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Fabrication! More Korean Media Lies

October 4th, 2005 . by Matt

Famous manga artist Tetsuya Chiba ‘apologized’ to Koreans

It seems like the Korean media is up to its old tricks and is faking Japanese apologies to Koreans again. The apology was reported in Dong-A Ilbo. He was asked about the Kenkanryu, and this was the answer they report that he gave.

Asked about the “Korean Wave,” he smiled, saying, “When I said I am going to Korea, my female friends enthusiastically asked me to bring them with me.” We also asked about the “Anti-Korean Wave,” a Japanese comic released in July that turned controversial for including slander against the Korean Wave.

“I do not know much about the comic book, but I believe that speaking ill of Korean culture cannot be tolerated. Various cultures coexist in Japan; China, Korea and other Asian countries each take up one quarter of the Japanese blood, with only the rest coming from the Japanese natives. We should respect culture and make cultural exchanges with others. It seems that the author of the book was ignorant of the fact. I would like to make an apology on behalf of Japanese comic book writers.”

However it seems that this is a pack of lies. Hearing how his answer had been misreported, Mr Chiba wrote what he actually said on his website. Cheers to regular commenter Eterna who found and translated it.

*It was true that Dong-A Ilbo interviewed me (=Mr. Chiba), but the reporter has NEVER asked me to make an comment about Kenkan-Ryu.

*I NEVER made a comment like “I would like to make an apology on behalf of Japanese comic book writers.” Besides, I’m not the person who can make an apology ON BEHALF OF Japanese comic book writers.

*Only occation I can recall as being asked about Kenkan-Ryu was that during my lecture held there, a fan posted me a question: What do you think of Kenkan-Ryu. My answer was something like “I’ve never read that comic therefore I can’t make comments. However, IF IT’S TRUE, as the questioner says, that the comic was created in only one-sided point of view, and its contents is only to insult Korean people and their culture and hurt their feelings, it’s really a shame. I’m sorry for that.” My remarks were based on hypothesis, and I intended to show sympathy for the questioner.

*I will try to be more cautious when I comment on something in public appearances from now on to avoid such misunderstanding and making my fans confused consequently.

There you have it. Another Korean media fabrication. Are there any stories about foreigners that the Korean media will not distort or outright fabricate?

13 Responses to “Fabrication! More Korean Media Lies”

  1. comment number 1 by: Juggertha

    As with your previous posts on the Korean media, it seems they try their best to stretch the integrity of journalism.

    For a nation that often quotes netizens in the news, this should surprise no one.

  2. comment number 2 by: Yooklid

    Brendan Behan once said that while everyone else has a sense of national identity, the Irish have a psychosis.

    I wonder what he would have thought of Korea.

  3. comment number 3 by: ponta


    As with your previous posts on the Korean media, it seems they try their best to stretch the integrity of journalism.
    For a nation that often quotes netizens in the news, this should surprise no one.

    It seems that not only the media but also some of Korean tends to misinterprete, and make up story to steatch the integrity of their nationality.

  4. comment number 4 by: dead

    Let’s analyze the English-language article:

    >Dong-A Ilbo met Chiba Tetsuya, the original author of the comic, on >October 1 at the Eighth Bucheon International Comic Festival.

    So, we assume that the following will the be interview between Dong-A and Mr. Chiba. But….

    >Asked about the “Korean Wave,” he smiled, saying, “When I said I am >going to Korea, my female friends enthusiastically asked me to bring >them with me.”

    While it does not say who asked the question, it is assumed to be the newspaper. But, according to Mr. Chiba, it was an answer to a fan during a Q-A forum.

    >We also asked about the “Anti-Korean Wave,” a Japanese comic released >in July that turned controversial for including slander against the Korean >Wave.

    “We”…Who could that be? Of course, if a fan asked the question…naturally 우리 한국 so…the fan is included as a part of the newpaper.

    Tricky. Very tricky.

  5. comment number 5 by: POIN

    Matt, the Korean article is just a fake news.

    翌日…【2005/10/04】 漫画家のちばてつや、嫌韓流について謝罪したとする東亜日報の報道を否定


    ●参考 日本の商品デザインにインスパイヤ!!されまくる韓国 ↓

  6. […] I wonder where they got the photo. If it was from the North Korean government, I wonder if they just accept these kinds of things at face value without checking. Considering all the other stuff I have written about, like the Japanese apologies lies involving a manga artist apology and the so called repentence marathon, the fake grave desecration by Japanese tourists, and the absolutely hysterical Korean media panic about foreign English teachers might be having sex with Korean girls and we start to wonder what on earth is wrong with the Korean media establishment. […]

  7. comment number 7 by: harry

    Another example of picking on Korea. Why is it such a surprise that journalists are fabricating reports? There’s plenty of this in Australia as well, (eg: A Current Afair, Today Tonight etc) But, does one bother to make a blog and use it as an evidence in attempt to shame a whole nation about it? Yet one still has the audacity to believe that this isn’t an act of racism when it is clearly obvious? Have you not watched ‘Frontline?’ on tv? It is also a set text taught for HSC Advanced English course as well on the topic of ‘telling the truth.’ Journalists fabricating articles is an international issue, not just in Korea, This is why your attempt to use this as an example to condemn Korea can only be seen as an act of racism. You think you are a westerner who is looking at other countries from a third-perspective, but it is clearly obvious from your blog entries on which countries you favour and which you don’t. I almost pity you for being so nationality confused. Do you actually think you are doing either country a favour!? You are just worsening the already existing tension between the two countries!

  8. comment number 8 by: ponta

    When journalists fabricate report, there are other journalists who criticize it in a normal country But in Korea when it comes to the topic of Japan, there is no such criticism.
    Bias and fabrication in Korea media about Japan is horrible. If sufficient number of Koreans themselves are self critical, I think there will be less value in this blog.

  9. comment number 9 by: Two Cents

    How true. It’s not like this article was in a junk magazine. It’s one of the major newspapers in Korea. Koreans netizens, when faced with such facts (which they undoubtedly were at EnjoyKorea), should have spammed Dong-a-Ilbo like they spam other organizations that print “Sea of Japan” instead of condemning Matt for introducing the incident in his blog. When Koreans learn to do that, then Matt will have no more use for his blog.

    If you mean by the two countries, Japan and South Korea, don’t worry. 2-channel and EnjoyKorea are doing a much, much better job at that than some English-language blog that most Japanese and Koreans can’t follow. Actually, by presenting the Japanese view, Matt’s site is actually releasing a lot of steam that otherwise might build up to dangerous levels. In a recent internet survey taken by a columnist in Mainichi Shinbum, a whopping 87% of males in their teens replied that “there was no need to maintain friendly relationships with South Korea or China.” Overall, it was 66% of the males and 35% of the females who felt that way, and what was interesting was that the percentage fell as the age went up for males, while the opposite was true for females. 70% of females above 70 felt that a friendly relationship was unnecessary. Not that internet polls can be trusted, but still, interesting results.

  10. comment number 10 by: harry

    Two Cents

    But you still avoided my question, fabricating reports happens in EVERY OTHER COUNTRY AS WELL. It’s ok that you are reporting information, but you aren’t just reporting an information here, you are trying to convince people to despise a nation by doing so. You are using Korean ones as an example to somehow try to convince readers that visit your blog to feel the need to condemn the whole nation about it. How do you justify yourself with these actions? And guess what, since you bothered to use stats in order to jusitfy yourself that Korean and Japanese don’t get along, I have plenty of friends that are both korean and Japanese, (I’m in Australia myself, we are famous for being multi-cultural) and we get along fine. Do you pay attention to either of their pop culture? Apparently they hate each other so much that the people of Japan watch Korean dramas all the time and one prominent example is Winter Sonata which cause a ‘Hallyu’ phenomenon. Why do they buy Korean singer BoA CDs allow it to hit No.1 on Oricon chart on regular basis? Gee, they hate each other so much don’t they? A Japanese actress called Yumin gets major top roles in Korean movies/dramas and has a strong fan base. A movie called Love Letter (made in Japan) was so popular that it was often parodied on tv shows as it had a recognisable key scene that majority of audience could understand. Do you see the problem here? IT’S YOUR PESSIMISTIC ATTTIUDES THAT HAS THE PROBLEM, NOT THE COUNTRIES. You can pin point whole lot of negative things about ANY country if anyone bothers to like this blog!

  11. comment number 11 by: harry

    for someone that cares about Korean journalists being so biased and fabricated, don’t you realise the blog you are on is doing exactly the same? 🙂
    This site emphisises on race, that article above is condemning more about Korea as a nation than breaking of journalistic integrity.
    Go watch A Current Affair, they are always fabricating EVERYTHING. But, do they make apologies? No. But, does a random foreigner lets say an American make a blog about it and use it as a tool to condemn the entire Australia about it? NO. Would it be fair to think that is the standard of Australian journalists from A Current Affair alone? DEFINATELY NOT.
    This site needs to stop emphasising on favouring certain races and despising certain races in order to be taken SERIOUSLY.

  12. comment number 12 by: ponta


    This site needs to stop emphasising on favouring certain races and despising certain races in order to be taken SERIOUSLY

    Many people on this blog believe that Korea is a great country. Korea has made a great achievement, Korea will make a great achievement. She will get more advanced than Japan in the near future.
    In Japan there are a lot of ethnic Korean people. Many of them are great.
    Now one of the ethnic Korean professor in Japan points out that there is ultra-nationalistic tendency both in Japan and in Korea. But in Japan there are criticism against it from inside and from outside. But in case of Korea, since she has got a little attention so far internationally, the ultra nationalism will easily go out of hand. I am inclined to agree with him.
    Take anti-Japanism for instance, who can voice for Japan in Korea? Who can present another perspective on the colonization in Korea? From my observation, it seems the one who sides with Japan will be bashed for no reason and can not survive socially..

    There is a blog called Plunge Pontificates, many of the posts basically say Japan sucks ,picking up the articles about Japan in which some Japanese already criticise the issue.
    The best way for Koreans to defend Korea against this blog is to say” what is the point of pointing out this issue, we already know it and we already have a good amount of discussions about it among ourselves.” So far, there is little, if at all. Rather many of co

    Ask your Korean friends to criticize such tendency in public in the way feel right and Korean related posts on this blog will be useless.

    for someone that cares about Korean journalists being so biased and fabricated, don’t you realise the blog you are on is doing exactly the same

    I am not sure if there is absolutely neutral stance about any issue, but the
    bias can be corrected by another bias. You have your opinion publicised on
    this blog. Biased opinion in Korean media can not be corrected because there is no chance for another perspective to be presented in Korea. People have right to be presented a new perspective.

  13. comment number 13 by: Two Cents

    What I am saying is that behind all the media talks of friendship that had supposedly been heightened since WC2002, you see a dangerous level of backlash in Japan. You speak of the Kanryu-boom, but in Japan, the Winter Sonata boom was basically restricted to older women. In spite of the Korean boom that was supposed to be so powerful, no Korean movies have made it into the annual top 10, and recently, you saw a complete flop of the Host and Welcome to Tonmakol, even with the excessive commercials on TV and ads in magazines. Boa succeeded because she’s good and she has the powerful AVEX backing her up, plus she sings in Japanese, songs written and produced by Japanese writers who know the music scene in Japan more than their Korean counterparts. (She once release an album in Korean, but it was a total flop.) She was already successful before the Korean wave hit, and nobody in Japan considers her a part of the wave. The only remnant of the Korean wave now is probably Changumu. The extreme media hype (not the Koreans faults by the way) have alienated more Japanese than you might think.

    It’s nice that Japanese and Koreans are getting along just fine on the personal level. But I am not talking about problems on personal levels, but on national levels. You can hate how the Chinese government operates, but still be friends with a Chinese person. I hope that many of the Japanese male teens who voted “no” to friendship will not be prejuduced against individual Koreans and that their sentiment is mostly “let’s keep a distance, not friends, not enemies.” Since WC 2002, information on Korea available in Japan has naturally increased. What hurt most is that some Japanese on the Internet have begun to discover, like Gerry, that our country had been ordered to apoligize, compensate, and bow on every occasion to Korea for all our past wrongdoings based on significantly exagerrated and sometimes outright untrue “historical facts.” And I have personally felt the negative feeling spreading. Some of my friends who used to have no opinions of Korea (except for a polite, be-nice-to-your-neighbor attitude) have begun to openly express their disgust with South Korea. And no, I did not preach anti-Korea to them. In Japan, you don’t know who may be a second or third-generation Korean using a Japanese alias, so you normally refrain from making any negative comments openly. Besides, a while back, you would have been labeled a racist just for saying that you don’t like Korea.

    The Korean-wave fever may die down (some will probably claim that it already has), but distrust lasts. And that it what worries me.

    I didn’t avoid your question. I am not a westerner that you addressed the question to, so I didn’t think I was qualified to answer. I can’t speak for Matt, but maybe he wanted to point out the fact that Korean media often fabricate facts on Japan-related issues. In the past, when Korea was isolated information-wise, and people without Korean language skills could not read Korean newspapers, none of this got out. Now they do thanks to the Enlgish and Japanese sites provided by Korean newspapers. Things are always interesting while they’re new. I think the word is “newsworthy.”