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Has Oshima had enough?

July 11th, 2006 . by Darin

Oshima, the Japanese ambassador to Korea has had to deal with a lot from his counter parts in Korea. They really don’t treat him well; I would have gone home by now myself, but he’s a bigger man then me. But he looks pretty pissed in this article.

Even if you joke he’s silent … Japanese ambassador Oshima.

“So how are things going?”

“…” — —

“I’ll tell you how things are going! You’re little friend to the North is firing missiles at us and you’re telling us to calm down and now your making jokes! That’s how things are going! You wanna talk about 歴史認識, how about we talk about you’re mental disorder 認識!![1]” … Is what I think he meant to say, but I could be wrong. Perhaps that’s why I’m not an ambassador.

The article complains that when the Korean ambassador greeted Oshima in English, he just nodded his head as to say, “whatever” and sat down.

Yea, he’s pissed. And he should be. If I were him I’d also be at home in some bar in Tokyo drinking heavily while wondering why he ever took this job. (I have a friend who works for Japan’s S. Korean mission who tells me the pay is great, until you consider the daily death threats when people follow you home on your way from work — but that’s a whole ‘nother post.)

This article was brought to my attention by mumur, who always has the latest dirt on Korea. The funny part is, while one would think the Japanese media is out to get Korea, most (but certainly not all) of his sources come from the Korean media. Naturally the original articles aren’t meant to be negative towards Korea, but anyone who lives outside the bubble of deception can’t help from laughing when reading them. mumur’s comment on the article was this:

When a person who normally doesn’t get angry displays his anger quietly it’s scary…. Too scary.

— — — —

[1] 認識 [にんしき] (n,vs) recognition, cognizance, cognisance.

– It had a much better flow to me in Japanese then a bumbled English translation.

5 Responses to “Has Oshima had enough?”

  1. comment number 1 by: eli

    Japan should just politely and quietly take it, as always. And in the mean time take the pacifism stuff out of its constitution and rebuild its military.

  2. comment number 2 by: Dram_man

    Wait Wait, I got it…no I lost it. Sorry.

    Your post reminds me of talking with a member of the US Embassy last year during the last major Dokdo/Takeshima flare-up. Apparently both missions share a certain amount of gallows humor in trading off the riot police ringing each other’s embassies.

  3. comment number 3 by: Darin

    Well actually when there were riots and what not it wasn’t a problem because he had protection. The problems came when there were no riots and individuals waited in the shadows to tell them they would kill him directly in person. Of course he had many a death treats from people who didn’t even know he was part of the mission. It would seem as though there are a number of people in Seoul who think speaking Japanese on a subway car or in a bar is a crime punishable by death. Fortunately for him he probably speaks better Korean then most Koreans and was able to tell people who’s boss. (When we were in school he won some award for amazing Korean language skills.)

  4. comment number 4 by: James

    That is a wonderful, wonderful photo.

  5. comment number 5 by: Capitalism

    South Korea has major problems. They say they hate the Japanese but at the same time, buy so many Japanese products. Koreans living in the U.S., practically own only Japanese cars and Japanese electronic goods. Do they not know that they make Japan rich and not help improve their own country??? Duhhh… Japanese don’t buy Korean cars or Korean products…..

    Korea is not going anywhere.. No more growth or development.. Just look at their reputation.. It’s terrible. Nobody likes Korea and Korea only has a bad name… It’s not even a popular tourist destination as well. Thanks Korea, for making Japan rich… Even North Korea has Japanese products… Korea is still the loser…