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How to download Google video

February 3rd, 2006 . by Matt

I have introduced the great Google video service here several times, with the likes of the Amazing Russian acrobatic feats and the documentary, Children of the Secret State.

You are able to view google video online in your browser, but it is annoying when you want to watch it all the way through without having to wait for the streaming to finish. Now it is possible to download these videos through the fM Google Video Downloader. Just go to the Google video that you want and take its address from the address bar. The enter the fM Google Video Downloader and add that address in the appropriate box as in picture below.


After you have pressed ‘Get Link’, an option to download the video will appear below.

You will also need a player for the .flv files as standard players will not run them. Martin has an excellent stand alone player that needs no installation. Just drag and drop the files into the window of the player, and they can be watched.

By the way, the addresses for the downloadable versions of Amazing Russian acrobatic feats and Children of the Secret State are here and here respectively.


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  1. comment number 1 by: hardyandtiny

    excellent! thanks!

  2. […] View it on google video here, or follow my instructions to download it from google video. As google video is blocked in Korea, readers in Korea can watch the decoded version of the documentary here. […]