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Death of the alliance

January 21st, 2006 . by Matt

one free korea

Here is a must read article from One Free Korea about the death of the US-Korea alliance. As usual, Joshua is spot on in his analysis.

Enjoy this and the many other excellent articles on One Free Korea.

6 Responses to “Death of the alliance”

  1. comment number 1 by: ponta

    Some South Koreans made an anti-US song,and North Korea used it in an anti-US animation,
    They ended up working together againt the US
    (This was broadcasted on Japanese TV)

    GI Korea said

    The scenario would be that troops are deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan and then they don’t come back to Korea, they just redeploy stateside.

    Force reductions are going to be a reality in the future and this “strategic flexibility” allows the US to withdraw troops in a face saving manner to where it doesn’t look like soldiers are being removed from Korea due to anti-Americanism. IMHO this process will happen sooner rather than later depending on the Camp Humphreys land deal that is still be delayed due to protests over land aquisition to expand the base.

    The USFK footprint needs to be reduced due to the population growth and demographic changes in Korean society towards the US. “Strategic flexibility” is a road map to do this with.

    But I am not sure how serious the US is in pulling out the UFSK from South Korea.Korea has been strategically improtant for big countries. – – – and it is still important, isn’t it?. Is anti-Americanism in Korea sufficient enough for the US to withdraw the UFSK? Or is it just the US’s bluff?

  2. comment number 2 by: nig

    Unfortunately the Bush admin has heralded the end of US-various alliances.

    He has the worst PR team I have ever seen from a major political leader. His speeches are incredibly clumsy and he doesn’t have the charisma to carry them.

    I think the Korean-US relationship will be repaired again. All it will take are better leaders than Roh and Bush to win over the doubters.

    I wonder did the Japanese TV channel broadcast these songs as well? The probably didn’t because they would not it with the national agenda.



  3. comment number 3 by: nig

    Oops. Late night typing after the pub is a bad idea. The last sentence should be:

    They probably didn’t because it would not fit in with the national agenda.

    Just saw Neil Jordan’s new film, Breakfast on Pluto. Its completely irrelevant to this topic but it is a great abstract summary of Irish thinking and the British-Irish relationship.

  4. comment number 4 by: chindit

    It’s rather unfortunate if anti-American racism forces the US to pull out its’ troops in South Korea. It would only benefit the North Koreans in the end, who have wanted the US out of the Korean penninsula for decades. It’s part of their goal of reuniting the two Koreas under the Dear Leader’s ‘socialist paradise’. Which we know in the West is really an impoverished, starving, totalitarian state.

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  6. comment number 6 by: tomato

    I must write this in Hanja.