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Negative comment/review of Occidentalism

January 17th, 2007 . by Matt

A commenter on www.facebook.com, Karen G. Lee has offered criticism of Occidentalism. I just want to show this without commenting to much. I want Occidentalism readers to give their opinions on this.

I am partly shocked, frustrated, and mostly saddened by this forum. And I am saying this as a person, and not as a Korean citizen and definitely NOT as a Korean nationalist. I know that there’s 2ch, a Japanese forum that openly attacks Korea and holds extreme anti-Korean comments, but wow, even in English sites! I didn’t know such thing existed; A site full of extreme cynicism and full of distort and devaluation about Korea.

What I found funny from this site is though, I wouldn’t mine if this site openly claims that it is an anti-Korean site; however, it continuously denies its role of degrading Korea. They always say “how is this site degrading Korea?” And they try to justify it. Funny, even non-Koreans found and noticed that one post after another held negative comments about Korea and offensive materials. It’s also funny that Koreans can’t really express their views openly because, one occasion, pro-Korean view was expressed, and that person was labeled as a troll, comments got deleted, and later got kicked out. So how is that a forum that opens up a diverse discussion? if pro-Korean ideas (and not even downright korean nationalistic view but mere facts and statistics),they say, “you must be a Korean liar, ultra-Korean nationalist”, or “I smell Kimuchi…”

And I found this even more scary, that these people have extensive data, which are very one-sided researched, got off from anti-Korean sites, or news about Korea that only shows very negative parts of Korea, or some are just downright stupid, downright subjective, and downright anti-korean (but ironically, they are never trolls, Nope Nope). For people new to Korea, it is possible that they might believe these threads and find them legitimate and true. Because believe it or not, they do present their discussions logically, but very anti-Korean and some very subjective. I am afraid that people who don’t know Korea will see Korea through these peoples’ one-sided comments.

Interestingly, they NEVER say they hate Korea outright. They all pose as nice and intelligent guys that are trying to show Other side of Korea and say they are trying to open up Koreans’ narrow minded views, Koreas are copy, dirty nation, degrade our historical heros(and these are the partly better comments by them), but underneath, they say all the offensive and negative comments they could think of! The cynicism is very much embedded. And it makes me truly disgusted. (by now I am definitely labeled as an ultra korean-nationalist! according to them! lol,,,)

Also, obviously these people have way too much interest in Korea, and they seem to know more Korean history than I do. (well, but sadly, only the very negative parts). I am not really sure what they are trying to promote… and trying to get out of through degrading and stepping on another person’s nation.

But, honestly, I never knew that Korea was this much hated and ridiculed. It really upsets me. Their comments really made me tear up and cry.

(And not only here, but also in youtube..have you noticed that anything, and i mean anything bad happens in Korea, it could be any country too, but these videos are posted in youtube like 5 mintues later with Japanese writings on it??? and they are probably not even Japanese, or perhaps they are,,,we can never know). Is Korea really that bad? Did we really do so much wrong to you people? Why do people work so hard making up anti-korean videos? why do they spend so much time spreading hate into this world? seriously I didn’t want to go this far, but these feelings have been accumulated over some times.

Well, please I really suggest people to check out this site! And judge for yourselves. And read their comments!


Thanks for the post about the Gerry B guy. < --- this man is a very active member in this forum.. the ELS english teacher that did not get his contract renewal due to dokdo issue. (he also write about very one-sided dokdo views extensivley). Ironically, he kept (and this is his defense) saying in his posts that he loves Korean people, and Korea. But honestly, how can he say that when he spends hours and hours trying to disprove and break what every Korean holds so dearly? How can he say that when he spends hours and hours trying to break Korean image, distort Korean history by displaying only one extreme view? Why not at least present both korean and japanese sides? not just Japanese? he is a bigot and his motives are clearly designed to slander Korea... no?? Honestly, how is that loving Korea?

The only thing I will say is that people with opposing opinions do not get banned here, and she is sadly and unfortunately mistaken about that. I am posting here because I am unable to comment over there.

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Fundamentalist Christians Undermining Everything That is America

January 12th, 2007 . by Darin

Schools in Seattle have placed a moratorium on the movie, An Inconvenient Truth.

This week in Federal Way schools, it got a lot more inconvenient to show one of the top-grossing documentaries in U.S. history, the global-warming alert “An Inconvenient Truth.”

After a parent who supports the teaching of creationism and opposes sex education complained about the film, the Federal Way School Board on Tuesday placed what it labeled a moratorium on showing the film. The movie consists largely of a computer presentation by former Vice President Al Gore recounting scientists’ findings.

“Condoms don’t belong in school, and neither does Al Gore. He’s not a schoolteacher,” said Frosty Hardison, a parent of seven who also said that he believes the Earth is 14,000 years old. “The information that’s being presented is a very cockeyed view of what the truth is. … The Bible says that in the end times everything will burn up, but that perspective isn’t in the DVD.”

School Board members adopted a three-point policy that says teachers who want to show the movie must ensure that a “credible, legitimate opposing view will be presented,” that they must get the OK of the principal and the superintendent, and that any teachers who have shown the film must now present an “opposing view.”

Asked whether an alternative explanation for evolution should be presented by teachers, Barney said it would be appropriate to tell students that other beliefs exist. “It’s only a theory,” he said.

Okay, so beyond all the obvious stupidity of these guys, lets take a look at the extreme stupidity in here. Evolution and Global Warming are theories, therefore they are not absolute, and opposing view points need to be presented. However the opposing viewpoint this guy presents is “[t]he Bible says that in the end times everything will burn up, but that perspective isn’t in the DVD” and speaks of it as an absolute. Don’t even get me started on the Flying Spaghetti Monster (more from Wikipedia).

Please America, how about we stop going after fundamentalist Muslims and start dropping bombs on fundamentalist Christians. Fundamentalist Muslims in America will generally not interact with the surrounding community, and as a result will not harm it either, but these idiots are doing everything in their power to destroy our already hurt education system. Kick ’em out. Not just out of PTA’s or schools, but out of the country. These types of idiots can be found nowhere else in the world BUT America; why do they flock like this?! You wanna practice a religion? That’s fine, you’re welcome to it, freedom of religion is one of the things that makes America great. But forcing others to believe your harebrained scheme is not freedom of religion, that’s Religious Terrorism. Get this stuff out of the schools, you can learn this type of stuff at your cult camp on the weekends. Geez.

And this opposing view to you speak of, what exactly do you have in mind?

“There is no opposing view to science, which is fact, and the facts are clear that global warming is here, now.”

Is Al’s movie flawless? I haven’t seen it (Curzon has), so I don’t know, (the parent who complained about it also hasn’t seen it, now that’s a Convenient Truth if I’ve ever done seen one) but you’re not going to get me to listen to a word you say once you tell me ‘the Bible says so’.

I came accross this article on Slashdot. Normally the comments section is even worse then something you’ll find on Japan/Korea relations blogs, but there were a coupla a good ones this time.

+ Frosty Hardison, a parent of seven who also said that he believes the Earth is 14,000 years old.
The fundamentalist Christians are out breeding the rest of us. We must catch up.

– – Nice pick up line, I’ll have to try that at the bar.
– – Hey nice hips, wana have 8 kids?
Yep, that’s what happens when they don’t teach about condoms in schools!

The Federal Way Public School System lists one of the famous Alumni as a scientist and a parent of children in the school district. I pray to God that Mr. Smith will be pulling his children out tomorrow morning.

Rant about ‘Asiaphilia’

November 3rd, 2006 . by Matt

‘Asiaphiles’ surrounding an Asian girl – picture from Orange County Weekly

This rant by Vickie Chang in the Orange County Weekly is something else. I guess the writer is a Korean American based on her stereotypical transplanted-to-America Korean girls first name (Vicky – how many Korean girls have you met using that name in English?) and the family name Chang, which is a fairly standard Korean family name. She also talks about booking clubs, and the customers of those are usually Korean.

Born and raised in La Habra, Dan* didn’t see many Asian Americans before college. Now 22, he attributes his Asiaphilia to UC Irvine, where he’s a studio art major and an astounding 58 percent of students claim Asian descent.

But his Asian fetish actually originated in high school, in trig class, where he met a Vietnamese American girl named Ann. Although born in the United States, Ann was raised in Indonesia until about a year before Dan met her. She spoke English well, but not perfectly. They shared the standard high school dating experience: dinner-and-movie dates, study dates, boba dates, kung fu lessons, meditation with the girlfriend’s Buddhist monk uncle. The relationship ended in a pretty standard way, too: Dan suggested sex, Ann resisted, things spiraled. There was an ultimatum and then a breakup, and then—classic—threats of suicide.

Later, Dan sought answers on Ann’s blog, where she labeled him a “standard American boy” and called him out for pressuring her into sex. She ended the entry with a note of disgust: “Get over yourself.”

Perhaps it was the pain of that rejection and the desire to overcome it, but Dan says Ann’s rejection changed him. When he began dating again, he found himself looking for Asian girls. He went through a string of them—one-night stands, flings and friends-with-benefits. He frequented places like Club Bang in Hollywood, which attracts a number of Asian patrons—and Asiaphiles like Dan.

Although there was one detour on the road to full-blown Asiaphilia—Desiree, whom he describes as a “white feminist with armpit hair”—Dan openly professed his preference for Asian women by his third year at UCI.

His friends back in La Habra eventually got the idea he had a fetish.

“Date a nice white girl,” they urged him.

“White girls,” he’d reply, “are sluts.”

Yes… this kind of thing never happens to high school couples of the same race, right? That is the start of quite an impressive rant. Lets look at it.

“You know, I just got back from Bangkok,” he went on. “The women in Thailand are all gorgeous. You’re all gorgeous! It’s just that whole area.”

That whole area? Bangkok? Thailand in general? Southeast Asia? The greater Asian continent?

It’s funny: Asia is about 17,212,000 square miles—nearly five times the size of the U.S. About 60 percent of the world’s population lives there. Yet these guys seem to lump all Asians together, not to mention the teeny tiny fact that people such as Christina are Americans.

Would an ‘Asiaphile’ really be so ignorant of Asian geography? The guy she is talking about is probably not an ‘Asiaphile’.

But he wasn’t finished. He inquired about Christina’s nationality and complimented her on her good breeding, background and “blood,” the last of which left her thoroughly creeped out. By the end of the night, the guy had even doted on her “delicate” fingers, and grabbed her arm when she tried to escape to the smoking patio.

Less than a month later, again at Detroit, another forgettable guy with crusty hands sauntered over to our table and said breathily, “I love this table! I just love it!” He stared at Christina, gesturing toward her with one of those crusty hands. “Especially you!”

Crusty hands? I wonder what purpose this kind of description serves. Are the crusty hands a product of his ‘Asiaphilia’? If not, what is the purpose of this kind of description if not for demagoguery?

By the time we’ve reached adulthood, most Asian American women have experienced so many episodes of Asiaphilia that it becomes something we laugh about over dinner. There was the time that one smooth-talking (and way too short—I hope you’re reading this) guy from LA Weekly’s marketing department asked me where I was from.

“Los Angeles,” I said.

“No, really, where are you really from?”

This seems kind of unreasonable. More than 65% of Asian Americans are born overseas. In a city like New York, the percentage rises to 78%. Most of the Asians the average American might meet out in casual social situations are probably not from America. If an Asian American is mistaken for a recent immigrant, then they should consider that the price of their parents having moved to America. That being said, it strikes me as extremely self centered to complain about people making assumptions that are in most cases correct.

There was the 20-year-old UCI economics major who swears that Asian women’s vaginas “feel different somehow—very smooth and naturally lubricated.” Or the guy who sauntered up to me and asked, “You must be great with a chopstick, huh?”

People really come up to you and say these kinds of things, Vicky? I have plenty of Asian female friends. It doesn’t happen to them.

It pisses us off—no, I don’t want to see your killer Chinese-character tat; it probably doesn’t mean what you think it means—but we’re not sure what we can do but laugh.

Now there is some misdirected anger. Who cares!

Asian fetishism has a long history of being brushed off as a compliment, rather than offensive or bigoted. I’ve been told I ought to be flattered that so many non-Asian men “prefer” Asians and Asian American women. But the coalescing of an ethnicity into a whole, whether exotic, erotic, oversexed or virginal, is a real issue, collectively and individually. (I guess when it comes to stereotypes, Asian women have it better than Asian men do. There are two main themes when it comes to Asian male stereotypes: virginal and emasculated. Not to mention that super-fun myth that goes something like this: small stature equals small penis equals small chance of pleasure.)

Asiaphilia brings with it a set of more intimate considerations. I get to wonder if the man chatting me up is genuinely interested in me or interested in the idea of what he supposes me to be: demure and submissive, the forever-faithful geisha girl/bedroom toy.

The overwhelming ratio of males with Asiaphilic attraction to females suggests that this fetishization isn’t based on looks alone. Asiaphiles are looking for authority in their romantic relationships, premeditated or not.

Even if this were true, and that white guys dating Asian girls had these kinds of assumptions about “demure and submissive” Asian “geisha/bedroom toy”, such assumptions would not survive real life contact. Unless she is suggesting there is truth to what she says is a myth.

This issue moved out of the theoretical and into the personal when I dated a white boy I met in college.

“Do you like boba,” he asked me.

“I don’t.”

“Ever visited the Japanese Garden at Huntington Library?”

“I have, but I prefer the Shakespeare Garden.”

“Ever read The Art of War?”

I was devastated. Couldn’t he see I was into the same things he was—Dostoevsky, early ’90s shoegazer music and Indian food?

It hurt. When someone homogenizes an entire race of people—even if that homogenization tends toward desirable—that someone is creating a wall between himself and the person in question. No one likes to be treated as an outsider, especially in the only country she’s ever known as home

People have a tendency to ‘homogenize’ things, and that crosses racial boundaries. It is not something unique to white people. Vicky has been homogenizing people thoughout her article.

Things got worse when I heard the story of my friend Lydia, whose boyfriend’s Asiaphilic tendencies didn’t reveal themselves for months. By the end of the relationship, the guy had become an East Asian Studies/Chinese language double major, and never missed a chance to converse with her family in their native Mandarin. When she wasn’t around, he’d call her father to go out for Chinese food.

He’s gone, but his impact on Lydia remains.

“It always crosses my mind,” she says, “that I’m replaceable.”

It sounds like he is making a big effort to get along with his girlfriends family, especially his girlfriends father. A good friend of mine was dating an Asian girl and was told by her father to “Fuck off… stay away from my daughter… she isn’t allowed to date white guys“. It is good that he is getting along with her family.

As all good Asian-American Studies minors know, the roots of Asiaphilia are planted in the soil of colonialism. Our European forefathers, viewing any foreign culture as backward, erased what they could of indigenous custom and inscribed upon the people their own authority. Thus did bloom the stereotype of Asian docility, submissiveness and lotus blossom beauty.

Considering all the laws forbidding inter-racial sex in America in the past, it is unlikely that the forefathers of America are responsible for ‘Asiaphilia’. If there was a ‘stereotype’ of docility of Asian women, the ‘stereotype’ came from the extremely male dominated societies of East Asia. From foot binding to Confucian morals delegating women to the status of chattel, none of this has anything to do with any white people at all.

Moving on a bit, its a long rant, I am leaving out the ranting about Nicholas Cage and his Korean wife, and the rant about Gwen Stafani and her ‘Harajuku girls’, and also the rant about homosexual white men dating homosexual Asian men.

Dan says his last girlfriend before undergoing what he calls “The Change” was another Ann. Annie, actually. She was Chinese American, a UCI student and a born-again Christian who claimed a “secondary virginity.”

By the conclusion of their five-month relationship, the secondary virginity had disappeared just as the first one had. Soon afterward, she made Dan disappear, too. Not long after that, Dan went through a tumultuous quarter-life crisis.

He’s now dating Frida, a fourth-year film major of mixed Mexican and European descent he met while working at a local movie theater. He’s glad to have renounced his narrow-minded ways.

“I was going through a lot of changes in my life and rethinking things,” he recalls. “My obsession with Asian women was one of the aspects of myself I found to be not healthy.”

He’s a new man, he says, living by a new philosophy: “Asian women tend to be mean, stingy abusers.”

So what, now Dan is alright? “Asian women tend to be mean, stingy abusers” and “White girls are sluts”. It sounds to me like Dan is a young man with special problems, not representative of ‘Asiaphiles’, whatever they are.

I wonder where I fit in to this pattern that Vicky lays out here. I have dated Asian girls, which is supposed to be an ‘Asiaphile’ trait.. I have lived in Japan. I speak, read and write Japanese, Korean, and to a certain extent, Chinese. Obviously I can tell the difference between various Asian countries, and do not lump them all together, so I do not fit the ‘Asiaphile’ pattern Vicky describes in that respect. I hate tattoos so tattoos with Chinese characters are not an issue for me. Nor am I the kind of moron that approaches strangers and talks about the relative lubricative qualities of different races of womens sexual organs, something that seems to happen to Vicky a lot (wonder why?). I don’t know about submissiveness or anything like that – I just try to get along with any girl I date. It is hard to imagine the situation described by Vicky. So am I a ‘Asiaphile’?

Perhaps this is an ‘issue’ that we need to talk about. But if we are going to talk about nonsense issues, lets start with the issue of the white fetish that is causing Asians leave the land of their ancestors to live among white people, who are obviously the most bigoted and racist people on the planet. Now that is weird! According to Vicky, white men that date Asian women are Asian fetishists that are engaging in “offensive or bigoted” behavior. It looks like by this standard people that hate Asians are racist, and people that are friendly to Asians are also racist. Life must be hard for Asian Americans! We must make a study of this issue, and find out why Asian people continue to emigrate to America despite its insurmountable shortcomings and omnipresent racism. Perhaps Vicky can tell us the reason why?

“We find it’s always better to fire people on a Friday.

October 28th, 2006 . by Darin

Studies have statistically shown that there’s less chance of an incident if you do it at the end of the week.

-Office Space

I’m afraid I had to let YoungRocco go. He was given more warnings then anyone else in the history of time, when he failed to yield to the warnings, I went out of my way to edit his comments removing the attitude and leaving the ‘substance’ rather then just deleting his comment or banning him like would have happened on any other site on the net.

But when confronted about his lies claiming that I had deleted ‘vital portions’ of his argument, he just disappeared, waiting for another post to be started so he could continue his hijacking then. Finally, he attempted to call me a liar, yet when confronted with the evidence against, he started pulling the ‘you hate Korea’ card.

And that’s when you know you’ve lost. If you can’t handle criticism without claiming that anyone who criticizes you ‘hates’ you, you’re saying that you think you are perfect and flawless. Sorry YoungRocco, but their is no perfect person/country/anything in this world. If you can’t handle seeing people criticize Korea, I encourage you to simply look the other way. Anyone who can participate in discussion, either in agreement or disagreement with any posters or commenters on this site is always welcome, anyone like yourself who does nothing more then hijack threads is never welcome.

I’m sure you’ll be back with a new account and a new name, but you will not start over from zero on warnings just by creating a new account. Any account discovered to be from you, will be removed without warning.

Lastly, for everyone, the atmosphere here at Occidentalism has been completely destroyed by YoungRocco and his childish attitude problems. He has corrupted many of the commenters here (and perhaps myself as well). Please, everyone, we all need to take a good look at ourselves and be sure we’re helping to solve that problem, not create it.

Sorry to have to be an ass like this, but I think it was the best course of action to be taken.

oranckay, you remember this conversation?

August 14th, 2006 . by Darin

I’ve mentioned before, but I used to run a small blog long ago, but it got hacked and all my stuff deleted. But being the smart little devil I am, I randomly took backups. I could have put my site back up in seconds, but at the time decided to take a break from blogging.

Take a look at this. Funny thing is, I wrote about this last year! Here’s part of what I had to say:

As of March 2nd 2004, it’s illegal in South Korea to be friendly to those “Imperialist Japs” (帝強制占領下反民族行為の真相糾明に関する特別法 in Korean 친일진상규명법) and as of December 8th 2005, said “Jap Lover”‘s properties and decendents properties can be seized by the government (親日反民族行為者財産帰属特別法)

To which Mr. oranckay had this to say in comment:

You’re kidding, right? Ah the lies some will tell to make their neighbour look bad…

No, I’m not kidding. Nor am I lying to make someone look bad. There’s no need, they do a damn well job on their own!

So, I’ll be expecting that apology any time soon now. Even Marmot realizes the truth. I had it last year but you refused to believe it. Well how about now?

The Nora Challenge

July 31st, 2006 . by Matt

nora is kushibo's sock
Socks, anyone?

What do you do when you think that someone is using a sock?

According to wikipedia a sock is –

an additional account created by an existing member of an Internet community pretending to be a separate person.

Just the other day I banned a troll that had been banned before, and had 4 sock accounts here. Fortunately, I was on to him from the start, and was able to ban him in a couple of days.

OK, so what do you do when you think a blogger fairly well known for making comments on other blogs has a whole other blogging sock? You put what you think out there, and let the people decide! Yes, I am taking on the Nora Challenge.

The subjects in question are Kushibo and Nora Park. Here is my take on it – Kushibo and Nora are exactly the same person.

A background – Kushibo says he is an American of partial Korean ancestry (at various times he has claimed other ancestries as well – see below). He often writes apologist-for-Korea posts on his blog and in the comments section of other blogs. He is the head of the democrats overseas in Korea, and is anti-Bush.
Nora is a self proclaimed “lesbian-republican” American of Korean ancestry that writes apologist-for-Korea posts on ‘her’ blog and in the comments section of other blogs. She is anti-Bush.

Kushibo has been around for a while, so I dont think I need to mention him too much, but I first noticed Nora on the comments section of the Marmots Hole. My initial reaction to her coming on the Marmots and proclaiming that she was a lesbian-republican was, “this is bullsh*t”. Of course, I did not realise that Nora was Kushibo right away – that came later. I found that Nora had exactly the same prejudices as Kushibo, and hammered away at the same issues. On Marmots they wrote almost identically as well, except for one thing, which I will reveal shortly.

Anyway, lets get to it. Read these four quotes and ask yourself who wrote it –

Quote 1

who says the average south korean citizen doesn’t consider a north korean attack a possibility? don’t let the leftist demonstrations delude you into thinking the entire country feels that way.

Quote 2

one disturbing thing i’ve noticed about the discourse many non-koreans make about korea is the tendency to take a minority or partisan opinion and then attribute it to the entire country.

Quote 3

south korea returning to the chinese sphere of influence? i don’t think so. i think korea is jockeying for a better position within the rok-japan-usa triangle, but taking the plunge and joining the china camp is not going to happen.

korea looks down on china, while it feels it gets too little respect from the usa. all things considered, if korea were to ever be under another country (if that’s what it really is), it would rather be under the country from which it’s trying to get respect than the country upon which it looks down it nose.

Quote 4

mizarv, i think what you wrote was quite good. the left-wing agenda-driven media machine in korea has been depicting the 1999 treaty as an unfair agreement japan made while taking advantage of a korea weakened by the economic crisis (the so-called ‘imf crisis,’ as if the imf caused it).

i’m glad that the joongang ilbo (and hopefully others) is pointing that out.

If you thought it was classic Kushibo, you are wrong. It is his alter-ego, Nora. The difference between Kushibo’s and Nora’s writing is that Nora always made a point never to use any capitalization, while Kushibo capitalized normally. This gives a feeling of artificial difference between the writing of the two. Put capital letters there, and it is pure Kushibo. It should be noted that on ‘her’ own blog, Nora does use capitalization. It is only in other blogs where Kushibo is also commenting that we see no capital letters from Nora.

Kushibo and Nora have the same experiences.

Here is Nora commenting on marmot

i saw the original broadway cast of les miserables here twice. that was nice. also the original cast of cats (which i thought was overrated). they do need to bring better plays here.

Here is Kushibo on his blog

And everything is so accessible, whether it’s arts, shopping, entertainment, or whatever. I saw the Broadway cast of Les Miserables twice, for example, something I couldn’t have done back in Southern California

Really the only difference here is capitalization. This is the same person describing the same experience. Who among us cannot tell that Clark Kent is Superman?

They even hold the same email address.

Nora gives out her email address, which is [email protected]

The address is the same email address as the democrats abroad address (Kushibo’s DA address). What is “lesbian republican” Nora doing with Kushibo’s democrats abroad address? Are we expected to believe that they share mail addresses? Take a look for yourself! http://kr.democratsabroad.org/contacts/.

Kushibo starts off saying that he is of partial Korean ancestry, but then later claims that he is part Japanese as well. Nora starts off saying she is a Korean Kyopo from America (Kyopo = overseas Korean) but also starts claiming Japanese ancestry.

Nora claims she is part Japanese

kinda funny. some koreans i meet hear the exact same things i say here and think i hate korea and love japan and america because i’m part japanese (which is where sumi comes from) and i was born in california.

Kushibo says he is part Japanese

For starters, I’ve got Japanese blood.

He mentions it here too

The fact that I am very cautious about the Japanese right-wing does not make me a Japan basher (I’m part Japanese for criminy sake!).

Both of them describe themselves as being part Japanese when coming under attack for anti-Japanese comments.

In 2001 on Koreaweb, Kushibo signs himself off as T’NP. NP is the initials of Nora Park of course. In studying the mystery that is Kushibo, I have found that he has many names or assumed names. The NP initials are used by Kushibo, as well as Nora. Here Kushibo is called ‘Nate Kushibo’, and he claims that he is part of the Miryang Park clan. That is where the NP comes from. Nate Park = Nora Park. Note, I am not saying his legal name is Nate Park, just that it is at least one of his many assumed names.

Kushibo and Nora also mess up logins at other blogs. On at least one occasion ‘Nora’ logged in as Kushibo on marmots site, posted a comment with all uncapitalized letters. The excuse was that ‘she’ did not realize that Kushibo was a commenter on marmot.

whoops… that previous comment was supposed to be from me. i was using bo’s desktop and didn’t realise he was logged in. didn’t realise he ever logged in here.

Well, I guess that is one way of explaining it. Another way is that Kushibo forgot he was signed in as himself when he wanted to post as his sock, Nora.

That is the evidence. Now I will answer why I think he does it.

Coming up with all these various identities, ethnicities and sexual orientations is unfortunately an effective way to deflect criticism. People that are generally poor debaters need to rely on some sort of crutch, especially when they are critical of certain countries to the point of revealing their sense of racial grievance. A case in point – Here is the gravatar that Nora uses at the marmots hole, reproduced below.

Nora Park

This is an old WW2 poster of a Japanese soldier dragging away a woman to be raped. This is the gravatar that Nora uses while harping on about issues like the Yasukuni visits, Japan not apologising or compensating (or not apologising or compensating enough!), and so on. If Nora really had Japanese ancestry, that would be a very unlikey choice of gravatar. No, Nora allows Kushibo the ability to express ideas, like the crude image above, that he does not want to be personally associated with or attacked over. If people object then Nora will say she is part Japanese, and Kushibo will log in to drum up the illusion of support.

Nora is also there to bash President Bush. I demonstrated above that Nora’s email address was that of the Democrats abroad in Korea, of which Kushibo is the head man, and to whom the email address belongs. By creating a “lesbian republican” character that hates President Bush and bashes him continuously, I suppose he thinks he is causing some disruption to the republicans. I think many people will have noted the numerous times that Nora bashed President Bush, and by extension, the republican party, by starting off saying that she is a republican – again, just like the racial stuff, it is purely designed to deflect criticism.

Criticism for anti-American statements by Kushibo or Nora is also adroitly deflected by the same method. If you are able to identify anti-Americanism in what they are writing, then they say you are anti-Kyopo and start claiming that you are saying that only a white person can be an American. If you think that Nora sounds nothing like a republican in her criticism of President Bush, and it sounds like she is criticising from the left, you are anti-lesbian. Most of the people reading or writing these blogs are just average people that dont want to be seen breaking racial or identity politics taboos, and Kushibo/Nora cynically exploit this.

There… the Nora Challenge taken up in its fullness, although that was probably not the kind of challenge Kushibo/Nora expected. So… what did the people decide?

Korea Telecom and VANK CM – Is VANK appreciated inside Korea?

July 14th, 2006 . by Darin

They say give up, 97% of the worlds mass calls it the “Sea Of Japan” — but we say, “IT’S A START!”

I really do think VANK is doing more harm than good. I doubt many people are affected in a ‘positive’ way by getting spam from VANK. They were able to get a map changed on about.com, however the administrators of the site say the changed it not because they had a good argument, but because they were sick of getting 20 or so spams a day. [1]

VANK stands for – ‘Voluntary Agency Network of Korea’, a civilian international exchange association in Korea. We work for the promotion of Korea’s image all over the world by Internet. VANK was established in 1999 by volunteers, and now has over 12,000 members. Using email or internet we serve as cyber travel guides to overseas Koreans and foreigners so that they can understand Korean culture and language better, and at the same time we hope we build international friendships. VANK is a great chance for those who are interested in Korean language, arts, cultural education, history, geography, social studies, sciences to learn about our country, and we also welcome with open arms anyone just wanting to make Korean friends!

Yes, the image of Korea is so much better now that the world knows people who are incapable of providing useful information therefor resort to harassment feel they are the best representatives of a nation of some 49 million. [2] I do wish the normal people of South Korea would step up and tell everyone they think these guys are fools just like the rest of us do and then present a logical argument to prove the rest of the world wrong once and for all, because as for now, we are forced to assume the self-declared representative of all Koreans -slash- author of “The Hate Japan Wave” is actually an accurate representation. Or perhaps he is???

— — — —
[1] http://geography.about.com/library/weekly/aa022402a.htm
[2] http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/ks.html#People

7 Missiles… and Counting?

July 7th, 2006 . by Darin

(NOTE: I wrote this on the day of the happenings; some things have gone differently then below, please keep that in mind when you read this.)

So much for it all being a bluff. I’m taking the matter much more seriously then others, perhaps I’m getting too excited to quick, but I don’t like the idea of someone test firing missiles that are clearly intended to kill me (Tokyo). Rather then talk about what’s happened up to now, I’d like to say what I think needs to happen from now.

First, the UN needs to make a statement, now. They’ve scheduled an “emergency meeting”… for tomorrow. Some emergency if it can wait until tomorrow. The UN needs to condemn the actions taken by N. Korea. Next, the UN needs to place sanctions and embargoes on N. Korea effective immediately with the punishment for non-compliance being sanctions and embargoes on defiant countries themselves. I’m speaking directly of China and South Korea. South Korea has been lying to itself about North Korea not being a problem for far to long, now is the time to face reality. China too has been aiding N. Korea for far too long. The time has come for those two nations to make a decision as to what they stand for. We all know which side of the line China stands on as of this moment, however South Korea has been straddling the line for a long time and needs to clarify herself.

The other message the UN needs to send is “diplomacy has failed.” There will be no negotiations, there will be no deal. Diplomacy has continued to fail for the past 10 years. Kim will not be able to sell his nuclear and missile programs for aid; his time is done. UN, American, South Korean as well as every other democratic nation in the world (including Taiwanese) troops will be placed along the North/South Korean border and the Chinese/Korean border awaiting either (a) Kim’s surrender or (b) his declaration of war — only he has the power to decide what happens from here on out. (In the [unlikely] event South Korea chooses her side wrong, relocate all troops to Japan now awaiting the surrender of both Kim and Roh.)

China will be forced to make some very difficult decisions in the next few days. It was clearly in Chinas best interests for North Korea not to do anything stupid. If China doesn’t go along with the UN, she needs to be booted out and her seat transfered back to Taiwan which is home to the government the US called brother during WW2. Obviously this will frustrate China to the brink of war, but for all the talk China talks, it simply cannot fight off America, Japan, the UN and the rest of the world all at the same time, only Kim is that stupid, and even he doesn’t think he can fight, he just thinks he can get some free food for himself while his people starve. I don’t see China doing something of the sort when it could use this opportunity to strengthen it’s ties with the United States.

In the event Kim does choose war, then some things will need to take place in Japan considering it’s large population of North Korean nationals. First North Korean schools need to be closed. North Korean schools in Japan teach the same thing North Korean schools do in North Korea, including worshiping Kim as a god and praying before his picture every morning. You can not allow nationals of the enemy nation continue to operate inside your own country. I’m not talking about rounding people up or anything like that, I’m just saying you can’t worship the enemy. (Frankly I think that should have been stopped long ago, but the most action the government has taken is to not recognize North Korean schools as domestic schools because they don’t meet the minimum curriculum requirements.)

Japan also needs to reiterate to everyone that it is not hard to get Japanese citizenship if one would just fill out the paperwork, and based on the circumstances, she needs to offer a rush job on the process for people who hold North Korean citizenship to show that the government has no problem with North Koreans as human beings, and also to provide safety for this people as well. However the same luxury must not be afforded to North Korean spy organizations, bank organization or any other business operating in Japan. The de-facto North Korean embassy in Japan has stolen top secret information and sent it to North Korea before. It gets away with it because it is only a de-facto, and not actual North Korean embassy. Had it been a real embassy, there would be major troubles in deed. These organizations must be put to a halt, with all who choose not to cooperate being deported. They’re operating illegally and always have been, they’ve just been untouchable because any action taken by the Japanese government against criminals of Korean decent is instantly falsely labeled as racism by the criminals.

America also needs to be prepared to take in North Korean refugees. We can not simply leave the average citizen their to starve. We also can not expect them to go to China where they are sold into sexual slavery thinking that it’s part of the path to get to South Korea. Not that South Korea would be any better for a North Korean refugee though. North Koreans in South Korea face harsh prejudice, discrimination, and frequently find themselves working in the sex trade. The US, European nations and Japan need to be prepared and willing to accept a massive flow of refugees. I don’t worry about the US pulling through, but I’m somewhat skeptical of Europe after seeing how tense things are just a few months ago. Sadly, I have little hope for Japan doing it’s part with this given her trackrecord with refugees. However in the event refugees are taken in by Japan, there is a fairly large Korean population in Japan that will need to come together to accept and help any incoming refugees. Hopefully Japanese Koreans are better at this then South Koreans.

I’m confident that China and the UN will speak up against North Korea, but I have my doubts about both actually going through with sanctions and embargoes any further then on paper. I don’t expect China to actually do anything and I don’t expect the US to sanction or put embargoes on China either because it’s just not realistic considering America would fall apart without cheap Chinese labor.

Victory for common sense

April 4th, 2006 . by Matt

grand theft auto
The cause of all society’s problems with violence?

It seems that the Michigan state law prohibiting sale of ‘violent video games’ to minors has been struck down. One of the targets of the law is Grand Theft Auto 3, a ‘violent video game’ that has become the scapegoat for actual, real crime in society that politicians refuse to come to grips with.

From the Washington Post –

DETROIT — A federal judge has ruled that a Michigan law that bars retailers from selling or renting violent video games to minors is unconstitutional.

The Entertainment Software Association, Video Software Dealers Association and Michigan Retailers Association, trade groups representing U.S. computer and video game publishers, filed a lawsuit in September, charging that the law is unconstitutionally vague and limits First Amendment rights.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed the law in September, and it was scheduled to take effect Dec. 1. But U.S. District Judge George Steeh issued a preliminary injunction in November, putting the law on hold.

Steeh’s ruling on Friday made the injunction permanent.

“Video games contain creative, expressive free speech, inseparable from their interactive functional elements, and are therefore protected by the First Amendment,” he said in his ruling.

Douglas Lowenstein, president of the Entertainment Software Association, applauded the judge’s decision in a statement, saying it “represents a sweeping rejection of the state’s claims regarding the harmful effects of violent video games.”

I will be convinced about the dangers of so-called ‘violent video games’ only after they stop children from being exposed to actual, real violence in society. In fact, the second most dangerous city in America is Detroit in the state of Michigan, and has been from long, long before any violent video games were even invented.

Worse, these politicians must be either clueless or malign, because students in Detroit are exposed to violence and the fear of violence every time they go to school. Checks with metal detectors in every middle and high school in Detriot reinforces this in the minds of children every day. How is a video game supposed to make this situation worse? I think the children are perfectly capable of separating fantasy and reality, something which seems beyond the ability of the censorious.

Of course, why should an Australian care about what happens in a place like Michigan? The reason is that it sets a precedent and gives hope to the censorious contingent here. Unfortunately, unlike the great, free United States of America, Australia offers no guarantee of free speech – indeed, not only is there no guarantee of free speech here, there are legislated restrictions to speech.

I think the American people are lucky to have the constitution protecting their interests. I wish that Australians would embrace a similar guarantee, but unfortunately, we Australians are in the habit of accepting second best.

Mans best friend

October 3rd, 2005 . by Matt

I want to go on the record and say that I dont mind Koreans eating dogs (even though it is supposed to be illegal in Korea) .

The BBC reports that –

Statistics show that dog is the fourth most popular meat in South Korea after pork, beef and chicken.

There are said to be more than 6,000 restaurants across the country selling poshintang, or dog meat soup, getting through about 8,500 tons per year. Another 93,600 tons is used annually to produce a medical tonic called kaesoju.

Still, there is a problem with Korean dog eating food culture, and its not the eating of the dogs. Its the way that the dogs are treated right up until they are killed. When foreigners object to this treatment, Koreans try to throw in a red herring by saying that westerners are hypocritical because they eat other animals, or that dog eating = Korean nationalism. The other red herring is that the dogs that Koreans eat are different to the dogs that westerners have for pets, and are thus unworthy of consideration. I will reiterate: the problem is with the way the dogs are treated, not the eating of dogs. Dog is also eaten in China, Taiwan, Burma, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, Ghana, and the Congo, but I have no idea how they are treating their dogs, so this post will apply to Korea only (Koreans also consume cats).

According to the Korea Animal Protection Society, Koreans believe that ‘Pedigree dogs are suitable pets, but mixed breeds are used for food’.

Generally, owners treat pedigree dogs well. They are fed properly and given love. However, many people who own mixed breed dogs abuse them and/or keep them tied up, and their sole purpose is to protect their owner’s property. They forget that all dogs, pedigree or mixed, have descended from wolves. There is a great tendency for prejudice against mixed breed dogs because Koreans only want what is perfect and pure. It is this same train of thought which prevents Koreans from wishing to adopt children. They don’t want a child that is not of their own blood, Instead, many Korean orphans find homes overseas. This myth is, of course, only acknowledged when convenient because KAPS has documented numerous pedigrees in the markets that are abviously abandoned or stolen pets. In addition, most of the dogs in the markets look disturbingly similar to the chindogae, designated national treasure #53, according to the Korean Embassy’s website.

Warning – the following shows graphic pictures of abused animals. If you are sensitive, it is better not to continue reading.

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