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Hate Japan Wave… Published in Japanese!

July 10th, 2006 . by Darin

***UPDATE*** It just arrived, and it’s in Black and White!! How lame. I thought it was in color because the Korean one seemed to be in color based on the images I had seen on line. How foolish of me since I even included a picture from the book right here in this post that showed it was in black and white. I just flipped through it really quick and it seems like good reading material for the bathroom, you know, just in case I run out of toilet paper in an emergency.
I found this on the “Enjoy Korea.jp” BBS (actually an interesting site that I think is run by Naver — It has a really good JapaneseKorean machine translation service that is great for me as I can’t speak Korean at all). While the “Hate Korea Wave/Hate the Korean Wave” (whatever the final decision on that was — I’ve never read it so I can’t say) has gone unpublished in Korea for doubts of it’s legality, the “Hate Japan Wave” was recently found on bookshelves in Japan.

The book that “Koreans must read now!’ proclaims: “Hey Japan, just 1/10th is good enough so take after Germany! This book is a firm and resolute rebuttal to the reckless Japanese book, “Hate Korea Wave” and will rise up the ugly true form of Japan.”

Well I’m not Korean (or Japanese for that matter), but I’m eager to see the true ugly form of Japan rise up… So I bought it from Amazon.co.jp.

It wouldn’t be Korean with out Dokdo written all over it! I gotta get me one of those ties.

Some of the comments on the Enjoy Korea blog are as follows:

sonnal02 from Korea says,

I’ve never seen this book in Korea…

slesher from Korea says,

No publisher would pay for this book so the author had to use his own money and publish it himself.

romero1982 from Japan says,

However selling this book in Japan is good business; it will definitely be the most profitable manga the author has ever written.

It seems as though no one is taking this book seriously, so it should be a good comical read. Apparently the book claims that there is no ‘formal form’ of Japanese. True there aren’t as many forms as in Korean, but to say that there is no formal form is just wrong. Especially when the statement is translated into Japanese and their is a perfectly good word in Japanese for this ‘formal form’ (敬語); if there was no ‘formal form’ then their would be no word for it correct?

Anyways I’ll probably post some scans of fun parts up to go along with Matt’s previous posts about it.

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