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Does anyone find this cartoon funny?

April 17th, 2007 . by Gerry-Bevers

Naver News posted the following Seoul Shinmun cartoon (which has now been replaced) on its site, here, at 20:48 on April 17, 2007. In its rush to take a jab at the United States, the newspaper posted the cartoon before it knew that it was a Korean citizen who had done the shooting. Now that they know, I wonder if they are still snickering?


Bang, bang, bang…

In one bang, 33 people….This reconfirms the superiority of our gun technology.

Wow, Koreans are sure fast drawers. Below is a link to more Korean cartoons taking jabs at the US because of the shootings. Again, I believe the following cartoons were also drawn before Koreans realized that it was a Korean that did the shooting. 

More Korean foot-in-the-mouth cartoons

UPDATE: In the Comments Section, I predicted that the Seoul Shinmun would remove the above cartoon, which was using the shooting tragedy to take a jab at the United States, before noon today after discovering that the shooter was a Korean. It is now 9:45 a.m., and I just got up and checked the cartoon again. As I predicted, the cartoon has been removed and replaced with the following:


The shooting suspect, Korean!?

(On the man’s shirt is written “Overseas Korean”)

55 Responses to “Does anyone find this cartoon funny?”

  1. […] Today, Seoul Shinmun cartoonist, Baek Mu-hyeon, apologized, through a cartoon, for offending people with his April 18 cartoon on the Virgina Tech University shootings. I talked about the offensive cartoon here, “Does anyone find this cartoon funny?” […]

  2. comment number 2 by: egg

    Thank you for providing me the link.
    I read some of the comment through machinary translation. I don`t know why but the earliest comment I could see was “wolfst***2007-04-17 23:16:42”. Maybe the earlier ones were deleted when the cartoon was replaced.
    At least the one who commented at “전*2007-04-17 23:45:26” seems know that the killer was Korean, so the comments that I could see was written after they knew the nationality of the killer.
    I wish I could see the criticism written before they knew that. I feel so sad and disapointed by them. Anyway thanks.

  3. comment number 3 by: egg

    Sorry I misunderstood. I mistook AM and PM.
    Please forget here.

    I don`t know why but the earliest comment I could see was “wolfst***2007-04-17 23:16:42″. Maybe the earlier ones were deleted when the cartoon was replaced.

  4. […] In seems that Korean cartoonists have few or no qualms about using tragedy to make some kind of political statement, as the above cartoon seems do. A Korean cartoonist did the same thing in April after the Virginia Tech killings? You can see that cartoon HERE. Also, I am not sure, but I think Korean cartoonists also took advantage of the 9-11 tragedy. […]

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