

Jung Min-ho, The Korea Times, 13 August 2014

(Suspected) Korean men beat up tall women in Chengdu KFC

May 20th, 2012 . by Errol

Chinasmack has a story of two (suspected) Korean men beating up two young Chinese women.

“In the video, the two young women who were beaten up can be seen initially on the far left side of the counter deciding on what to order. There appears to be three open registers, and the two potentially Korean-speaking men appear to have initially lined up at the left register, while another man had lined up at the rightmost register.

The women walked over from the far left to queue up behind the young woman at the “center” open register. After that woman is served, the two young women who were beaten walk forward to order and that is when the allegedly Korean men, who are used to the Korean male privilege concept of Korean males being always served first, start yelling and then attack the two young Chinese women.”



Korean ex-husbands dismayed that their ex-wives are now “looser than tighter”

April 7th, 2012 . by Errol

Classic Konglish or a Canuckistani sub-editor having a laugh? You be the judge.

31.1 percent of men, who divorced, said such good feelings disappeared when their former wife appeared looser than tighter, a recent survey said.

The survey was jointly conducted by ionlyyou, an Internet site specializing in remarriages, and Bien-Aller, a company which provides marriage information, from March 29 through April 3.

Quite a few readers have pointed out that the sentence is:
“What it says on the box”.

The Korea Times 5 April 2012

Kang Ho-dong has not left the building.

November 19th, 2011 . by Errol

SBS has been running a series of inconsequential sidekicks for Yoo Jae-seok. The more inconsequential the better, lest a temporary replacement replaces Kang Ho-dong in the hearts and minds of gagmen addicts.

강호동과 유재석

강호동과 유재석

Lee Chul-ho (sic)* of the Joongang Ilbo puts in an online plea for the return of his idol.

Lee Chul-ho (sic) then has a gratuitous (and apparently irresistible for Joongang crew members) shot at Ahn Cheol-soo, by claiming that building a company from nothing is less experience than being a salesman for an already established construction company, in the middle of a building boom.

* Chul vs Cheol. One is 21st C spelling and t’other is old-style.

Ahn is well on the way to forming 안민당.

Construction site restaurants, corruption and the recession

October 6th, 2011 . by Errol


Joongang Ilbo is touting the “low prices and tasty food” (forgive the Konglish) of construction site restaurants.

What does this have to do with corruption?

“Chang Soo-man, one of President Lee Myung-bak’s close associates, former Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) commissioner was imprisoned for four years for his involvement in improprieties connected with a construction site restaurant.”

Copyright ⓒ NEWSIS.COM, 2011-08-08

What does this have to do with the recession? The ROK rebounded quickly from previous recessions, as the desire to maintain chaemyeon meant ajeossi kept splashing cash on meals and entertainment. Restaurant and entertainment facilities owners then recycled the monies back into the wider economy.

Construction site restaurants, however, are often granted a monopoly licence. The narrowing of ownership means the wider economy receives less beneficial effects. For example, instead of a waitress spending the money on college tuition, the construction site franchise owner spends the money on overseas trips and fancy, foreign handbags.

Not good from a mercantilist economic policy philosophy, nor from a capitalist economic policy philosophy.

Le Samsung Ilbo, October 07,2011

Banmal arrogance sinks Chung Mong-joon’s presidential ambition‏

September 22nd, 2011 . by Errol

Chung raised eyebrows of all with an extremely rude manner of speech toward Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan.

Rep. Chung kept talking down to Kim, saying, “Does it suit common sense? What kind of quibble is that?” in ways some masters wouldn’t even speak to their servants.

Servants? Koreans still have servants? Wasn’t slavery abolished in 1910?

Gaffe from arrogance

The Korea Times, 09-21-2011

Korean language lesson in Japanese

August 25th, 2009 . by Matt

This is pretty funny. Enjoy.

Korean Rum Diary – funny!

August 18th, 2009 . by Matt

Ah, this Korean Rum Diary guy is hilarious. I also find it pretty funny that Koreans will insist a native speaker is wrong about this or that, especially when the critic is unable to speak the language in question.

To the Korean Rum Diary guy – fight back by giving these kids authentic American names. Tyrone Jackson. D’Shawn Washington. Lakisha Brown. See if the Korean parents object, and on what basis.

Wonder Girls bad?

December 23rd, 2007 . by Matt

Seems like a fair few foreign bloggers are up in arms about the Wonder Girls, something to do with them being associated with pedophilia or something. I don’t get that because none of them are actually prepubescent, and a plurality of the members are 18 or over, and the youngest 15 in any case.

I think they are just a lot of fun. Take a look and decide for yourself. You may be asked to download the divX player. Don’t worry it is safe and is nothing to do with ActiveX.

Language exchange fury

December 9th, 2007 . by FamilyGuy

I am “FamilyGuy”, a commenter on this blog and Australian guy in Sydney. I personally know Matt and have lived with Koreans and have several close Korean friends. I am not anti-Korean in the least as anyone can see from my comments that I have posted these many months.

I regularly organise language exchange events in Sydney just to get people from different backgrounds together for things such as beach trips, BBQ’s etcetera.

The week before last I had organised a dinner. This dinner was to be at a Korean BBQ restaurant in Sydney, and was attended by Australians, Chinese, Korean, Singaporeans and Japanese.
About 16 people attended. Most of the people I had organised via a Language Exchange website. Of the guests one was a Korean girl called “Karen” that I had met on this site. She was in Australia to study English and had only been here a short time and was eager to improve her conversational English and to meet friends that were not Korean.

The dinner I had organised involved lots of different types of Korean BBQ food and drinking of Soju. That night I had spoke only briefly with Karen as she was at the opposite end of the table.

The night was a success but from that day on Karen never replied to my text messages or my phone calls.

Finally late last week, I got a message from her to say “sorry that I had not replied but my Korean boyfriend got very angry a t me and I haven’t been able to use my phone”. I replied to her asking why he had been angry, she said because she came home drunk from the dinner that I had organised and this was shameful to him. She also told me he had hit her a few times and she couldn’t come out because of a black eye. Then what she said next surprised me, she said “anyway it was my fault and I deserved that I shouldn’t have gone out and drank Soju”

I was both shocked and surprised at this attitude but have been told by other Koreans that this is commonplace and she should have known better.

Recently I have not heard from her at all but I bumped into her completely by chance on Friday and she told me she could not talk to me and walked past me. I think her boyfriend told her not to speak or contact me again or he would “get angry again”.

It reminds me of a joke I heard “What does a Korean man say to his girlfriend that has two black eyes?”

“Nothing he already told her twice”.

It just seems to me that Karen only wanted to go out and improve her English ability along with the intention of meeting new friends, but was physically punished by her Korean boyfriend for doing so. This to me is completely unreasonable but it seems to have been a normal reaction by Korean standards.

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