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I have seen this before…

March 21st, 2006 . by Matt

Here is part of a post about Chinese PDAs – ‘Public Displays of Anger’ – from the Talk Talk China blog.

I never cease to be amazed at the number of domestic arguments you see on the streets in China. Walking to and from work, I pass by a major subway station and would see close to one every day. They invariably go something like this:

1. Young couple are bickering on street side.

2. Girl gets teary, pouts, crosses her arms, and turns her back on Guy, ignoring him. This is the Pouty Chinese Girl Routine. If you’ve ever been out with a Chinese girl, you know EXACTLY how this works. If you are a foreigner, you do not proceed to step 3 and it all stops right here.

3. Guy gets very red in the face and slightly sweaty, and speaks intensely but very closely to Girl. He forcibly grabs her shoulder and tries to turn her around. This is the Huffy Chinese Guy Routine. Sometimes the force used by the guy can get a bit rough – certainly more than you could use on the street in the West without being set on by about 6 chivalrous passers-by. But in China no one ever seems to intervene in these situations.

4. Girl breaks free and starts walking away from Guy, but she is sure to walk slowly enough that he can catch up with her.

5. Guy stands there slightly nonplussed, shaking his head and looking the other way, maybe gets out his phone and has a bit of a play. He acts like he is not going to follow Girl.

6. Guy follows Girl.

7. Go back to 1 and repeat.

Be sure to check out the original post and the comments. Very funny indeed.

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