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Galbijim – cool new site for foreigners in Korea

December 15th, 2005 . by Matt

David announces his new site ^^

Some of you may have noticed a new blogroll link to the Galbijim wiki in the last couple of weeks. In truth this wiki is part of a new site and is being fronted by well known foreign newspaper and media figure David MacLeod, and will become a great meeting place for foreigners to exchange views, seek work, and most of all, get valuable information about living in Korea. Because David has made this Wiki, it means that everyone is able to contribute their knowledge to it, and there is already a great deal of information on it.

David has some information that I want to share here on Occidentalism.

The Galbijim Wiki was started as part of the Galbijim.com site as a place to store all Korea- related information for expats in the country. Though Wikipedia has a certain amount of information on Korea, as an encyclopedia information too specific gets deleted. That means that you could write an article on a station on the subway for example, but not the small store outside exit 7. You could write an article on the Korean language, but not usage of the word 화이팅 (fighting). At the same time, other expat-related sites on the net have a lot of information but the majority has to either be gleaned from postings on bulletin boards, or it is contained on static sites that only get updated when the owner feels like it. The Galbijim Wiki, however, uses the exact same software that Wikipedia does, which means that any page can be edited by anyone. If you see a page that is too small, needs some work or is inaccurate, hit the edit button and write in the changes. Since the content isn’t copyrighted to an individual you can copy it and use it wherever you want, and if you have pictures you want to upload that you don’t care about the copyright too, you can do that too. You can even create or modify the Korean lessons on the wiki and upload sound files as well.

To give you an idea of exactly how varied the subject matter can be, take a look at these pages:






Lastly, facts are welcome while mere opinions are not. It is better to write “yy is a bar in xx town that is located in the centre of the city and has a large foreign clientele” than “yy is a sleazy club with loser expats” – the second sentence would just be deleted. If a bar *is* sleazy, however, you can mention the fact with something more objective like “yy is a popular bar in xx town, but avoided by many that consider it to be sleazy”. Besides that, however, all content is welcome, you can ask questions on the wiki itself, and it does not bite. At present it has over 2100 articles and needs much, much more.

By the way, if you know about the old Korea Wiki, I was the one that started that but have since stopped. It’s a free service and the server was way too slow, which is why we moved to the paid service we have now. This is its successor, and already ten times the size.

Be sure to take a look at David’s site!

2 Responses to “Galbijim – cool new site for foreigners in Korea”

  1. comment number 1 by: mithridates

    谢谢你 – I should stress that the Galbijim.com site itself is a project that I’m just one member of and the wiki also just one part; I had wanted to help out for a long time but I wasn’t sure exactly how and later on we decided that since I *am* a wiki that we’d host one there and I would put up as much content as possible and keep everything there in good order.
    PS King Kong was awesome.

  2. comment number 2 by: Sandwich

    I would have to admit as well that they are definitely good. However, the project was not as the same as a wiki. Did you enjoy King Kong as well?