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Controversial book recieved

November 9th, 2005 . by Matt

After a long wait, Kinokuniya called me yesterday to say that Medicine for Koreans had arrived.



I have just started reading it, and it seems to be an insightful book. According to an interview I read with the author, he has a translation deal for the book in the pipeline with a Korean publishing company, and it seems his original intent was to have the book translated into Korean.

As usual, when I finish it I will write a review.

60 Responses to “Controversial book recieved”

  1. comment number 1 by: Ponta

    But let’s talk about Koizumi-san. Did he raped a woman in 1967?

    He did not. Period.
    It is as silly a question as “when did Roh stop raping?”.

  2. comment number 2 by: Katz

    I don’t want to offend you.


  3. comment number 3 by: Be the Reds833




    Just some proof. There are some koreans who’s trying to fight the racism.

  4. comment number 4 by: Be the Reds833

    Even Yankees superstar Derek Jeter had racial threat. People who know korean, read this

  5. comment number 5 by: Be the Reds833


  6. comment number 6 by: Be the Reds833

    This talks about racism in japan but read the sentence very carefully if you know korean. This korean author is criticizing his country’s racism more than japan’s.


  7. comment number 7 by: dogbert

    Judging from the language of the threat against Jeter reported in the article you linked to, it was a non-white threatening him.

    Anyway, thanks for the other links. Interesting articles.

  8. comment number 8 by: Ponta

    thank you. I am not offended at all. Still answer is the same. Koizumi did not.
    (There are a lot of problems with mainstream media, but they love bashing Koizumi contrary to the article )

    Be the Reds833
    Okay, I read this article using the web translation.
    And I see what you mean- – – -there are Koreans who are against racism.
    And I saw your commnent on other place that I did not notice(sorry); Koreans and Japanese should be against racism- – – I agree.
    But I think this article is a bit irresponsible in that the author has not done the adequate research.
    1) I don’t know much about ainu people,. (I’ve been living in Tokyo)but I looked at the site the author liked. It says the rate of ainu people who has felt in some way descriminated is 12,4%..in 1999.I don’t know how you evaluate this, but I think the question is very ambiguous, but I am glad that the rate is small anyway.
    2) I often heard Koreans say Japanese descriminate okinawa people.I did’t understand what they were saying. There are a lot of stars from Okinawa. I had friends from Okinawa,but I’ve never been aware there is descrimination. So I asked a friend of Japanese what Koreans means, He said long time ago, there was a descrimiation. So probably there was a descrimination, but I think there is no descrimination against Okinawa people now.(Sorry if Okina people have objections, in that case let me know.)

    3)As I said I live in Tokyo, and as far as you live in Tokyo, you never feel Burakumin,but I sometimes hear in western part of Japan, there are still some descriminations, but I don’t know how hard it is.
    4) Western part of Japan vs Eastern part of Japan. This is not descrimination at all.People are proud of their home counties That’s all there is to it.
    5)Western people have privilage in that they speak language that many Japanese want to know.For instance,two languages such as English, and/or German and/or French are usually required if you want to go to graduate school.
    6)There are a lot of asian people who are working illegally. They have fundamental human rights but their social and economic right are restricted because of their status. But I don’t think you can call this kind of restrictions “descrimination” (But this is a tough question)
    7) I hear there are a few pubic places that refuse entry foreigners.they are illegal. The government should do somthing about it.
    8)There was a news report that a student’s chima chokoli at North Korean school was cut. But there is a strange story about it.No wittness. One reporter doubted if the school made up the story.While he was investigating, he was killed by someone.
    9) Many Koreans misunderstand what Ishihara said. He used the term in reference to crimes committed by Chinese and Korean.But Sangokujin (Japanese: sangokujin “third country national”) is a Japanese term referring to colonial nationals of Taiwan (Taiwanese aboriginal), Korea and China. The original usage of the term is said to be coined to establish separate political identity of ex-colonial nationals especially Korean from victorious American and defeated Japan.”

    And I also think this article is not good – – – he should have chosen the society which he thinks is doing best to the racism as an object of comparison if what he wanted to write is to make Korean society better.
    I don’t know why he wants to compare Korea with Japan if he thinks it is just matter of degree,If I were a writer, I would pick up a society that I think is working hard against reacism.For instance, “hey in the US, there is descrimanations, but they are making efforts such as quota for the entrance for universities, but this caused the reverse desriminations, so new ideas are being tried such as this and this etc”.

    However I see what you try to say.And I hope you are going to work hard against racism in Korea.As you said, that is what benifits Korea after all.
    There are some people who challenged Korean society.
    And I hear those people like a professor 韓昇助, a writer Kim Wan Sop, a singer 趙英男 who challenged a Korean society are ostracized.
    But I think you can do it. All I can say is good luck to you.

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  10. comment number 10 by: SoooKindJapanese

    Wow… i like how so called the never-lying humble japanese are trying to dominate this argument. your pursuit of escapism and those caretaking sarcasms toward the minority of chinese korean comments impress me.

    Indeed! Japan did nothing wrong that’s why every other aisan countries excluding japan love this country so much. since there were numerous contradiction to a comment that said all asian countries hate japan.
    i should regard most of my friends from south eastern asia(Vietnam, Phillippins, Hong kong, Taiwan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand) as self inferiority feeling losers since they unanimously have something against Japanese people.

    Way to go! always – appropriate and so-called creative Japanese people.

    God bless you all.