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Has the Joongang Ilbo released the netizen hounds of the internet on a rape victim?

May 10th, 2012 . by Errol

One of the “Grandfathers of Korean Dance Groups”, the thirty seven year old Ko Young-wook (고영욱) first hit fame in 1990. He has recently been accused of raping a schoolgirl.


In its coverage of the rape allegations against Ko Young-wook, the Joongang Ilbo provided sufficient information about the victim for the netizen hounds to track her down.


1. She’s a schoolgirl

2. The date of broadcast of her part in a TV program

3. Her role in the program

4. A physical description of her in the program.

No link will be given from here to the Joongang Ilbo article in question, until those descriptive elements have been redacted.

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