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Criminal charges for at least 200 chief directors, university presidents and professors

November 4th, 2011 . by Errol

The Korea Board of Audit and Inspection (BAI) has just completed a review of 35 universities (6 state or public and 29 private).

Apart from the SOP of “university presidents receiving rebates from particular companies”, university staff in Korea have extended their malfeasance to a wide range of techniques.

1. The family of the chief director of university “K” ran three educational foundations and embezzled 16 billion won in school fees.

“This executive director resigned due to embezzlement, but the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology allowed him back into his job without having paid back the sum embezzled, thereby initiating further embezzlement cases,” BAI said.

2. The family of the chief director of university “S” arbitrarily transformed educational facilities into profit-making facilities, embezzling 3.2 billion won in income, even using 180 million won to buy a motor home.

3. At famous private university “K,” one professor was exposed for diverting 340 million won that should have been paid to his researchers into private insurance contributions and a private brokerage account.

4. “Y,” another famous private university, one professor was found to have embezzled around 60 million won in equipment use fees.

5. More than 30 members of staff at 14 other universities embezzled more than two billion won and squandered it on share investments.

6. University “S” in Gyeonggi Province, which appropriated 22.7 billion won for building construction and extension costs into budgets over the past several years, without providing specific construction plans. When it found itself with an average of 18 billion won left over at the end of each financial year, however, it failed to reflect this as part of the income in its budget plans.

7. At University P, several professors embezzled funds from Brain Korea 21 projects to jointly purchase a “house of entertainment”, where they then held graduation parties for their male students … who paid them for the privilege.

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