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Dokdo controversy over at Marmots

July 17th, 2008 . by Matt

According to this post on marmot, some US university students have been telling Korean kids in Korean schools that Dokdo is Korean territory, as “third party observers”. The way they are quoted seems so stereotypical I wonder if they are actually US students with a Korean background. It just seems very hard for me to see American students making the kind of strident statements they make here.

Anyway, I am over there myth busting in the comments section. There is a guy over there posting all the Dokdo myths.

UPDATE: It didn’t take very long for this hwabyung myth master to start a racist rant against Japanese people after being schooled on Takeshima a few times. Check it out!

10 Responses to “Dokdo controversy over at Marmots”

  1. comment number 1 by: bad_moon_rising

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the “US university students” had Korean ancestry of some sort as Korea makes it very easy for Korean-Americans to live and work in Korea.

    “If you happen to be Korean-American with a parent that was born in Korea and became a US citizen through naturalization, you’re in luck. You’re eligible for an F-4 visa, which has the best benefits out of all the visas available. This visa is much better than an E-2 visa or C-3 visa, which have very strict rules on what you can and can’t do in Korea. F-4 visas last for 2 years with unlimited options to renew and grants you all the rights of a Korean citizen, such as working, insurance, and pension.”

  2. comment number 2 by: crypticlife

    Nice comment thread. I like how “Nakagawa” (why pick a Japanese name for someone who’s clearly Korean? Doesn’t matter, I guess) ends with racist whining. That’s the very definition of epic fail. Lots of projection too, especially after declining to provide you links to evidence and then claiming you weren’t focused on the evidence.

    I find it absurd that anyone even questions whether people who cut off their fingers in protest of a dispute are overreacting.

  3. comment number 3 by: ponta.

    Sorry I am late

  4. comment number 4 by: HanComplex

    Me, too. Wish I had gotten there and joined the discussion before the thread was closed.

  5. comment number 5 by: Errol

    Closing quote from the White Cougar, “the post is about Korean reactions to Japanese claims.”

    Korean reactions to the Takeshima issue can be traced back to the obsession with extraterritoriality that began in 19th Century when the USA expanded its territories from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Britain built an empire on which the sun never sets and Germany scrambled for its place in the sun.

    Emulating these nations Japan, as the rising modern star in the east, then set up several enclaves in Korea that were exempt from the kingly edicts of the effete last days of the Joseon Dynasty.

    From that time onward as a pawn in the great games of the imperial powers Korea has sought to flex its strength in territorial claims.

    The modern zenith of Korean extraterritoriality, where Koreans are
    exempt from international codes of conduct is exemplified in the linked

    8 years into the 21st Century the force to close down these
    manifestations of narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) grows

  6. comment number 6 by: bad_moon_rising

    Many Koreans are unwilling or simply unable to think logically. Koreans simply become too overwhelmed with emotion to even debate in a civil manner. They are a people ruled by emotions. The following incident is illustrative of such behavior:

    “About 40 military veterans wearing army uniforms staged a gory protest outside Japan’s embassy.

    They cut the heads off live pheasants and dripped the blood on Japanese flags and on pictures of Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda and former Japanese leaders, witnesses said.

    The pheasant is Japan’s national bird.

    Some battered birds to death with hammers. Others cut open the bellies of two birds and ate the livers, shouting: ‘Dokdo is our territory!'”


    Korea Dispatch calls it emotional logic.

    “There’s a communication barrier separating Koreans and Westerners that goes well beyond language. It’s a gulf that lies at the core of how we view the world, and often prevents any kind of mutual understanding. For the majority of us Westerners logic forms the basis of our understanding. If it doesn’t stand up to reason than it’s hard to justify. In Korea, as the recent beef protests have shown, emotion stands in logic’s place.”


    That basically explains why Koreans can’t be reasoned with.

  7. comment number 7 by: bad_moon_rising

    Korea: Where Logic Comes to Die

  8. comment number 8 by: HanComplex

    Yeah, I noticed that, too. Try having an intellectual debate with a Korean it’s not long before any form of rational or logical thought goes out the window. I think their psyche and/or mental facilities are not wired to handle prolonged, sustained rational thinking and thus it’s not very long before their synapses stop firing and reactionary, emotional outbursts result. You can see it in these demonstrations and in Koreans posting online.

    Emotional logic–quite an oxymoron if I’ve heard of one.

  9. comment number 9 by: wiesunja

    Funny thing is that “Nakagawa” is clearly a Korean troll from Youtube. You can see his “work” that pretty much makes up 99% of all comments on vidoes dealing with Japan on Youtube.


    He has been posting for almost 2 years now which leaves me to wonder what he does for a living since it seems as though trolling internet sites by spewing heaps after heaps (as if the internet doesn’t already don’t have enough of it!) of more typical Korean racist filth about Japan is his full time 24/7 job. The times when he is not trolling Youtube or The Koreatimes webboard, he is making up multiple accounts. So far, I have counted almost 60 in the past year he has used since Youtube keeps disabling his accounts and he comes up with more.

    What’s even more interesting is that the particular rant that he posted on the Marmot concerning Japanese thinking they are above having to provide evidence is actually copied straight – word for word – from another poster who was criticizing Koreans. Nakagawa basically copied the original post and replaced the word “Korea” in the original with “Japan”. If you read the post, you can tell immediately that he copied it since the accusation really does not fit the Japanese mindset at all. However, as far as Koreans not being able to understand the concept of “having to provide factual evidence to prove their claims” is something pretty much everyone in the world knows to be a classic typical Korean trait.

    What is also interesting is that there is another Korean troll who is making inroads at the Marmot’s Hole who goes by the name of NES. You can see his work here at comment #23.


    Basically, he seems to be what “Nakagawa” would have turned out to be after undergoing intensive ESL training.

    I used to have more respect for Robert Koehler at the Marmot, but now I realize that he is basically drinking the kimchi juice as a good Korean monkey white man, who is receiving the benefit handout from his Korean master, should be doing.

    It’s quite interesting that the Marmot allows retarded Korean trolls like “Nakagawa”, “NES”, and another abomination who goes by the name of “Stacked” to spew as much offensive racist filth against Japan (you can pretty much be guaranteed that the word “jap” will be used about 10 times in any of their posts) as they want with total impunity. However, the minute someone else comes back and gives these trolls a taste of their own medicine and uses the word “gook” or does as little as criticize the smell of kimchi, the Korean mob crew pounces on that person like netizens on Apollo Ohno, and accuses that person of being a “racist barbarian.” Well, it’s not really surprising considering that the the definition of “Racism” according to Koreans is “the act of non-Koreans criticizing Korea.” However, Koreans consider it perfectly fine and actually encourage their own people to spew racist filth and slurs towards other nations like Japan or the US as freely as they want.

    Koehler follows up by banning into oblivion anyone who counterattacts the Korean trolls.

    Pathetic? Yes. Surprising considering Marmot is a welcoming playground for Korean trolls? Hardly.

  10. comment number 10 by: wiesunja

    Japanese, Americans, Chinese, Europeans and all other civilized first world countries consider Dokdo a place to collect birdshit. They think about it as much as they think about what the weather is like in Borneo.

    Koreans think of Dokdo as their heavenly birthplace and will lose sleep over it and pull their hair out 24 hours/day, 7 days a week constnatly watching the internet to see if the wind direction has changed on Dokdo.

    LOL..how pathetic Koreans are.