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Fake Atrocity Photos

August 5th, 2005 . by Matt

Often Koreans will point to photographic ‘evidence’ of Japanese crimes in Korea. As far as I can see, most of the atrocities are either misattributed to the Japanese or are composite photos. Using ‘Japanflag’, a Korean purveyor of fake atrocity photos, lets take a look at one and analyse it.

Photograph purporting to be a rape of a woman

The Korean caption says ‘Woman being raped by Japanese soldier and then had her internal organs torn out’
This picture can be found here. To all appearances, it seems to be a picture of a Japanese soldier having taken a naked picture of a woman after perhaps raping her. It looks like they are outdoors. After that, it seems he murdered her. Here is the same picture of the bottom left side, enlarged.


But of course, Koreans dont have any real actrocities to claim, so they are forced to make them up. Here is the real picture before they altered it.

You can see that the photo by the Koreans is touched up to make it seem like they are outdoors, when they are actually indoors. The Korean photo has been cut to conceal the man on the right. In fact, that Japanese soldier has gone to a brothel to pay for sex, and in the real photo you can see the Chinese owner of the brothel on the right. So it is not a rape at all, it is a souvenir photo. Boorish perhaps, but not a crime. The other picture could be anyone at all (for all we know, the victim could be Japanese). In anycase, that photo was not taken in Korea, it was taken in China.

There were numerous other photos on that site that are verifiable fakes. However, they fit in with the false history being peddled by Korea.

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