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November 13th, 2005 . by Matt

The raids against terrorists were conducted simultaneously in Sydney and Melbourne

The Australian government has finally taken action against terrorists in Australia, after ignoring open threats for years.

The anti terror raids started early morning on November the 8th. The raids uncovered concrete plans for terrorist attacks in Australia.

A GROUP of Sydney men accused of plotting a terrorist attack on Australian soil checked out specific sites and targets, visited areas in country NSW and held covert meetings as recently as this month in preparation for the strike, a court heard yesterday.
A computer memory stick found at the home of one of the men also contained instructions for the manufacture of explosives, Central Local Court was told.

The claims were made as one of eight Sydney men arrested over the terror plot applied for and was refused bail, while another man, Izzydeen Atik, was ordered to be extradited to Victoria to face terror-related charges.

Belmore handyman Mirsad Mulahalilovic, 29, is accused of purchasing plastic caps and PVC piping – materials used in the packaging of explosives, the Crown alleged.

A quantity of hydrochloric acid was also allegedly found at his home, an ingredient the Crown alleged was used in the manufacture of explosives such as TATP – also known as triacetone triperoxide – which was used in the London terror attacks.

Opposing bail yesterday, Crown Prosecutor Wendy Abraham, QC, said Mulahalilovic – a Bosnian who came to Australia in 1996 – was part of a group that recently held secret gatherings as a prelude to a planned terrorist attack.

“The Crown will be alleging that this accused is one of those persons involved in covert meetings this month,” Ms Abraham said.

“There is evidence of hydrochloric acid and [plastic] caps and [PVC] piping [in relation to Mulahalilovic]. It’s obvious what the significance of hydrochloric acid is to this case.

“A memory stick found at the home of one of the accused contained instructions and images for the manufacture of a particular explosive. The instructions included the making of TATP [involving] hydrochloric acid.

“It is obvious … there have been a number of attempts to obtain sufficient quantities of hydrochloric acid. The other items which the accused is involved in purchasing are items that are involved in the packaging of the explosive.”

Another terrorist fired at police officers after being being raided.

THE man shot during this week’s anti-terrorism raids in Sydney has been transferred from hospital to Long Bay Jail.
Omar Baladjam had been under heavy police guard in Liverpool Hospital while being treated for a neck wound he received during Tuesday’s raids on homes in southwestern Sydney.

The 28-year-old, from West Hoxton in Sydney’s west, is one of 18 men charged this week in Sydney and Melbourne with terrorism-related offences.

During a bedside court hearing on Thursday, Baladjam was remanded in custody on charges including planning a terrorist act and attempting to murder two police officers.

Long time terrorist preacher Abu Bakr has been identified as the ring leader of the group.

Yes, the Australian immigration department allows self-confessed Jihadists to immigrate to Australia

In the meantime, terrorist supporters beat up a television cameraman outside the Melbourne magistrates’ court for the act of filming a public event, which is legally protected free speech in this county.

Terrorists supporters are so bold they can beat up people outside the courts of law

It does not help that the federal government has made it easy for terrorists on the run in their home countries to immigrate here as refugees (just because someone is a refugee does not mean they did not bring it on themselves), nor does it help that it is illegal to criticise Islam or muslim beliefs in some states in Australia (even if the criticism is true).

It is high time for some commonsense thinking about Islamic terror, and most particularly preventative action. That should involve immigration restrictions for muslims coming from other countries. If muslims feel singled out because of it, that is too bad. Part of the solution is muslims themselves recognising there is a problem (for example, none of this nonsense).

5 Responses to “Finally!”

  1. comment number 1 by: Curzon

    It was certainly a relief to see Australia take the threat seriously, something I have yet to see in most of Europe.

  2. comment number 2 by: JH

    Terrorist bastards killed a friend of mine a month ago in Iraq. I spent a year-long tour of duty with this guy and he gets killed after surviving so many engagements. It’s time we take back the board and stick it to these sons of bitches!

  3. comment number 3 by: CaptPorridge

    Interesting to read that you wrote it is illegal to criticise Islam in some states

    Reminded me of this great speech Mr Bean gave at Westminister last month:
    Link to article on my revamped site

    ps I’ll be home for 6 weeks, from Xmas.
    How about a beer in Sydney??

  4. comment number 4 by: Matt

    How about a beer in Sydney??

    Sure, its on!

  5. comment number 5 by: John Q.

    can’t stand these terrorists anymore. it’s about time the Aussies did something. Its interesting how so many people had a negative view on the War on Terriorism or so called by the US yet when it finally happens to you well you get the picture