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China removes fake atrocity photos from museum

January 26th, 2009 . by Matt

Ampontan writes here about the Chinese removing fake atrocity photos from one of their museums in Nanjing.

I wrote about these kinds of fake photos, here, here and here, way back in 2005. The last one is specifically mentioned in the article as being removed.

The Japanese empire of old is dead and buried, as Ampontan says. I think that is an important fact to consider when witnessing the rage that Japan seems to evoke in some circles.

12 Responses to “China removes fake atrocity photos from museum”

  1. comment number 1 by: crypticlife

    The last post referenced here seems to be password-protected.

  2. comment number 2 by: Matt

    Should be fine now. For some reason, your comment was in the spam filter. Strange…

  3. comment number 3 by: toadface

    A few fake or misleading pics? Maybe. What’s your point?

    I suppose these are all fake too.

    This is so typical of Japan’s right wing lunatic fringe approach to dealing with Japan’s past atrocities. That is, put the 60+ year old testimony/evidence under the microscope, find inconsistencies and then craftily try to insinuate the whole atrocity never happened or sweep it under the carpet.

    This shit went down fellahs. And millions (if not a billion) Asians are still pissed. Must of the same stuff happened in Europe. Yet they by and large Europeans have moved on. Why? What could be the reason?

    Of course Matt et al. it’s because Chinese, Koreans etc., are all blind nationalist racists. Right? Poor Japan…………..sniff sob.

    The Japanese empire of old is dead and buried? Not here or on Ampontan apparently.

  4. comment number 4 by: Matt


    It is one thing for an old man with PTSD because of the war to hate on the Japanese like this, but quite another thing for someone that has never been harmed by Japan to act as if they have a grudge against them.

    Everyone knows that there were atrocities during WW2. Many of them were committed by Japan. Some of them by other countries, including the allies. However, the empire of Japan is non-existent. The people responsible for the war crimes that were committed by the empire of Japan were tried in the victors courts. People were executed, jailed, and otherwise punished for their role in those events. What you and other people are trying to do is collectivize the guilt for the war crimes, and even pass them down to generations not alive at the time as if it was part of their DNA.

    Europe and Asia are different, and Europeans and Asians are different and have different ways of dealing with events. That explains the differences between inter-European relations and inter-Asian relations today. Indeed, they have always been different throughout history. They only way you could assume there is something wrong because they have not dealt with the situation the same way is if you consider Europeans and Asians to be exactly the same.

  5. comment number 5 by: toadface

    Me and the other people? Whoa Matt, take a step back buddy.

    Just because I say Japan should take more responsibility for her past atrocities doesn’t put me in the same league as those on the link I gave you.

    Matt the Empire of Japan is non-existent. True. So it the Third Reich.

    Yes, Asians and Europeans deal with past issues differently.

    The Germans stood up straight, acknowledged what the did and to this day accept it. Although some Germans are tired of hearing this they never deny nor try to whitewash their past. That is why today Germany’s neighbours respect and admire her and Japan’s fear and loathe her.

    The Japanese right wing (and those on this blog) nitpick over every last detail of WWII war crimes. This even when they are faced with reams of data, testimony and photographs.

    Cultural norms and standards have nothing to do with such simple concepts as accountability, and integrity. Are these atrocities taught in Japanese schools? They should be.

    Ampontan even goes so far as to question the work of Honda Katsuchi’s ‘Nanjing Massacre’? A lot of the material in Honda’s book was from the Japanese themselves. Ampontan attempts to throw the baby out with the bathwater. How much original research has he done, or you Matt?

    What does China want? Who knows? Let me round up the people of your family and neighbourhood, have them kneel and I’ll systematically chop off their heads. Afterwards, how many times should I apologize? How much money or time will make you and your ancestors forget Matt? This is not for you to say.

  6. comment number 6 by: jushin

    Does that mean that the descendants of domestic criminals are expected to apologize to the descendants of the victims in Korea and China? Is that why they look at it differently?

  7. comment number 7 by: john k


    You’re are under the misapprehension that Ampontan is a respected, educated, intelligent, unbiased, independent, trust worthy, quantitative source of information, that is read by the whole as the only truth!

    His website is just one of many as someone trying to be taken seriously as a journalist but falling well short. Unless of course one is leaning so far to the left one has fallen over in appreciation of his or other websites…unlike the rest of the world who are not afraid to get up off the self flagellation floor of myopia and see the world as others do! Warts and all..

  8. comment number 8 by: BananaBoi

    I’m pretty disgusted that the Chinese government need to put up fake atrocity photos, there are lots of real ones that’s pretty gruesome already.

    I’m also pretty disgusted at the Japanese government for white washing and toning down the atrocities committed by the Old Japanese Empire. Calling the Nanjing atrocity an “incident” in the Japanese High School textbook is a slap in the face for every Chinese that was brutally murdered and raped during that period.

    And the difference between the Germans and the Japanese, the young Germans I’ve spoken to knows about the Nazi atrocities but the Japanese I’ve spoken to have no fucking clue at all!


  9. comment number 9 by: VG86

    Speaking of fake articles and stories. I wonder what Matt thinks of the blatant lies hes brought up. He should put himself in the hall of shame. Cant believe anyone would fall for childish Chinese internet rumors.

    What matt wrote



  10. comment number 10 by: dacho

    We don’t like Koreans, becuase of the recent development of internet, we all started getting know that the Korean’s hartred education against Japan.

    I am the one of those people who inoccently liked Koreans, because I thought we are close, but not anymore.

    I don’t want to do anything to do with them.
    Leave us alone.

    Chinese Anti-Koreans and Japanese Anti-Koreans are nothing to do with each other.

  11. comment number 11 by: dacho

    >>Korea and China have historically maintained strong ties

    who wrote this ?

    Hahaha.. Korea had been slaves of China for amazingly long period.

    “strong ties”…. Yeah.. I am sure Koreans were happier with China than with Japan.

  12. comment number 12 by: Spib

    Mate wrote : The Japanese empire of old is dead and buried, as Ampontan says

    Quite true just as Nazi’s the third Reich is dead and buried now.

    But, what if there are some german politicians and a millitary officers tried to deny holocaust repeatedly, or assert that they didn’t anything wrong in the past? what if there are some groups of politicains and civic groups which repeatedly tried to glorify Nazi or whitewash the war crimes committed by it?

    In that case, still Jews and european nations should keep quiet since the past is the past?

    Is this really what you think?

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