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You know that you are getting old when ….

February 25th, 2015 . by Dokdodevil

You know that you are getting old when ….

The Korean girl stays beside you in the street.

You know the feeling – you are walking along the lonely beach with your young friend, there is nobody in sight and she is beside you, about a foot away, about an inch away, about minus one inch away, she’s holding your hand, she’s … Shortly you are off the dry sand onto the wet sand, now your shoes are getting wet. So you guide her back to a parallel course and the process repeats and repeats again. Repeats, that is, until anyone comes into view. That distant figure might be a Korean man who could rebuke her for degrading herself with a foreigner. In an instant she is back in her place two metres behind. The same walking a girl home at night: she stays so close that you feel about to fall off the kerb, but if anyone appears then back two metres. She does not want to be seen as the mistress of a blue-eyed monster.

Well the other day I was taking a friendly young Korean university student to her first day at a language school in the city. Walking down George Street I felt that something was out of place. There she was: giggling and smiling beside me, not in the standard Korean girl’s public following position. The thought that other Koreans might take her for my mistress had not occurred to her.

Perhaps I am now old enough to be safe.

The ‘spread AIDS’ lobby

September 15th, 2008 . by Matt

What do you do when your homeland is going down the toilet, and there are well connected people and organisations that actually support spreading AIDS? I don’t know. If you do, let me know.

The latest from the ‘spread AIDS’ lobby is their reaction to a 2 1/2 month jail sentence given to a HIV positive male prostitute in the ACT, Australia.

Australia’s peak sex workers association says the jail term prostitute sends a “disgraceful” message that having sex with an infected person is unsafe.

The Scarlet Alliance chief executive Janelle Fawkes said the organisation was “appalled” by the decision, saying she was extremely concerned at the possible repercussions after this kind of message.

“Last week, the ACT attorney-general, Simon Corbell, came out and stated that Section 25 should be reviewed and considering current risk in transmission that, in fact, an HIV positive person being a sex worker does not hold a higher risk for the community,” Ms Fawkes said.

“But this week, we have a judge in the ACT making an example of a person who was only being a sex worker whilst HIV-positive.

“That sends a clear and cutting message that having sex with an HIV-positive person is unsafe and that is simply not true.”

The same activity in NSW and several other states would not be deemed illegal, Ms Fawkes said.

Having sex with a HIV positive person “does not hold a higher risk for the community”? That is absolutely insane. Of course there is a higher risk of contracting HIV from someone that is HIV positive, because the risk of contracting it from someone that does not have HIV is zero.

“Sex worker whilst HIV-positive”? Is that supposed to be something like “driving whilst black”? These people are lunatics, and people could contract HIV or AIDS because of their activism.

Having sex with HIV positive people is unsafe. What on earth is this country coming to?

Hat tip to bananaboy

Don’t know how it happened but

May 18th, 2008 . by Matt

… bots hijacked Occidentalism and started posting all kinds of nonsense. In the meantime, I was fighting the bots (unsuccessfully), but I think I have them beaten now. Everything working?

UPDATE: I have worked out exactly what happened. A black hat SEO put in hidden links on my pages using a exploit in the code of wordpress. A side effect of this was the broken formatting. Basically what I have had to do is go through every post on Occidentalism, more that 700 of them. I deleted the hidden links and hidden text but I am not sure if I have missed anything. Does anyone know how to find hidden text on this blog quickly so I can quickly nuke the remainder?

So angry

March 12th, 2008 . by Matt

Something so incredibly awful has happened to me that I am angry beyond words. Since this looks like it is going to be a legal case (with me suing someone), I cannot comment on it at this time. I promise to let everyone know the full details as soon as I am able.

Attacked on the street

December 17th, 2007 . by Matt

So there I was walking down the street in the Sydney CBD (my neighborhood) walking a few meters behind a couple of friends and thus to all appearances looking like I was alone, when a Chinese guy with another guy and a girl that were walking past PUNCHED me as he walked by.

I was stunned for a few seconds after getting hit in the ribs, not believing what happened and unable to think. They just kept walking after that single punch. Then something hit me after someone on the street asked me if I was alright – a rage. I roared after the guy that hit me catching up to him. My friends who had been walking ahead of me just realised what happened after I started roaring. What happened next can be described by my friend, in an email that he sent to another friend that I will paste here.

We were with Mr P hitting the streets when out of nowhere some guy sucker punched Matt and then Matt went berserk and tackled him to the ground and started punching him to the road.

His mates tried to gang up till I tackled one of them and distracted them long enough till Matt got his message thru to the street! Scruffy Murphy’s sercurity came and broke it up. It was out front of Mat-ta-ma! All the Ks were looking at the fight!

I pounded the guy to hell. But WTF is going on when you are just attacked for no reason walking down the street? The guy that attacked me even looked completely normal.

Refugees with leprosy or HIV to be prevented from emigrating to Australia

May 31st, 2007 . by Matt

Finally, some common sense. What is puzzling is why that was accepted in the first place.

Prime Minister John Howard has indicated he would prefer to shut the door on migrants and refugees with serious contagious diseases.

The Australian National Audit Office found that the Immigration Department has knowingly approved visas for migrants with serious communicable conditions, despite authorities’ inability to monitor them.

Mr Howard today said a review of the situation was imminent and the best outcome would be a ban on migrants and refugees who were HIV positive or who had leprosy from entering the country.

“My view is the best result is that no one with those sort of ailments is allowed into the country,” Mr Howard told Macquarie Radio.

“I’m going to review the current position, and I want procedures put in place that see as far as possible that that doesn’t happen.

What is strange is that there are actually organisations and supporters of bringing people with these kind of diseases here as immigrants.

88% of 444000 people on MSNBC poll call for impeachment of President Bush

May 21st, 2007 . by Matt

Even accounting for anti-Bush activists marshaling their numbers to push the poll in that direction, I doubt it would account for the majority of the 444000 people polled.

impeach bush

Maybe the people are fed up with the lack of accountability. No one in the administration, including President Bush, has ever accepted any responsibility for what is going in Iraq, repeatedly declaring victory, or “mission accomplished”, and continually to the present day insisting there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq and Al-Queda terrorists, despite the clear reality to the contrary.

Bill Clinton faced impeachment for lying about a bit of oral massage. How many American (not to mention Iraqi) dead will it take for President Bush to be impeached? To be fair, any impeachment would need to include Vice President Cheney as well since he is as responsible as the President.

Vegan fanatic parents starve baby

May 21st, 2007 . by Matt

There is no such thing as a vegan baby (well, vegan babies that are alive, that is).

WHEN Crown Shakur died of starvation, he was 6 weeks old and weighed 3.5 pounds. His vegan parents, who fed him mainly soy milk and apple juice, were convicted in Atlanta recently of murder, involuntary manslaughter and cruelty.

This particular calamity — at least the third such conviction of vegan parents in four years — may be largely due to ignorance. But it should prompt frank discussion about nutrition.

I was once a vegan. But well before I became pregnant, I concluded that a vegan pregnancy was irresponsible. You cannot create and nourish a robust baby merely on foods from plants.

What is also terrible is that vegans and vegetarians are forcing their eating habits on pets that cannot remain alive on that kind of diet, literally starving their pets to death.

A great many mainstream “animal people” are enthusiastic pet owners who believe in bonding with and loving animals. Unfortunately, a lot of them don’t believe in eating animals, or even allowing their animals to eat animals – even though it’s exactly what their cats and dogs need to be healthy. A lot of them are vegetarians, and by default, their pets are, too. But not all of them are. Plenty of dog and cat owners are meat-eaters, but they still want to buy what’s best for their pets.

So they buy their pet-food on the advice of the “experts” at the local Petco or PetSmart, despite the fact that these stores are largely staffed by young, idealistic folks – many of whom buy into the vegetarian dogma hook, line and sinker. The whole thing combines to become a snowball effect.

Pet owners and buyers of all types get care and feeding advice from misguided people who are convinced that eating meat is cruelty to animals. This creates more demand for meatless pet-food – which spurs pet-food makers to buy ever-larger quantities of the cheapest vegetable ingredients that are still high in protein (even if they’ve been spiked with poisonous additives and it is the wrong type of protein for cats and dogs in the first place). Naturally, the cheapest of these are outside the U.S. And as such, they’re low-quality, un-regulated, and more likely to be hazardous.

Bottom line: If vegetarian dogma did not exist, pet owners, pet-store staffers, and veterinarians would wake up and take notice of what most animals eat naturally – each other. They’d also start allowing this knowledge to guide their dietary advice to pet owners, instead of allowing their own ignorance and prejudices to spur the death and sickening of countless numbers of the very pets they purport to be advocates of.

Of course, anyone that knows vegans or vegetarians is aware that they have a moralistic streak (“meat is murder”), and consider eating meat to be immoral. The fact is that human beings and pets that are omnivorous or carnivorous are naturally eaters of meat, and as natural eaters of meat, it is perfectly moral and natural to eat meat.

AIDS lunacy

March 22nd, 2007 . by Matt

There are actually people out there trying deliberately to spread the AIDS virus.

A PSYCHIATRIST who called Michael Neal the “most evil man” he had met in 20 years urged authorities to lock him up two years ago but was ignored.

Neal, a grandfather, formerly of Coburg, is accused of attempting to infect at least 16 men with HIV between 2000 and 2006 while he was subject to Department of Human Services orders not to engage in unprotected sex or attend gay beats.

The revelation came as a court heard yesterday that Neal claimed to have organised a “conversion party” in 2005 at which up to 15 men “gang-banged” a teenager to infect him with HIV.

The court also heard there was a “bug chaser” movement in Melbourne’s gay community who wanted to contract the disease and “breed” it.

Police allege two men contracted HIV from Neal, who is facing 121 charges, including intentionally causing a very serious disease, attempting to cause a very serious disease, rape, and possessing and producing child pornography. He has denied the charges.

Two Department of Human Services workers told his committal hearing in the Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday that Neal’s psychiatrist, Dr Fintan Harte, told them in 2004 that the only way to guarantee the public’s health was to “lock this man up for life”.

Despite more than eight complaints about his sexual behaviour over five years, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, Dr Robert Hall, told the court on Tuesday he referred Neal’s case to police only last year after he was told the father of five had child pornography — a matter he considered criminal.

Department of Human Services worker Elizabeth Hatch told the court yesterday that Dr Harte expressed concern about Neal having unprotected sex with other people in July 2004 and believed therapy would have little effect, if any.

“He stated that Michael Neal enjoys infecting people with HIV and that he cannot see Mr Neal maintaining safe sex with others,” Ms Hatch, a registered nurse who worked on Neal’s case, said in a statement tendered to the court. “Dr Harte also said the only way to guarantee the public’s health would be to lock this man up for life.”

She said Dr Harte’s claim was put to an “HIV advisory case panel” and resulted in Neal being placed on an order to practise safe sex, not to attend sex-on-site premises, not to share injecting equipment and to continue counselling and contact with the department.

It was the first of four orders placed on Neal between 2004 and 2006 before police were notified of his case and arrested him in February last year.

Ms Hatch said Neal asked the department to pay for Viagra in 2003 because he found it difficult to get an erection with a condom on.

She also received a report that Neal had said “welcome to my club” after having unprotected sex with a man who did not know Neal was HIV-positive.

An HIV-positive man who said Neal tried to infect him with the virus in 2000 also told the court there was a movement of “bug chasing” and “gift giving” in the gay community — terms used to describe the deliberate transmission of HIV.

The student said Neal looked triumphant when he asked him how it felt to “take a big pos load” when they had unprotected sex in 2000.

“There was absolutely nothing arousing or erotic about what he said. It was more a statement of violence,” the student said.

Another man who alleges Neal planned a “conversion party” to infect him with HIV told the court that Neal claimed to have injected a 15-year-old boy with crystal meth, also known as “ice”, before he was “gang-banged” by up to 15 men at his Coburg home in 2005.

There was a time, perhaps 20 years ago or so, when the few people infected with HIV could have been compassionately separated from the general public, and combined with rigorous testing of the general population, the spread of the deadly disease could have been halted, or eliminated all together. Now AIDS is spreading everywhere, and there is a deadly fear of it in almost everyone. In Africa, AIDS kills more people than wars, famines and floods put together, and in some countries 1 in 5 persons or more are infected with HIV. People with HIV/AIDS through their numbers have even created a kind of masculine chic associated with having HIV.

I think we in Australia still have a chance to deal with the HIV/AIDS problem, but we need to deal with this realistically and accept that asking for voluntary restraint from carriers, many of whom do not know they are infected anyway, is hopeless. We need to deal with this in the same way as we would deal with any rapidly spreading disease. It may seem harsh, but we need to physically separate those people infected with HIV/AIDS from those that do not. We also need a program of compulsory screening for the virus. We could have done this before, but we did not and now we are paying the price. If we delay and the situation becomes as desperate as it is in Africa, then it will happen, and when it does it will be millions of people interned in spartan conditions rather than the thousands today that we could accommodate in comparative luxury until they pass away from AIDS.

I acknowledge that my proposal will severely restrict the rights enjoyed by people infected with HIV/AIDS, but I think that the overall benefit to society is just so overwhelming that they should made to sacrifice.

UPDATE: See the comments for criticism of my proposal.

A logical response to a video about public execution in N. Korea

March 10th, 2007 . by Darin

Long time no post. Had to share this rant.

So I’m watching some videos on N. Korea that all of the Korea blogs are linking to, feeling disgusted about how we are doing nothing to help the 23 million people of N. Korea who are just left to starve, and I stumble across a video that disgusted me even more.

A video about public executions in N. Korea. But what disgusted me wasn’t the video.

It was the comments.

The video was taken from Japanese television.

And this was the response of one person.

nihonjin hehehe.fuck.speaking sounds like shits of Koizumi.


fuck jap.

There is just so much wrong with this world, and so many useful idiots.

Why are the government and people of S. Korea so preoccupied with the wrongs of the past that they will do nothing, nothing at all to stop the wrongs of the present, on the same people they call brothers. Why is the American government for that matter. KJI has killed more then 10% of the N. Korean population, and S. Korea remains silent. Yet there is no shortage of noise about what Japan did 60 years ago, on a much lesser scale.

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