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Dokdo or Takeshima? Let’s discuss it.

July 18th, 2006 . by Gerry-Bevers

On January 8, 1905, Japan officially claimed Liancourt Rocks as Japanese territory and changed the name of the islets to “Takeshima.” Up until then, no other country had claimed the islets, which were little more than two large barren rocks sticking up out of the Sea of Japan. Also, no country disputed Japan’s claim to the islets until just after World War II, when newly elected Korean President Syngman Rhee claimed that the rocks were called “Dokdo” and were part of Korean territory. Rhee seems to have been attempting to grab as much territory as possible from its former ally, Japan, after her defeat by the United States and her allies. After the United States refused to recognize Korea’s claim to the islets, Korea simply took them and has occupied them ever since, in spite of protests from Japan and appeals from the US to take the issue to the International Court of Justice.

With little or no historical maps or documents to support her claim to the islets, Korea still refuses to take the issue to the International Court of Justice, seemingly knowing what the outcome would be. Instead of admitting that her claim is weak, Korean authorities say their reason for refusing to go to the court is that their claim to the islets is “undisputed,” which is ridiculous since even Korean President Roh Mu-hyun has threatened Japan with “diplomatic war” if Japan continues to refuse to accept Korea’s claim to the islets.

With little hope of winning the islets in a court of law, Korea seems to have decided on a strategy that involves using bluster, threats, propaganda, and smoke-and-mirror arguments to persuade Koreans and the ignorant masses of the world to accept her claim to the islets. Korea seems to be hoping that songs, chants, hyperbole, loud proclamations, and media hype will be enough to convince people, but if not, Korean authorities seem willing to silence opposing views by shouting them down, shutting down Web sites, restricting books, and discrediting opponents.

Even though I want people to know the truth, unweaving the web of lies and half-truths that surround “Dokdo/Takeshima” requires more time than I am willing to spend on one post. Instead, I want the comments section of this post to act as a meeting place where evidence can be presented and issues can be discussed. I am hoping that the discussion will be as lively as it was in a previous post on the subject because discussion seems to be the fastest way to the truth.

See you in the discussion section 

251 Responses to “Dokdo or Takeshima? Let’s discuss it.”

  1. comment number 1 by: veracuiz

    1905 Japanese claimed the Dok-Do is Japanses territory.. this phrase doesn’t help Japanese theory. Japanese is war criminal. Japan was tryng to take over the Chosun. Ok, Japan is trying to steal Dok-Do island. If you see the History, Japan had submitted that Dok-Do is Chosun Island. Japan started to steal the Dok-Do for the war between Rusia.

    Yes, I konw that some Japanese people are claiming that Historical events doesn’t matter.

    The writer is talking about International law court. That is a part of Japanese government Plan.
    There are no reason that Korea should follow as Japanese government says. If Korea enters the Court, that means that Korea is submitting that Dok-Do island is the border dispute. In KOrean point of view, Dok-Do is not the officially border disupte area. Japan is the only one who is noisy about it. Why?? Dok-Do is Korean territory, and there are no reason we should put our territory in to border disupte area.

    Even the most of Japanese scholar, including the Historian whose trying to distort the history for Japan, is claming Dok-Do was not Japanese territory ever.

    There are many problems or weakness on Japanese government’s theory toward Dok-Do..

    Japanese government is extremely sly. They are trying to run away to the International law court to develop the issue and raise Japanese governments right to claims. Korean governments already know this. If the Dok-Do was not Korean territory, and fighting against Japan for Dok-Do, then Korea will be in International law court. But in realality, Dok-Do is already Korean territory, and it was ever since thousands of years ago. Since the Korean penninsula was divided into three Kingdom. Shinla, Baek-Jae, and Go-gu-ryu. What the Japanese claimed in 1905, is all illegal. Japan was war criminal, and the name tag “war criminal” is still sticks to Japan’s neck. Whatever Japan claimed that day, is all illegal. Therefore there are no persuation or over it.

    One more thing. The Da-ma-do (Sushima island)suppose to be Korean territory. Korean government is started to get back the Korean old territory Da-ma-do. History proves it.

    Japan should stop distort the History. Japan is trying to rise again. Rise into what they have done in the past. Very dangerous.