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Is it wrong to eat dog?

October 31st, 2006 . by Darin

Although the topic of discussion has not fully drifted to it yet, eating dog has come up in the comment section of this post.  Just in case someone had something they’d like to say but don’t want to hijack any threads to do so, I thought it would be appropriate to start a new one just for this topic.

My Points/Questions to consider while discussing:

– Dog raised for human consumption in Korea can be raised on a farm. Are there any differences between raising dog and raising cattle on a farm?

– It (dog meat) can also be purchased on the black market, probably from stolen pets. Does that mean the act of eating dog itself is wrong, or just stealing pets is wrong?

– Is it wrong to eat dog because dog is a pet? If so, is it natural for dogs to be pets, or is that only cultural?

– (In relation to the statement directly above) If western culture says dogs are a pet, not food, and western animal rights groups protest the human consumption of dog, is it okay for Indian animal rights groups to protest the human consumption of beef, as the cow is a very sacred animal in Indian culture?

– One major argument I hear against eating dog is the way it is prepared, or rather, the way it is killed. Apparently dog meat tastes better when hot oil is thrown on the dog before the slaughter. As with point/question 2, is the problem eating dog, or throwing hot oil on it?

As anyone can tell after reading my thoughts above, for the most part I don’t have a problem with the act of eating dog itself, but rather have issues with some of the steps that lead up to it. If those issues could be resolved, I see no inherit problem with eating dog.

But this discussion doesn’t stop with me, rather it only begins. Talk about the issue amongst yourselves, I’ll put good/interesting points both for and against eating dog up here as they come along. And be nice.

(And if this post is just, well, lame, tell me, and I’ll keep that in mind for future reference.)

Your points:


– “… [T]he idea that dogs are special and somehow less deserving of the suffering of being slaughtered than other animals is illogical. The treatment of dogs in Korea is often deplorable, but so is that of all animals reared for meat in Korea, and indeed around the world. Nothing different here.” dudeinwales

– “Personally I find it morally unacceptable to torture animals before they are slaughtered, otherwise there is no problem with eating them as long as they are tasty.” eli

– “The barbaric practice of torturing the animal before it is slaughtered ’so that it tastes better’ must be banned immediately. I believe that is the most important step they can take to bring the rest of the world around to the fact that it is just an animal raised on a farm to be eaten.” jonallen

– “I agree, for anyone living in Australia just look at the ads placed in both sunday papers advetising the extremely inhumane way pigs and cows and chickens are treated in australia and most countries for human consumption. Humans dont eat other carnivores? The biggest substitue for the everyday fish and chips is Shark meat and a shark is a carnivore. so this argument is pointless.Moreover the argument that they are our friends and help man well i ate Horse on my first trip to Japan and how long has horse been helping man? I dont think we have a right to judge Coreans on their dietry habits, whast the old saying “those in glass houses” …well im sure this applies to all of us” smackout


– “I personally think that there is something wrong with eating dog. Nowhere in the animal kingdom do carnivorous animals eat other carnivores. Humans don’t eat lions, but we could eat zebras or giraffes which the lions also eat. Look at the animals humans eat – cows, sheep, chicken, pigs. No carnivores among them.

Dogs are natural meat-eaters.” randomcow

Extra bonus points:

– “It’s a dog eat dog world…I’d just as soon eat people.” MarkA

Feel I’ve put your comment in the wrong catagory, or that I’ve misrepresented you? Just say so.

54 Responses to “Is it wrong to eat dog?”

  1. comment number 1 by: tomato


    Maybe eating animals is cruel in the first place. Many animals have nervous systems and could feel the pain. That’s why we have veggies around.

    I heard that there was once a trial in England where the issue was “could Lobsters be boiled alive?” According to the latest Times magazine I have at hand, it seems that it takes 2 minutes for them to die in hot water. So someone invented this fancy machine that fries their brains instantly by elecrtocution. I guess that is humane…I wonder, if someone thinks that it is inhumane to boil them, why don’t they stop eating lobsters in the first place?

  2. comment number 2 by: kojibomb


    exactly…. but we do need them… great source of nutrients…. so we should just eat them and be thankful that we are humans… not animals…..

  3. comment number 3 by: tomato


    Maybe in the old, old days when killing livestock was’t a everyday ritual in the farms, and people had to kill animals that they’ve raised with care and attachment, people respected the animals and thanked for their sacrifice more. Not like today when people can buy meat anytime at the supermarket, and don’t really reflect on themselves how the meat is made… But, will it make a difference in the end?…I don’t know….

  4. comment number 4 by: KittyGeorge


    Is this true or not though I cannot read Chinese characters?