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Filipina Masseuse Killed in Boracay

March 8th, 2008 . by Gerry-Bevers

A 44-year-old German man is suspected of killing a Filipina masseuse on the island of Boracay, which is a popular tourist destination in the Philippines. Though the German denies killling the woman, the Boracay police claim to have strong evidence against him (See HERE.)

I do not know if the German killed the woman or not, but some of the facts being reported about the murder seem a little strange to me. For example, according to a report HERE, a soft drink bottle was inserted into the woman’s genitals. That seems strange because the body of the woman was reportedly found floating off a beach resort. Unless that bottle was fastened somehow into her genital area, I would think the waves would have dislodged it.

It was also reported that the woman had cigarette burns on different parts of her body, including her breasts and genitals. If those burns were inflicted before her death, then maybe the police should also consider her husband a suspect because if the German had been torturing the woman while she was alive, I think someone would have heard her screams. Boracay is a small and crowded place.

What would be the motive for torturing and murdering the woman? I find it hard to believe that a German tourist would torture and kill a woman he hardly knew and then insert a soft drink bottle in her genitals. However, I find it much easier to believe that a jealous, enraged husband might do such a thing.

The woman was reportedly drinking with the German the night before, so what if her husband had seen that or heard about it? Would it have made him angry enough to torture and kill his wife and set the German up for the murder? I do not know, but I would not want to be in that German’s shoes since I have a feeling that Filipino police might sympathize with a Filipino man who caught his wife drinking, and possibly cheating, with a foreigner.

Though I have my suspicions about whether the German murdered the woman, if he did murder her, then I hope he gets what he deserves.

3 Responses to “Filipina Masseuse Killed in Boracay”

  1. comment number 1 by: john k

    It is a sad fact that the Philippines is a poor country. Some 85% of the nation lives below the UN poverty line of $2 per day.

    Foreigners are generally treated like kings in the philippines, because they are seen to have money (as well as the very generous nature that the Filipino’s have towards their fellow human being). They are also just pleased that anyone would want to travel a long way to see their country. Money is seen as a ‘way out’ in more ways that one, since corruption is very high in the Philippines.

    Anyone with any money can be bought. Consequently it cuts both ways. A “hit-man” can be bought for as little as $5. Life is cheap. Consequently foreigners can be easy targets for exhortion. Shout a crime and hope that the foriegner will buy his way out…whether guilty or not.

    Cases like this, which are publicised, do not help the Philippines. It is a country full of very innocent, generous, loving and amazingly freindly poeple. Their Govt. and administrators trample all over them, yet they never complain.

    If the German is guilty, then he gets all he deserves. Yet, I know how a very very small percentage of filipino’s, with criminal intent, can “use” the system to their advantage, for financial gain.

  2. […] As I posted about HERE, a Filipina Masseuse was found murdered on the Philippine island of Boracay on the morning of March 7, and a 44-year-old German national has been charged with the murder, though he denies it. […]

  3. comment number 3 by: SweetSwissBabe

    I would like to catch your attention to the following German Online News dated June 11, 2008:

    It has been reported as I translate and summarize in English, that this German is has a sadist. The Homicide Division in Munich has offered their technical support. A team of specialist is ready to fly to the Philippines to help to clarify this case but the Ministry of Justice in the Philippines has declined their offer. And instead, the Philippines is making the life of this murderer so comfortable and easy that he has his own internet connection, private bar and cigarette service.

    Before Christian Adolf W. migrated in Boracay, he had already enough judicial and criminal issues in Germany such as ownership of child pornographic materials, commercial and industrial scams or fraud, tax evasion, dubious businesses with money-making phone numbers in Germany. He has been assessed as an extreme sadist in relevant internet forums where he once joined and these forums has blocked him for this reason.

    On the last paragraph, the incident of the Mylene’s pre and post murder has been stated. On the last part, it says that Christian Adolf is trying to bribe Mylene’s family for P250,000 or EURO 3,700. And it states on the very last sentence that the life of this prostitute in Southeast Asia is not worth more.

    On another newspaper, it was reported that he has beaten his previous wife and kid in Germany that’s why they sought help in a Women’s Institute and have stayed there. This guy escaped his crimes committed in Germany and have stayed in the Philippines.

    On the Berliner Kurier Headline dated June 13, 2008 (web link below):

    It states and written in bold: Murder in Paradise
    The dirty deal of the lady killer a resident of Munich wants to redeem or buy his freedom on his brutal killing in the Philippines. The German public prosecutor could not do more than watch because the Philippines doesn’t want them to intervene. And unfortunately Germany has no legal aid agreement with the Philippine islands.

    An on the last paragraph the Munich investigators are sure that Christian has actually carried out his threat to kill Mylene. But their offer of technical support concerning proper DNA test has been rejected by the Philippine police.

    That’s why up to now the Philippine investigators could not convict Christian W.

    Christian W. hopes in the meantime that he will even get released soon. Through this unbelievable deal: He would like to redeem himself and pay Mylene’s family for EURO 3,700 and hope that this case can be closed, as the Philippine Law allows such an agreement.

    What a shame to the Philippine government and it’s way of Justice!

    The world is watching and laughing at us. One can buy Filipino’s life with money! And not to mention, this is a very small amount compared to the lost wife and mother of these children.

    In the German law, he would have to pay them much more than this but he will still be put in prison. If the Philippines cooperates with the German investigators, he can be properly be prosecuted and Mylene’s family will receive more.

    I just can’t believe that Justice works this way in the Philippines. Why doesn’t the Philippine government work with the German Homicide Division? Their purpose is to make him accountable for the crimes he has committed both in Germany and the Philippines and to finally put him in jail.

    If they let this pervert and brutal murderer get away with this, he will kill again. That’s for sure!

    I think Thailand is more efficient in fighting foreign criminals in their country. Please see following news link: http://www.pattayadailynews.com/shownews.php?IDNEWS=0000005989

    Hope and pray that justice will prevail and that the blood shed by this Filipina will not be in vain!